Augustus Caesar - one page bio and image.
The Barbarians - Text and Images
Caesar - bio from
Caesars and their Ladies - Rulers, their Ladies and Money in ancient Rome using coins to tell the story.
Cleopatra VII - from Encarta
Cicero- links to texts, chronology, bibliography and images
Cicero - from IEP the life, writings and philosophical views of Rome's greatest orator.
Constantine I - ORB (Rhodes) containing a bio and images.
Constantine - 16 images from Christus Rex.
The Crazy Caesars of Rome - The bios of Caligula and Elagabalus.
Diocletian - Text with map
Galen - His bio.
HWC Julio-Claudian Emperors - Covers Augustus Tiberius Caligula Claudius & Nero
Jesus Christ: Historical Documents - The Catholic Encyclopedia.
Lucretius - from the IEP
Nero - Life and times .
Nero - A part of the Messy Families Series.
Nero - One page "soap opera" of Nero Claudius Caesar.
The Parthian Legion - The rise and fall of emperors.
Plutarch on the Web - links, pictures and more.
St. Peter - Bio of the supposed first Pope of the Catholic Church from New Advent.
Roman Emperors Imperial Index - Comprehensive table of all the emperors and 35 are linked to some interesting pages.
Romulus and Remus
The She Wolf of the Capitol
Short Biographies of Roman Emperors - From Julius 49-44BC to Aurelian AD 270-275.
Trajan (98-117 A.D.)- A Biography and the Legacy of His Coinage