Vesuvius "The Day it Rained Fire"
Centre for Roman Studies: Pompeii Interim Report
The History of Plumbing - Pompeii & Herculaneum
Scavi di Pompei - Ruins Pompei - in Italian, but some super pictures!
Graffiti From the Walls of Pompeii

The Phoenicians

Geography of Phoenicia
Hellenes & Phoenicians, c. 430 BCE Herodotus lived from 490-c.425 BCE
A Bequest Unearthed: Phoenicia
Table of Phoenician Alphabet: Names of Letters, Phonetics, Derivatives and Modern Equivalents
The Phoenicians [At Mariners' Museum]

Kassites and Hittites (c.1600-717 BCE)

Kassite Rule in Babylon c.1600-1200 BCE [At Crystal Links][Modern Summary]
The Kassites c.1600-1200 BCE [At WSU][Modern Summary]
Hittite Literature in Translation [At Emory]
Hittite King List [At Hittite HP]
List of Hittite Gods [At AOL-Wiccan Site]
The Code of the Nesilim, c. 1650-1500 BCE
The Hittites in Anatolia [At Crystal Links]
Hititte and Hurrian Mythology [At UNH]
The Hittite Homepage
Hatti: Homeland of the Hittites Includes pictures and texts.
Oil in Hittite Texts [At Emory/Bib.Arch][Modern Account]
Catalogue of Hittite Texts [Website-Emory]
Hittite Pottery and Potters: The View from Late Bronze Age Gordion [At Emory/Bib.Arch]
Museum of Anatolian Culture [At Turkey.org]

Syrian Cities: Ebla, Ugarit, Emar

Ebla was an ancient city in Syria at Tell Mardikh. The palace library, with thousands of tablets, was excavated by an Italian expedition in 1975. These showed that Ebla had been a major commercial center. The tablets, written in a Canaanite language (Eblaite), date from c.2500 BCE. Exacavations over the past century have revealed more and more about Syrian cities.
Image of Italian Excavations at Ebla c.2500 BCE [Icot.it]
Biblical Origins in Canaan [Ebla findings]
Account of Emar and here 14th Cent. BCE [At Emory]
Ugarit and the Bible 12th Cent BCE [At theology.edu] Includes some texts and pictures.
Trade at Ugarit In The 13th Century BCE [At Farras]

Carthage: The Punic Empire

Map: Phoenicia Colonies [At A Bequest Unearthed]
The Carthaginian Attack on Sicily, 480 BCE
The Carthaginian Law of Sacrifices, c. 400 BCE [At this Site]
Rome at the End of the Punic Wars Polybius (c.200-after 185 BCE): [History, Book 6]

The Barbarians

The Barbarian Keep
The Germanic Heritage Page
Tribal Migrations: Germanic Tribes Fight Rome
Barbarian History
Attila the Hun

The Minoans

Early Greek People - The Minoans, the Mycenaeans and the Dorians. Their lives and some images of the legacy. Info on the Trojan War and a map of Greece.
The Minoans
Crete Island : Herakleion Prefecture : Knossos
Linear B
Palace of Minos
The History of Plumbing (CRETE)
The Early Minoan Period:The Settlements
The First Palaces in the Aegean

Russian History

Russian History
Russian History: Chronology

Various Topics & Cultures

History of Macedonia
MACEDONIA - Ancient history
Alexander the Great
Adrian on Alexander
Kings of Ancient Macedonia
Ancient Coins - Edward J. Waddell, Ltd.
NM's Creative Impulse...Byzantium & Islamic Worlds
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Dead Sea Scrolls -- Intro
Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Library
The Assyrian Kings List
Nubia: The Land Upriver
Mysterious Places-Stonehenge
Mysterious Places
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Women - Ancient/Classical History Net Links
Didaskalia: Introduction to Ancient Theater
Sadigh Gallery: Ancient Artifacts & Treasures from Around the World
Classical Atlas Project -- Home Page
The Atrium: For Devotees of Ancient Greece & Rome
Ancient Art
Ancient Theatre
Ancient Music
Frameset- Classics Homepage
Medicina Antiqua::Ancient Medicine::Other Resources
Ancient Medicine: Homer, Hippocrates, Galen, and Vesalius
Valley of the Ancients
The Coliseum on Eliki
The Historical Coliseum
Ancient Links
The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan
Morgana's Observatory -- Ancient Prophecies
Ancient Ireland