Biblical Studies

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Biblical Archaeology Society "has been presenting the excitement of archaeological discovery and groundbreaking Bible scholarship to a wide popular audience for more than 20 years through magazines, books, videos, slide sets, and tours and seminars".
American Schools of Oriental Research "The main object of Schools is to enable properly qualified persons to pursue biblical, linguistic, archaeological, historical, and other kindred studies and researches under more favorable conditions than can be secured at a distance from the Holy Land".
Foundation for Biblical Archaeology "an IRS-approved, Non-profit Organization established to promote the science of biblical archaeology by providing funding and support for expeditions, publication, research, and education".
Madison Biblical Archaeology Society (MBAS) at the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin
Associates for Biblical Research "demonstrating through field work the historical reliability of the Scriptures".
Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology also in Danish
CenturyOne Foundation "its goals are to fund in whole and/or in part archaeological projects, historical and biblical research on subjects pertaining to the time of the first century C.E./A.D."
Biblical Archaeologist (BA)
Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA)
Ioudaios-Review [full-text book reviews]
JBL/CRBR Online Reviews [book reviews]
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHS) [full-text]
Newsletter for Targum & Cognate Studies