Amazing Facts in Ancient History

What ancient god was called "the life giver"? Clue: If you wanted to honor him you just might build a house and bury your son 'alive' in its foundation.

What horrifying tragedy happened to the Jews at Masada? This incident was so terrible that the murderous Romans were unable to take pleasure in the sight.

Who unlocked the secret to understanding the ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt? The ancient hieroglyphic picture writing can be seen all over walls and monuments throughout Egypt, yet this peculiar script was not deciphered after ancient times until 1822.

Who was the first to discover how ships float? I'll give you a clue, he was the one who heralded the famous cry, "eureka!" which is where we adopted the term.

How was the massive Great Pyramid of Giza built? And who built it? Was it the Jews, or some other slaves? The Egyptians, or aliens?

Who was buried on a volcano like mountain near Bethlehem? One clue: He was referred to by the Jews as "the wicked."

What ancient stone was discovered by chance by a German missionary? Clue: When the stone was, with difficulty, hoisted out of its place in the earth, some locals shattered it to get more money by selling it in small pieces.

What most terrifying catastrophe did an 18 year old boy see on the coast of Italy in 79 AD? Clue: Two cities in Italy were completely buried by what he saw.

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