A List of the Judges in Israel From Bible History Online

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The Judges

Some of them received only a brief mention in the Book of Judges.

These Minor Judges were:

1.Shamgar 3:31
2.Tola 10:1-2
3.Jair 10:3-5
4.Ibzan 12:8-10
5.Elon 12:11-12
6.Abdon 12:13-15.

The other Judges are viewed in greater detail in the Book of Judges:

1.Othniel 3:7-11 a nephew of Caleb, deliverered Israel from the Mesopotamians.
2.Ehud 3:12-30 was lefthanded and killed Eglon, king of Moab.
3.Jephthah 11:1--12:7 was a harlot's son who defeated the Amorites.
4.Gideon 6:11-8:35 led 300 Israelites to defeat the entire army of the Midianites.
5.Samson 13:1--16:31 delivered Israel from the Philistines. Known for his great strength.
6.Deborah 4:1--5:31 urged Barak to attack the mighty army of the Canaanites.