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History and Archaeology

Americans in the Egyptian Army: Ismail's Bold Experiment
Ancient Egyptian Information
Brief Review of Modern Egyptian History
Cairo History Guide
Gamal Abdal Nassir
History of Christianity in Egypt
Late 18th Dynasty Egyptian History
Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit Minnesota State University Brief survey of the architecture, art, religion, daily life, hieroglyphics, maps, and military of ancient Egypt. Includes a timeline, a bibliography, links, and a chat room.
The Archaeology of Egypt and Canaan in Ancient Times Brandeis University
Duke Papyrus Archive Egypt and the Ancient Near East University of Chicago Collection of links to resources on Egypt and the ancient Near East, designed for kids and teachers.
Egyptian Kings Chronology of Egyptian rulers from the Early Dynastic Period to the Byzantine emperors. Includes extensive biographies.
Evaluation of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy.
Guardian's Egypt Directory of Egypt links, with a focus on ancient Egypt. Covers archaeological sites and monuments, pharaohs, pyramids, hieroglyphs, mummies, art and music, museums and exhibits, travel, news, and contemporary Egypt.
History of Egypt Egyptian Tourism Ministry. Summary of Egypt from prehistoric times through the end of British occupation. Rulers, gods, and significant sites.
NOVA Online: Pyramids, the Inside Story
Reeder's Egypt Page Resources for History B94: History of Ancient Egypt
Secrets of the Lost Tomb
A New Light on Ancient Art: Using Computers to Understand Traditional Cultures
A Timeline of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt The University of Evansville
Ancient Egypt Resources
Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Beetles as Religious Symbols
Biblical Archaeologist
Bibliography of Works on Ancient Egypt Comprehensive bibliography with more than 30,000 references to studies of ancient Egyptian history, culture, religion, and archaeology.
Birth of Hatshepsut Creighton University
Book Report
Cleopatra, the Last Pharaoh (B.C. 69-30)
Death in Ancient Egypt University of Chicago
Digital Mummies
Egypt University of Chicago Small collection of photographs taken by photographers with the Oriental Institute's expeditions in Upper Egypt in the early 20th century.
Egypt Photographic tour of the monuments of ancient Egypt, including Karnak, the Pyramid of Khufu, and the court of Ramesses II.
Egypt WWW Index Comprehensive collection of links related to the study of Egypt.
Egypt: Abu Simbel University of Chicago Small collection of photographs taken by photographers with the Oriental Institute's expeditions in Abu Simbel
Egypt: Daily Life Short sketches of the daily life of the ancient Egyptians.
Egypt: Luxor University of Chicago Small collection of photographs taken by photographers with the Oriental Institute's expeditions in Luxor.
Egypt: Sakkara University of Chicago Small collection of photographs taken by photographers with the Oriental Institute's expeditions in Saqqarah.
Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit The University of Memphis Includes photos of statues, mummies, and other archaeological finds, with notes.
Egyptian Kings Egyptian Tourism Ministry Biographies of the rulers of Egypt
Egyptian Law University of Pittsburg School of Law
Egyptian Mummies Smithsonian Institution
Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom, Chronology
Egyptian Unit Fractions Numbers and fractions
Egyptian and Other Foreign Magic and Religion Bibliography of readings on magic in the ancient Middle East as well as in ancient Egypt and in the Jewish tradition.
Egyptology Resources University of Cambridge
Egyptology and Hittitology Sites Links to resources for the study of ancient Egypt and the Hittites.
Egyptology on the Internet: Is It Collectable?
Excavation Report: Architectural Remains at Abusir South Waseda University
Excursis III: The Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society Northwestern University
Resource Guide to WWW Sites About Ancient Egyptian Women
Secrets of the Lost Tomb Time Magazine Discovery of the burial place of the sons of Ramses II.
Tales of Ancient Egypt: Princess Ahura: The Magic Book, c. 1100 BCE
Tales of Ancient Egypt: The Shipwrecked Sailor, c. 2200 BCE
Temple of Karnak
Temple of Philae
The Akhet-Aten Home Page Includes images of artifacts and a list of related links.
The Belgrade Mummy Brief description and images of the “Belgrade mummy.”
The Brothers Brugsch: Heinrich (1827-1894) and ?mile (1842-1930) Brief biography of these German Egyptologists.
The Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research "Computers in Egyptology.”The Copts and Christian Civilization
The Egyptian Economy and Non-Royal Women: Their Status in Public Life
The Egyptian Flood Cycle: Flowchart
The Egyptians Brief summary of the advances of medicine focusing on opthalmology.
The House of Ptolemy
The Mysterious Muu and the Dance They Do The Muu, dancers in the funeral procession.
The Oriental Institute and Epigraphy
The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, c. 2200 BCE Translation of “The Maxims of Ptahhotep.”
The Temple of Luxor
The Tomb of Senneferi (Theban Tomb 99)
The Text of Hatshepsut's Obelisk at Karnak
The Use of Egyptian Magical Papyri to Authenticate the Book of Abraham
Who Was Who Among the Royal Mummies?
Who's Who of Egypt Includes biographical and genealogical information.
Women in the Ancient Near East
Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt from Prehistory to Late Antiquity
The History of Ancient Egypt Timeline and history of major periods, events, and persons in ancient Egyptian history.
The Religion of Ancient Egypt Also provides a list of gods and goddesses.
The Tel el Amarna Collection of M.A. Mansoor Images and history of artifacts.
The Ancient Egypt Page Information and resources for the study of ancient Egyptian history, language, and architecture. Also includes a bibliography of over 300 books on ancient Egypt, images of sites and art, maps, and links to related Egyptology sites.
The Goddesses and Gods of Ancient Egypt
The Great Temple of Abu Simbel
Faiyum Diary: Forgotten Expedition to a Lost World Includes info, images of original photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams.
For Every Malady Cure Brief summary of the medical profession in ancient Egypt.
Great Hymn to the Aten
History of Ancient Egyptian Medicine Compilation of links.
Hymn to the Nile, c. 2100 BCE
Index for the Late 18th Dynasty Egyptian History
Karanis: An Ancient Egyptian Town in Roman Times
Late Antique Egypt
Le Ramesseum The Ramesseum temple and its rediscovery. Includes a virtual tour of the temple, an essay and images of the tomb of Ramses II, and links to related sites.
Learn about Egypt with Neferkiki Links to resources on ancient Egypt for kids and teachers.
Life in Ancient Egypt Provides a summary of the chronology, history, geography, daily life, religion, and funerary customs of ancient Egypt and its people. Also includes a resource guide for teachers, maps, and images.
Madinat Habu: The Temple of Rameses III
Medicine in Old Egypt Egyptian medicine from papyri documents.
Mummies and Mummification Select bibliography.
Osireion and Seti I's Temple Detailed images and the blueprint.
Photographic Archives of the Oriental Institute Museum images taken in the Near East, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and the Sudan;
Queen Hatshepsut's expedition to the Land of Punt: The first oceanographic cruise?
Bibliography of Ancient Egypt and the Near East Resources for the study of women in ancient Egypt and the Near East.
Ancient Egypt Comprehensive survey of ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt for Kids Educational resources

Sites in Egypt

Abu Simbel
Abu Sir
The Royal Tomb of Amenophis III
Bir Umm Fawakhir
Dakhleh Oasis
The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser
Excavations at Giza
Kom-Umm el Atl
The Luxor-Farshut Desert Road Project
The Tomb of Menna
The Monastery of Saint John the Little
Mons Claudianus
The Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep
Odyssey in Egypt
The Tomb of Ramesses II
Sadana Island Shipwreck
Senneferi's Tomb (TT99)
Necropolis at Terenouthis
Tel er-Ruba and Tel Tima
Tell Maskhuta
Tell Muqdam
The Tomb of Tutankhamon
National Geographic Howard Carter and the famous tomb.

University Programs

University of Arizona
Australian Centre for Egyptology
Brown University
Centre for Biomedical and ForensicStudies in Egyptology
Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
Egyptian Culture Center, Waseda University, Japan
Department of Egyptology
Heinrich-Barth Institut
Institut fran?ais d'arch?ologie orientale du Caire
Northern Illustrated Lectures in Egyptology (NILE)
The Oriental Institute
Service Informatique et Recherches en Arch?ologie
University of Memphis, Tennessee
University of Leuven