Alexander the Great - Williams College, a detailed site that covers his early life, bios of parents, military campaigns, love interests, several images includes a section on Bucephalus, Alexander's horse.
The First Page of Alexander the Great - bio and also includes a map of the route of conquest, and the short bios of a few different people.
Archimedes Home Page - Bio, timeline, and very interesting stories of his various experiments.
Introduction to Aristotle - excellent short bio.
Aristotle - extensive bio by the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
The Conflicting Views of Helen - "According to some authors, Helen is an inspirational female, transcending the strict boundaries imposed on Greek women. According to others, she is a deceitful and shameful women, the sole cause of the deaths of thousands of brave Greek and Trojan men."
Helen of Troy - one page from History of Women through Art
Hercules: Greece's Greatest Hero - From Tufts University and Perseus that includes Bio, Maps, Women, Labors, Other Stories, Frequently Asked Questions, and Related Sites.
Hippocrates: Father of Medicine - the oath and manuscripts.
Jason and the Argonauts - Info on the myth or history , characters, theories and more. from the Poseidon Home Page
Mathematics before the year 1000 - Index Many names like:
Archimedes - contributions to geometry and integral calculus
Euclid - geometry The Elements
Plato - systematic approach to mathematics
Pythagoras - mathematics, astronomy and music
Thales - first known Greek philosopher, scientist and mathematician
Zeno of Elea - four paradoxes and the rise of calculus
Pericles' Home Page - Detailed site. It has a bio and a table with important dates.
Philip II of Macedonia - from the Macedonian Cultural and Historical Resource Center. Bio with links to Alexander and Bucephalus.
Plato and his Dialogues - a detailed site on the life and works of Plato. From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy The Academy
Socrates - Bio, teachings, trial, famous students and their work.
Socrates Page Short but nice bio.
Solon - One page bio of the famous law-giver. Includes links and a chart of famous Greek politicians.
Zeno of Cittium

From Perseus (detailed)