Akhenaton: Ancient Revolutionary from Western New England College.
Akhet-Aten Home Page
Earthlore Pharaoh Akhenaton - Text and images (Crazy stuff)
Famous Pharaohs
Howard Carter Personal Diaries - P
Jean Francois Champollion - Bio plus photo of the Father of Egyptology. (also of Rosetta Stone fame) from KMT and includes a page on the method of Decryption.
Cleopatra VII - Mircosoft Encarta
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh - Art of Cleopatra and a bio. Links to Caesar and Anthony.
Cleopatra - Detailed bio.
Egyptian Kings Detailed time line of all the pharaohs, with links to a separate bio page.
Hatshepsut: The Queen who would be King - Text and images.
Imhotep - bio before and after his part in the building of the step pyramid. Links too.
Joseph and Khufu - Article trying to place the Biblical Joseph in Egyptian History.
Lady Peseshet: The First Woman Doctor in World History - from Era of Masses.
Kings and Queens - Contains a List of Dynasties and some bios.
King Zoser - Bio and images of the step pyramid and more.
Menes - Short bio. of the king who unified Upper and Lower Egypt.
Moses(Catholic Encyclopedia)
Nefertiti-bio, images and links.
People of the Amarna Period - The "soap opera" lives of the Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tut set. Bios and links.
Portraiture of the Pharaohs- "Independent scholar of Egyptology and author, Marianne Luban, through years of studying and sketching the royal mummies and their statuary portraits has created some incredible artwork. Marianne has been able to sensitively portray what the kings and queens of Ancient Egypt may have looked like in real life." See the faces of 14 Pharaohs
Queen Hetepheres And Pharaoh Snefru
Ramses II - Bio, images and a up close picture of his mummy.
Sethy 1st- Detailed infoabout his history, protocol, genealogy, tomb and much more.
Tut - Death of Pharaoh - The death/murder of the 19 year old boy king.
The Tut Page - Detailed history, info, fonts, images, links and much more .
Who's Who of Egypt - Important people and "sometimes forgotten people."