NM's Creative Impulse Historical resources for students in world history classes, people, places, events, and resources, and the second covering art, music, drama, literature, daily life, and culture.
World Civilizations Washington State University Comprehensive materials for courses in world cultures from Mesopotamia to the modern period, with essays, primary source materials, and discussion topics.
World History Archives A collection of documents for teaching and learning about world history from a working class perspective.
H-WORLD Michigan State University A discussion list and scholarly network for world history.
Tradition and Memory: World Civilizations to 1500 Washington State University
Course with a focus on critical thinking.
Women In World History Curriculum Course teaching about women in world history.
World History Compass Detailed index of world history sites
World History to 1500 Westminster College Course information for world history.
ACRL-WSS Core List: International History
Bring History Alive National Center for History in the Schools A two-volume sourcebook for teaching U.S. and world history courses in grades 5-12.
Conceptualizing Global History H-Net
Energy in World History H-Net
Teaching World History: H-Net A Resource Book
World Civilizations Reader Washington State University Studies for students in world civilizations classes.
World History Carnegie Mellon University Survey of major world civilizations from the Classical period to the present. Includes links to world history sites.
World History Association
World History Center Northeastern University