Ancient History and Archaeology

The primary purpose of this site is to provide on-line text documents from archaeologists and ancient writers. At this site the text is in HTML format, and has internal reference markers which allow it to be used by HTML search tools (which will be provided later). Texts available at other sites can be found below:

Ancient Historians and Generals:

Assyrian and Babylonian texts


Electronic Text Sites

Sites available for a given author are listed after the descriptions of the WEB sites.

  • Loeb Classical Library - This is a commercial site set up to list books available for purchase - No text is available electronically. The Loeb Classical library provides texts which are not available through other sources, and many if not all of the books are printed with both the original language and an English translation. Their book list can also be used as a resource to obtain a list of ancient authors, and what they wrote.
  • The Mansoor Amarna Collection - Primarily a site related to the scientific arguments about the authenticity of the Mansoor Amarna artifacts
  • Assyrian Texts - Provides a way to purchase texts of new translations of Assyrian texts
  • Perseus Project - Provides an extensive resource information for GREEK literature and culture. Greek texts and English translations are available, as well as Greek translation tools. An extensive picture collection is provided, both of archaeological sites and artifacts. CD ROMS are available for purchase (MAC format).
  • University of Virginia: SGML Text - This site stores documents in SGML, but provides them to WEB brousers as HTML. It has very little ancient documents, but the few it has are provided with HTML chapter markers which allow easy indexing of the documents.
  • University of Virginia: Plain text format - This has English translations of Greek, Roman and Egyptian documents in a simple ASCII text format.
  • Wheaton University: Christian Classics - Text accuracy is not consistantly high, but many Christian resources are available.
  • Wheaton University: More - Text accuracy is not consistantly high, but many Christian resources are available.
  • The Tech Classics Archive - This site provides English translations of Greek and Roman documents. Many, if not all, are in HTML format, but they do not have paragraph indexing.
  • Classics at Oxford - This site has a lot of Electronic texts, of mixed languages and textual accuracy. Some of the text is not accessable from the WEB.

Electronic Text - Author Index

  • Aeschines: Trial speeches - Perseus
  • Aeschylus: (Plays) - Agamemnon, Eumenides, Libation Bearers, Prometheus Bound, Suppliant Maidens, Persians, Seven Against Thebes - Eris, Perseus
  • Aesop: Aesop's Fables - Eris
  • Andocides: Trial speeches, essays - Perseus
  • Antiphon: Trial speeches - Perseus
  • Antonius: Meditations Eris
  • Pseudo-Apollodorus: Perseus
  • Aristophanes: (Plays, Essays) - Acharnians, Knights, Wasps, Birds, Lysistrata, Clouds, Peace, Frogs, Plutus, Ecclesiazusae, Thesmophoriazusae - Eris, Perseus
  • Aristotle: (Philosophy, Law, Essays) - Constitution of the Athenians, Economics, Eudemian Ethics, Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, Poetics, Politics, Prior Analytics, Rhetoric, Virtues and Vices, - Perseus
  • Bacchylides: Epinicians - Perseus
  • Julius Caesar: - War Commentaries (Gallic Wars, Civil Wars, Alexandrian Wars, African Wars, Spanish Wars) - Virginia
  • Dinarchus Trial speeches - Perseus
  • Demades On the Twelve Years - Perseus
  • Demosthenes: Speeches, Essays - Perseus
  • Diodorus: Perseus
  • Egyptian Book of the Dead: - Eris
  • Euripides: (Plays) - Alcestis, Andromache, Bacchae, Chrysippus, Cyclops, Electra, Hecuba, Helen, Heracles, Heraclidae, Hippolytus, Ion, Iphigeneia in Aulis, Iphigeneia in Taurus, Medea, Orestes, Phoenician Women, Rhesus, Suppliants, Trojan Women - Perseus
  • Hamurabi: (Law code of Sumer) - Eris
  • Herodotus History of the Persian Wars - Eris , Perseus
  • Hesiod: - Shield of Heracles, Theogony, Works and Days - Perseus
  • Hippocrates: (Medical Texts) - Eris
  • Homer: - Iliad, Odyssey - Perseus
  • Homeric Hymns: - Perseus
  • Hyperides: (Speeches) - Perseus
  • Isaeus: (Speeches) - Perseus
  • Isocrates: (Speeches) - Perseus
  • Livy: - History of Rome - Virginia
  • Lycurgus: Against Leocrates - Perseus
  • Lysias: (Speeches) - Perseus
  • Old Oligarch (Pseudo-Xenophon): Constitution of the Athenians - Perseus
  • Ovid: - Metamorphoses - Eris
  • Pausanias: Description of Greece - Perseus
  • Pindar: (Songs) - Isthmean, Olympian, Nemean, Pythian - Perseus
  • Plato: (Philosophy, Speeches, Essays) - Alcibiades 1, Alcibiades 2, Apology, Charmides, Cleitophon, Cratylus, Critias, Crito, Epinomis, Euthydemus, Euthyphro, Gorgias, Hipparchus, Greater Hippias, Lesser Hippias, Ion, Laches, Laws, Letters, Lovers, Lysis, Menexenus, Meno, Minos, Parmenides, Phaedo, Phaedrus, Philebus, Protagoras, Republic, Sophist, Statesman, Symposium, Theaetetus, Theages, Timaeus - Perseus
  • Plutarch: Biographies of Prominent Greeks and Romans - Eris , Perseus
  • Sophocles: (Plays) - Ajax, Antigone, Electra, Oedipus at Colonus, Oedipus Tyrannus, Philoctetes, Trachiniae - Perseus
  • Strabo: Geography - Perseus
  • Tacitus: - History of Rome - Eris
  • Thucydides: Histories - Eris , Perseus
  • Virgil: - Eris
  • Xenophon: (History, Essays) - Agesilaus, Anabasis, Apology, On the Cavalry Commander, Constitution of the Lacedaimonians, Cyropaedia, Economics, Hellenica, Hiero, On the Art of Horsemanship, On Hunting, Memorabilia, Symposium, Ways and Means - Perseus