Key Biblical Dates A list of significant biblical dates to map the flow of biblical History.
Chronolical Table - Excellent Timeline Overview from Goodnews Christian Ministry.
Prophets Date Chart
Israelite Kings
Political Rulers NT Palestine
Russian History: Chronology
Timetable of World Legal History
Ancient History Timeline with Detailed Info
Chronology of Christianity Detailed chronology (1AD - the present).
Keeping Catholics Catholic Timeline 605 BC to 3 AD). Map and Illustrations.
Timeline for the History of Judaism Approximate dating of Bible and secular history.
New Testament Timeline


Chronology of Ancient Egypt Outline from prehistory to 395 AD.
A Chronology of Ancient Egypt Major periods and dynasties.
Egypt Table of dynasties up to the present.
Egyptian Chronology List of the periods with commentary.
Egyptian Timeline Timeline with links to pictures and text.
History of Egypt Timeline with links of the dynasties and from the Lower Paleolithic to the British Occupation.
Kings and Queens Menu Old, Middle, and New Kingdom with info on rulers and events.
Kings of Egypt Timeline with links of the rulers of Egypt to 565 AD.
Succession of Dynasties List of rulers from the Archaic Period to the 32nd Dynasty and the Arab conquest in 641 AD.
Egyptian Timeframe, A general timeline.
Timeline of Ancient Egypt 50 year increments from 3000 to 50 BC.


Chronological History of Cyprus from 8500 BC to 1983.
Classical Myth Timeline Major period (Neolithic, Minoan, Bronze, Geometric, Dark, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman).
Greek Classics From Homer to Menander, showing major Greek writers and dates of plays.
Greek Civilization Timeline Dates from the Dark Age to 140 AD, political and military events, and events in the lives of major Greek writers.
Last of the Wine Chronology 431-399 BC.
A Short History of Cyprus Cyprian timeline from its Mesozoic formation to the present; with artifact and photographic illustrations.
Timeline of Ancient Greece 2000-250 BC, Events including the founding of the Academy, the first Olympics, revolutions, alliances, and victories, and Alexander's campaigns.

Near East

Ancient Mesopotamia: 7000 to 500 BC Timeline divided into periods: Sumerian and Akkadian, Babylonian and Hittite, and Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Civilizations.
The Babylonians From 9000 - 539 BC invasions of the Persians, map and text.
Chronology of Civilizations in Syria Categorizes civilizations, Sumerians before Akkadians, and Babylonians before Canaanites.
EAWC Chronology: The Near East Timeline with links from 3450 BC to 66 CE.
Mesopotamia 9000 - 500 BC Timeline from pre-history with text.
Mesopotamian Timeline Six periods, descriptions, major historical figures, and short list of places and gods.
Poppa's Ancient World 3500-400 BC.


Ancient Roman History Timeline Timeline with links. Focus is on women. and later on important men.
Christy's History Timeline from 1 - 399 CE Also Companion list of people.
Chronology of Roman History 25 year intervals. Consulships and other information.
Chronology: Rome EAWC page of annotated dates.
Consuls of Rome From 509-27 BC.
Early and Late Roman republic Major dates studying Livy and Cicero. Also dates for earlier period.
Kings of the Kingdom of Rome Dates of the kings of Rome from Romulus to Tarquin the Proud.
Military History of the Roman State Military and military bibliography for each period.
Life Expectancy Table and graph of life expectancy in Ancient Rome.
Regal Period and Early Republic Origin of early rulers, events, and census.
Roman Dates to 264 BC List of major constitutional and military dates from before the Punic Wars.
Roman Emperors - The Imperial Index From Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus with links to individual emperors.
A Roman History Timeline From prehistory to Constantine, major periods showing events from the social, literary, legal, and political spheres.
Roman Timeframe From before the founding of Rome to the fall of the Byzantine Empire.
Rome List of the rulers of Rome from the early Roman Empire, to 1453 in the East and 476 in the West.
Rome Chronology Some civil, political, and military events selected for each year from 1-168 AD.
Rulers of Ancient Rome A list of kings, consuls, consular dictators and tribunes with some info on Roman nomenclature.
Sneak Preview: Roman Resources Major events from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the Catilinarian Conspiracy in 66 BC.
Timeline Major periods
Timeline of Ancient Rome and the Aeneid From the Fall of Troy in 1184, through the Regal Period, the Republic and into the Empire as far as 19 AD when Vergil died.
Timeline of Ovid's Life Events in Rome, pubblication dates for Ovid and other authors.


Celtic Timeline 1000 BC Each major date with cultural information and major eras.
Dates in Irish Myth and Legend Legendary events based on The Book of Takings, The Annals of the Four Masters, Ulster, Clonmacnoise, and Tigernach, and Chronicum Scotorum.
Historical Timeline of the Celts Resume of the involvment of the Celtic peoples in Europe and the Romans in Britain from 1200 BC to 446 AD,
Gaeltrack Timeline of the Celts from 900 BC to the Battle of Hastings (1066).
Scottish History Timeline Hadrian's and Antonine's Walls, Boudicca, Romans naming the Scots.
Central Asian History 1200 BC to 1600 AD beginning with invasions of the Cimmerians and then by the Scythians.

East Asia

Chinese Dynasties Dynasty with dates within and outside of China. More details available in Chinese.
A Chronology of Chinese History Dynasties of China with their dates from Xia (2100-1600 BC) to Qing (1644-1911 AD).
Chronology of Events Southeast Asian history, particularly Korean, from 7193-2133 BC. Chronology of the Qin Qin Dynasty from 314-202 BC. Events mainly about imperial expansion and succession.
The Chronology of Kings Kings in India for 124 generations ending in 1193 AD; broken down into exact number of days each ruled.
Dates of the Saravasti-Sindhu Civilization Radio carbon dating of periods c 3100-1400 BC, with map of Sarasvati River c 3000 BC from Har-Ki-Dun Glacier to the Gulf of Khambat.
EAWC Chronology from 3200 (Indus Valley civilization) - 184 BC (the end of the Maurya dynasty).
Historical Japanese Time-Line Periods from the Jomon (10,000-300 BC) to the Showa (1926-1989) with their salient points.
History of India From supposedly 400,000 BC to 1206 AD.
History Overview Japanese dates from 300 BC.
History Timeline List of dynasties from 2000 BC to the present People's Republic. With links to the emperors in each dynasty.
India and Southern Asia From the Indus Valley Civilization about 3000 BC to 1750.
Rulers of Ancient Korea Dates of rulers.
Silk Road Timeline From 3500 BC, major events and advances with impact on the silk trade.
Timetable of Old Korea List of epochs and main events from Prehistory to 676 AD. Tangriquts of the Hun List of Hun kings of Turkistan from 1800 BC to 118 AD.


2200BC-399AD Chronology of epidemics and climate changes with their effects on human populations.
3000BC to 19th Century Major events, focusing on science, math, and natural history. Ancient History Covers the theory of the emergence of homo sapiens to 1648.
Ancient History Timelines for countries and continents up to about 1000 AD.
Chronological List of Mathematicians Approximate dates for mathematicians beginning with Ahmes in 1650 BC.
Chronological Timetable of Book History Clay tablets, papyrus, bamboo, parchment, wax tablets, and paper were all used between 3500 and 100 BC. Timetable extends to 16th Century.
Comparative Chronology of Money 9,000 - 499 AD
Cross Cultural Timeline From The History Channel, this graphic timeline shows what was happening in America, Europe, Middle East, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Africa for 500 years starting in 500 BC.
Cross-Cultural Timeline Egypt, Nubia, Mesopotamia, and Persia from 3500-00 BC.
History and Art 4500-1391 AD. World events and Greco-Roman art developments.
Mexico a Brief History Part I Timeline comparing events in Mexico and Rome.
Population Timeline
Rulers of the World From Antioch to Wisigoths, a chronological lists of rulers with dates.Time Chart of Historical Cartography Timeline showing development of cartographic concepts; with illustrations and trivia.
Timeline of Western Legal History Chronology of significant events in the history of law from 4000 BC to 1500 AD.
Timelines of Art History Cross-cultural timeline of the world BC with links to art work of various periods and cultures.