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Abraham - Text only Bio from the Catholic Encyclopedia
Abraham - interesting short text about the birth and early childhood of Abraham from Timeline of Jewish History
The story of Abraham, Paul Brians, Washington State University.
The Story of Abraham from the Hebrew Bible- from Reading about the World Vol. I, this excerpt explains about the importance of Abraham to both the Muslims and the Jews. It also relates the Covenant between God and the Hebrew people and tells of the birth of Isaac.
The Hebrews between Assyria and Egypt Mentions Moses, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Zadok, Ahab and the Prophet Elijah, Elisha and the Bloody Rise of King Jehu, The Prophet Amos, Isaiah, Manasseh, and others. Incredible maps just click on the names of the locations. Careful of this one though.
Three slaves feeling the sternness of Ramses' rule. Nice Image
King David - from Timeline of Jewish History - a one page text that has a very short bio and a different slant on the David and Bathsheba story
David: a Man after God's Heart - a site that uses passages from the New Testament to look at the life of David.
The Queen of Sheba