Biblical Archaeology

Fallen Empires Section contains images about archaeology and the Bible


BibArch focus on people of the Levant and other regions related to the biblical record.
Biblical Resources: Archaeology of Ancient Cultures on one of four pages of general biblical resources, provided by Prof. Torrey Seland of Volda College, Norway.
Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity: Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania
Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites, and Related Peoples: An Information DataBase from Excavations provided by Dr. John R. Abercrombie, University of Pennsylvania / Brandeis University
Links to other Bible and Archaeology Sites provided by the Biblical Archaeology Society
Scrolls from the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship an exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Light On Archaeology a summary of "the wealth of information that has literally been unearthed by the spades of patient, dedicated people which helps to confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible".
Archaeology and the Bible a list of questions and answers pertaining to archaeological evidence related to Biblical events, provided by ChristianAnswers.Net
Bethsaida Field Study at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
The Bible Browser By Richard Goerwitz at Brown University.
The Biblical Archaeologist The journal of biblical archaeology from the American Schools of Oriental Research.
Biblical Archaeology Review A journal published by the Biblical Archaeology Society.
The Dead Sea Scrolls An exhibit from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.
Encyclopedia of the Orient A comprehensive, politically neutral encyclopedia on North Africa and the mideast, edited by Norwegian Tore Kjeilin, at the Centre d'Information Arabe Scandinave.
Israel from the Air Aerial photographs of some of the archaeological sites of Israel.
Khaboris or Yonan Codex Some pics of the controversial document, an Aramaic language translation of the New Testament, said to date from the 3rd century AD.
The Madaba Map A mosaic map dating to the 6th century AD, showing New Testament locations, was discovered in a church 100 years ago. From the Fransciscan Archaeological Institute.
Orion An electronic discussion list for persons interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Location and Identification of Shikhin Explorations in the vicinity of Sepphoris have identified the ancient town of Shikhin. A hypertext version of an 1994 article from Israel Exploration Journal.
Israeli Culture at The Mining Co. Page on Biblical archaeology has several good links.
World Atlas of Middle Eastern Archaeology on the Web From the Mining Co. includes resources on every country in the Middle East.


Joshua's 'long day' - Have NASA computers really proven it? "So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day." (Joshua 10:13b)
Reliability of the Bible - In what ways have archaeological discoveries verified it?
Origin of Israel - What has archaeology revealed about it? Evidence from the Merneptah Stela indicates that Israel was an established nation in the 13th century B.C., contrary to the teaching of many liberal scholars.
Israelites in Egypt - What evidence is there? And has Joseph's original tomb been found? A look at the archaeological findings around the land of Rameses, including the Israelites residence and possible find of the home and burial site of Joseph.
The Sons of Jacob - Is there archaeological evidence for these tribal leaders? Various archaeological findings may support evidence for the existence of Jacob's sons: Dan, Gad, Asher, and Judah.
Confirmation of Biblical events - Is there any from written sources outside the Bible? A number of extra-Biblical confirmations show that the Bible may be more accurate than many believe.
Burial Sites - Have the graves of any people in the Bible been found? A look at archeological discoveries of the tombs of many biblical figures.
Have any likenesses been found of persons named in the Bible? Biblical accuracy is demonstrated by the amazing discoveries of images of people named in the Bible.
Man-made Structures Mentioned in the Bible - Have any been dug up? You'll be amazed at the number of possibilities that have been unearthed in recent years that seem to verify the existence of numerous Biblical structures.
How does one become a Biblical Archaeologist? We've all heard of biblical archaeologists, but what courses are necessary to become one? What schools are available that offer this type of education?
Dead Sea Scrolls - What is their importance? Learn what lead to the magnificent story-book discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, read a description of the Scrolls, and understand the doctrine of the Scrolls.
Western Wall Tunnel - What's the truth about this controversial tunnel beneath the Moslem Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Much interest was focused upon Jerusalem during the violent riots in September of 1996. What can we believe from the news media?
Paul's Cyprus Travels - What has archaeology revealed? What are some of the cities that Paul and Barnabas travelled to (Acts 13:4-12)? What did they see along the way during the routes that they used?
Egyptian king, Shishak - What evidence has been discovered? Shishak is the first Egyptian king to be mentioned by name in the bible and the first foreign king in the Bible for whom we have extra-Biblical evidence. See how archaeology continues to strengthen our faith in the accuracies of the Scriptures.
Joseph - Is there evidence that he really existed just as the Bible said? Interesting new discoveries give insight to the Biblical account of Joseph, the Hebrew ruler of Egypt.
Balaam, the Prophet - Is there evidence to prove his existence? A 1967 discovery supports the existence of Balaam, Son of Beor and prophet who was sent to curse the Israelites.
Tower of Babel - What is its Mesopotamian background and its implications? What are the reasons, methods, and culture surrounding the building of the Tower of Babel? Research into the building of ziggurats sheds light on this question.
Moabite Stone - What does it reveal about the revolt of Mesha? What does the record from Mesha (known as the Mesha Inscription or Moabite Stone) reveal about the events surrounding the revolt of Mesha as recorded in 2 Kings 3?
Jericho - Is the Bible accurate concerning the destruction of its walls? Evidence has been uncovered that suggests the walls of Jericho really did fall and destroy much of the city. How could this have happened?
Samson and the Philistines - Did it really happen? In the story of Samson it says he pulled down an entire temple. Have archaelogists uncovered any information about the validity of this?
Sodom and Gomorrah - Is there any evidence to suggest that the Biblical story of the destruction by fire and brimstone (sulfur) actually took place?
What can 792 teeth tell archaeologists about ancient Israelites? Learn the amazing tale of ancient people buried in a tomb eight miles north of Jerusalem.
Ark of the Covenant, lost or found? Long pondered by the community of Biblical scholarship, the rest of the world began considering this question with the release of the hit motion picture Raider's of the Lost Ark. Where could it be now?
Ark of the Covenant - Where has it been? The Lost Ark is still lost - but now we know where it's been! Find out what some scholars believe has been the path of the Ark of the Covenant.
Noah's Ark - Has anyone really discovered it? Over the last two decades the search for Noah's Ark has received international attention. Dozens of expeditions to the Ararat region of eastern Turkey have occurred, but have any of them produced solid evidence for the existence of Noah's Ark?
Christ's Boat on the Sea of Galilee - Did Jesus really sit on this boat discovered in the Sea of Galilee? An astonishing archaeological find reveals a boat similar to those described during the times of Jesus. Could this be one of the boats where Jesus sat?
Christ's Birth - Was Jesus born in a stable?
The Cross - On what kind of a cross was Jesus crucified? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: they all chronicle the life and death of Jesus Christ. But how can the supposed differences in the inscriptions about the head of Jesus at His crucifixion be explained?
INRI - What do these letters appearing on the crucifix mean?


Lands of the Bible in Modern Times a modern map of Biblical lands.
Map of Near East Archaeological Sites shows sites at which the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute has worked.


Biblical Archaeologist a publication of the American Schools of Oriental Research.
Biblical Archaeology Review a publication of the Biblical Archaeology Society.
TEL a publication of the Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology.
Bible and Spade a quarterly journal available to members of Associates for Biblical Research
Apologetics Press a publishing organization with several products concerning biblical archaeology
Digging Up the Past publishers of two magazines concerning biblical archaeology: Diggings and Archaeological Diggings

Societies and Organizations.

Biblical Archaeology Society "has been presenting the excitement of archaeological discovery and groundbreaking Bible scholarship to a wide popular audience for more than 20 years through magazines, books, videos, slide sets, and tours and seminars".
American Schools of Oriental Research "The main object of Schools is to enable properly qualified persons to pursue biblical, linguistic, archaeological, historical, and other kindred studies and researches under more favorable conditions than can be secured at a distance from the Holy Land".
Foundation for Biblical Archaeology "an IRS-approved, Non-profit Organization established to promote the science of biblical archaeology by providing funding and support for expeditions, publication, research, and education".
Madison Biblical Archaeology Society (MBAS) at the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin
Associates for Biblical Research "demonstrating through field work the historical reliability of the Scriptures".
Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology also in Danish
CenturyOne Foundation "its goals are to fund in whole and/or in part archaeological projects, historical and biblical research on subjects pertaining to the time of the first century C.E./A.D."

Previous Excavations

Ephesus, Turkey

-Where John the apostle supposedly brought Mary after Jesus' crucifixion
Focus on Ephesus (Focus Multimedia)
Ephesus Bibliography (Reformed Theological Seminary)
Archaeology Image of the Harbor of Ephesus (Craig Bina)

Ongoing Excavations

Holy Land Expeditions "designed to offer information, products, and services to those who are contemplating joining and archaeological dig, tour group, or religious pilgrimage to Israel." This site has a list of ongoing digs in Israel.

Caesarea Maritima, Israel (Combined Caesarea Expeditions)
-a major seaport commissioned and built by Herod the Great between 22 and 10 B.C.

Official Information Source (University of Maryland)
Excavate at Caesarea Maritima (Dr. Clayton Lehmann, University of South Dakota)

Megiddo, Israel -site of the New Testament's Armageddon
The City of Armageddon (Earthwatch)

Tel Dor, Israel
Tel Dor Archaeological Expedition (UC Berkeley)