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Exploring Ancient World Cultures provided by the University of Evansville
Spreckels Ancient Art Collection - almost 200 images (Fine Arts Museum of S.F.)
Photos and Maps historical background of Scripture-Christian Resource Institute
BibArch--Photo Gallery
Blueletter Bible Map - Illustrations Menu
The Mining Company - Christianity - general - Art Gallery
DIA Galleries - Ancient Art
Images from History An image archive to support the teaching and study of world history
The Ecole Initiative-Index of Images
MFA - An Ancient Egyptian Exhibit
The Ancient World Web (many links)
Timelines: A Virtual Museum, Ancient and Non-European (with images)
Classics Alcove (University of Florida)
The Corinthian Page, images of capitals from 350 B.C. to 548 A.D. (John L. Monkus)
Ancient Art (at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri)
Classical Art: Introduction, Ancient Greek and Roman Art (at the Michael C. Carlos Museum,
Emory University)
Ancient & Egyptian Art, in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities in the collection of the Musée du Louvre, Paris
Greek and Roman Art in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Ancient Art (Greek and Roman) in the collection of the North Carolina Museum of Art
Ancient Art in the collection of The Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio
Old World Antiquities in the collection of the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at
Ancient Silver in the collection of The Detroit Institute of Arts
Ancient and Islamic Art in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Skenotheke: Images of the Ancient Stage (John Porter, University of Saskatchewan)
Histoire de l'art et informatique: lists of links, mostly Ancient.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, with links to:

Julius CaesarCleopatraCaracalla, Roman emperorDecius, Roman emperorVarius Evitus (Elagabalus), Roman emperorThree Slaves and a Stern Ramses IIStonehengeThe Parthenon
Jerusalem (Modern)
Tel Aviv (Modern)
Haifa (Modern)
Beersheva (Modern)
The Dead Sea area (Modern)
Masada (Modern)
The Kinneret and Jordan
Eilat (Modern)

Art Images for College Teaching (AICT), with links to:Africa-related images, including Ancient Egypt (African Studies, University of Pennsylvania)Art Images by Period: under construction (University of Haifa):Survey of Western Art: Gallery (hundreds of images arranged alphabetically by artist), plus Biographies (through Jones Square)150 Years of American Painting, 1794-1944, with a Chronological listing, plus lists by Artist, and TitleIsle of Lesbos: Lesbian Images in Art, with links to:Clearinghouse of Image Database Information (University of Arizona)Digital Art Collections (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)Art Gallery (gopher site: alphabetical listing)DIVA, Digital Images from the Visual Arts Library, Monash University, AustraliaSILS Art Image Browser (The University of Michigan Museum of Art), Browse by:Mark Harden's Artchive, an ftp site for art images in TexasCollage, a searchable image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London27,000 Images of Art & Architecture (through ArtServe, Australian National University)Images for Art History at the Australian National UniversityArtServe: Art and Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin (Australian National University)Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture from Greece to Post-Modernism (Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton College, Ohio), with links to images through an Index of Places, and an Index of Artists and ArchitectsImage Library (University of Michigan)Index of \pkraft\museum\lesesaal\Index of Paintings (Oldenburg University, Germany)The WebMuseum, Paris (North Carolina mirror site)The Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation's World Art Treasures

Art History on the Web. With headings for Greek Classical, Etruscan, Hellenistic, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval and Romanesque categories.

Art Images

Barbarians on the Greek Periphery? Origins of Celtic Art

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi. In addition to being overtly religious, this site has many good images.

Le Cirque Romain d'Arles

Classical Myths, The Ancient Sources

Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt. From Boston University.

CURIA Irish Manuscript Project -->

Dome of the Rock

Fratelli Alinari. The oldest photographic archive in the world.

Une grotte ornée paléolithique en France (Ardèche)

Histoire de l'art

History of Sardinia

Images for Art History at the Australian National University.

Images from History

Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE

Index of Images From Vergil MSS Vat. lat. 3225 and 3867

Institut fuer Altertumskunde. See the Antikensammlung.

IRIS University of Cincinnati Classics Slide Collection

Jarash. From the Jordan page at MIT.

The Jerusalem Mosaic

Levantine Castles

Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit

Maecenas: images of ancient Greece and Rome

The Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog: The Philotheou Monastery Project. From Bates College.

Mythology in Western Art

Oxford University Center for the Study of Ancient Texts

The "Palace" of Diocletian at Split. From the EXPO at UNC.

Period and Style for Designers. Lots of images from many periods.

The Perseus Project

Petra. From the Jordan page at MIT.

Planet Italy. A commercial site but look under "Culture" for images and some discussion.

Pompeii Forum Project

Portraits of Roman Emperors

Servers for the Levant. From Norway. Try the historical images.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Slide Shows with Images from the Perseus Project.

SPQR: The Game.

Symbolism in Architecture, The Window of Appearance: The Temple Palace of Rameses III at Medinet Habu 1175 BC by Mohammed Motlib

University of Michigan Papyrus Digitization Project

World Art Treasures

Royalty Free Images