Glossary of Latin Terms V


vacatio -onis, f. freedom, immunity, exemption. Transf. money paid for exemption from military duties.

vacca -ae, f. a cow.

vaccinium -i, n. the blueberry, whortle-berry; according to some, the hyacinth.

vacefio -fieri, to be made empty.

vacillatio -onis, f. rocking, reeling.

vacillo (vaccillo) -are, to totter, reel, stagger.

vacivus (vocivus) -a -um, empty.

vaco -are, to be empty; of property, to be vacant, to have no master; in gen. to be free from anything, be without; to be free from work, be at leisure; with dat. to have time for; impers., vacat, there is time (for).

vacuefacio -facere -feci -factum, to make empty.

vacuitas -atis, f. freedom, exemption, immunity; a vacancy in a public office.

vacuo -are, to make void, to empty.

vacuus -a -um, empty, void; empty-handed; vacant; devoid, exempt, without (with abl. or ab); free, at leisure; with dat. free for; worthless, useless, vain. N. as subst. vacuum -i, an empty place, vacuum.

vadimonium -i, n. bail, security, recognizance.

vado -ere, to go, hasten, rush.

vador -ari, dep. to bind over by bail.

vadosus -a -um, shallow.

vadum -i, n. a shallow, shoal, ford in a river or sea; in gen. water, river, sea; fig. shallows, typical either of safety or of danger.

vae, interj. alas! woe!.

vafer vafra vafrum, artful, sly, crafty.

vagina -ae, f. a scabbard, sheath, case; the husk of grain.

vagio -ire, to whimper as a child.

vagitus -us, m. whimpering, crying.

vagor (1) -ari, dep. to wander, ramble, rove.

vagor (2) -oris, m. = vagitus; q.v.

vagus -a -um, wandering, roaming; fickle; diffuse, aimless. Adv. vage, dispersedly.

vah (vaha), interj. oh! ah!.

valde, intensely, very much; in replies, certainly, very much.

valedico -ere, to say goodbye.

valeo -ere, to be strong, vigorous, in good health, well; to have force, avail, prevail, be able; to be worth; of words, to mean, signify; as a farewell greeting, vale, or valeas, farewell, goodbye; 'valere iubere', to bid farewell, say goodbye to. Hence partic. valens -entis, strong, powerful, healthy; adv. valenter.

Valerius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

valesco -ere, to grow strong.

valetudo -inis, f. state of health; sometimes either ill health, weakness, or good health.

validus -a -um, strong, powerful; healthy, well; mighty, influential; of medicines, efficacious. Adv. valide, strongly, powerfully; in re- plies, certainly, to be sure.

vallaris -e, relating to the vallum; q.v.

valles (vallis) -is, f. a vale, valley, hollow.

vallo -are, to fortify with a palisade; to strengthen.

vallum -i, n. a palisade of stakes; a fortification, defence.

vallus -i, m. a post, stake; collectively, a palisade, stockade.

valvae -arum, f. pl. folding-doors.

vanesco -ere, to pass away, disappear.

vaniloquentia -ae, f. idle talk, vaunting.

vaniloquus -a -um, lying; boastful.

vanitas -atis, f. emptiness; worthlessness, unreality; boasting, ostentation.

vannus -i, f. winnowing-fan.

vanus -a -um, empty, void; vain, idle, worthless, meaningless; of persons, ostentatious, boastful, unreliable.

vapidus -a -um, spiritless, spoiled, flat.

vapor (vapos) -oris, m. vapor, steam; warm exhalation, warmth.

vaporarium -i, n. a steam flue.

vaporo -are: intransit. to steam, reek; transit. to fill with vapor, heat, warm.

vappa -ae, f. flat wine. Transf. a worthless fellow.

vapulo -are, to be flogged, beaten, knocked about; of things, to be wasted.

variantia -ae, f. difference, variation.

variatio -onis, f. difference, variation.

varico -are, to stand with feet apart.

varicosus -a -um, having varicose veins.

varicus -a -um, straddling.

varietas -atis, f. variety, difference, diversity.

vario -are: transit. to vary, diversify, change, alter, do or say different- ly; pass. variari, to waver, be divided, vary; intransit. to be different, vary.

varius -a -um, various, manifold, changeable, diverse; of persons, in bad sense, fickle, changeable; adv. varie, diversely, variously.

Varius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

varix -icis, c. a varicose vein.

Varro -onis, m. a surname in the gens Terentia.

varus -a -um, knockkneed; in gen. crooked, bent; diverse, different.

Varus -i, m. a Roman surname.

vas (1) vadis, m. a bail, surety.

vas (2) vasis, n. a utensil; plur. (vasa -orum), milit. war materials, equipment.

vasarium -i, n. an outfit allowance.

vascularius -i, m. a maker of vessels, esp. in metal.

vasculum -i, n. a small vessel.

vastatio -onis, f. devastating, laying waste.

vastator -oris, m. devastator, ravager.

vastificus -a -um, devastating.

vastitas -atis, f. a waste, emptiness, desolation; concr. in plur., devastators.

vasto -are, to empty; to lay waste, ravage, devastate, prey upon.

vastus -a -um, empty, waste, desolate; laid waste, devastated. Transf., vast, enormous; rough, rude. Adv. vaste, widely, extensively; rudely, roughly.

vates -is, c. a prophet, seer; a bard, poet.

Vaticanus -a -um, Vatican; 'mons, collis', the Vatican Hill on the west side of the Tiber.

vaticinatio -onis, f. soothsaying, prophecy.

vaticinator -oris, m. soothsayer, prophet.

vaticinor -ari, dep. to prophesy; to talk wildly, to rave.

vaticinus -a -um, soothsaying, prophetic.

vatillum -i, n. a chafing-dish or shovel.

Vatinius -a -um, the name of a Roman gens.

ve, enclitic, or, or perhaps.

vecordia (vaecordia) -ae, f. folly, madness.

vecors (vaecors) -cordis, senseless, mad.

vectigal -galis, n. revenue, income; esp. a tax, impost, duty.

vectigalis -e, relating to income or taxes; liable to tax, tributary.

vectio -onis, f. carrying, conveyance.

vectis -is, m. a lever, crow-bar; a bar, bolt.

vecto -are, to carry, convey; pass. to ride or be driven.

vector -oris, m.: act. a carrier, bearer; pass. a passenger, rider.

vectorius -a -um, for carrying; 'navigia', transports.

vectura -ae, f. conveying, transportation; passage-money, fare.

vegeo -ere, to stir up, excite.

vegetus -a -um, lively, vigorous, fresh.

vegrandis -e, diminutive.

vehemens (poet. vemens) -entis, violent, furious, impetuous; adv. vehementer, violently; forcibly, exceedingly.

vehiculum -i, n. vehicle, conveyance.

veho vehere vexi vectum, to carry, convey; pass. to sail, ride, drive, etc.; so also pres. partic. vehens -entis, riding.

Veii -orum, m. pl. an old town in Etruria; adj. Veiens -entis.

vel: conj., singly, or; doubled, either...or; adv. even, actually; for example.

velamen -inis, n. covering, garment.

velamentum -i, n. a covering, veil; in plur. olive branches wrapped in wool, carried by suppliants.

velarium -i, n. an awning in a theater.

velati -orum, m. pl., milit., the reserves, supernumerary troops.

veles -itis, m. usually plur., velites, light-armed infantry, skirmishers.

velifer -fera -ferum, carrying sail.

velificatio -onis, f. sailing.

velifico -are and velificor -ari, dep. to sail. Transf. to work for an end.

velitaris -e, of light-armed, troops.

velivolans -antis, flying with sails.

velivolus -a -um, flying with sails.

vellico -are, to pluck, twitch; to taunt, criticize.

vello vellere velli (vulsi, volsi) vulsum (volsum), to pull, twitch; to pluck out; partic. vulsus -a -um, plucked, smooth.

vellus -eris, n. a fleece; skin, hide.

velo -are, to cover, veil, hide.

velocitas -atis, f. quickness, rapidity.

velox -ocis, quick, rapid, swift; adv. velociter.

velum -i, n. a sail; 'vela dare', to sail; a covering, awning, curtain.

velut (veluti), as, just as; even as, as for instance; with subjunctive, velut, or velut si, as if, just as if.

vemens; = vehemens; q.v.

vena -ae, f. a blood-vessel, vein, artery; a water-course; a vein of metal; a vein of talent, disposition, natural inclination.

venabulum -i, n. hunting-spear.

Venafrum -i, n. a Samnite town in Campania.

venalicius -a -um, of the sale of slaves; m. as subst. a slave dealer.

venalis -e, on sale, to be sold; venal; m. as subst. a slave put up for sale.

venaticus -a -um, of or for the chase.

venatio -onis, f. the chase, hunting; game.

venator -oris, m. a hunter, sportsman.

venatorius -a -um, of or for the chase.

venatrix -icis, f. huntress.

venatus -us, m. the chase, hunting.

vendibilis -e, on sale, saleable; popular, acceptable.

venditatio -onis, f. a putting up for sale; hence boasting, vaunting.

venditator -oris, m. a vaunter, boaster.

venditio -onis, f. selling, sale.

vendito -are, to offer for sale, try to sell; to praise, advertise.

venditor -oris, m. seller, vendor.

vendo -dere -didi -ditum (pass. usually veneo; q.v.), to put up for sale, to sell; to betray; to recommend, advertise.

veneficium -i, n. poisoning; magic, sorcery.

veneficus -a -um, poisonous, magical; m. as subst. a poisoner, sorcerer; a sorceress, witch.

venenifer -fera -ferum, poisonous.

veneno -are, to poison, drug; partic. venenatus -a -um, poisoned, drugged, enchanted.

venenum -i, n. a drug; poison (fig. ruin, destruction); a love-potion; coloring matter, dye, rouge.

veneo venire venii venum, to go for sale, be sold (used as pass. of vendo).

venerabilis -e, venerable, reverend.

venerabundus -a -um, reverent, respectful.

veneratio -onis, f. reverence, respect.

venerator -oris, m. a venerator, reverer.

venerius; see venus.

veneror -ari, dep. to ask reverently; to revere, respect, worship.

venia -ae, f. grace, indulgence, favor, permission; pardon, forgiveness.

venio venire veni ventum, to come; in course of time, to happen, come, arrive; to grow, arise.

venor -ari, dep. to hunt.

venter -tris, m. the belly, stomach; the womb.

ventilo -are, to wave, brandish, fan.

ventito -are, to come often, resort.

ventosus -a -um, full of wind, windy; swift or light as wind; puffed up, vain; changeable, inconstant.

ventriculus -i, m. the belly; a ventricle.

ventulus -i, m. a slight wind.

ventus -i, m. wind; rumor, favor.

venucula (vennucula) -ae, f. a kind of grape.

venum and veno, acc. and dat. n., for sale.

venumdo (venundo) -dare -dedi -datum, to offer for sale, to sell.

venus -eris, f. charm, loveliness; love; a loved one; personif. Venus, goddess of love; the Venus throw, highest throw of the dice; adj. Venereus (-ius) -a -um, of Venus or of love.

Venusia -ae, f. a town on the borders of Lucania and Apulia, birthplace of Horace.

venustas -atis, f. loveliness, charm, attractiveness.

venustus -a -um, charming, lovely, graceful; adv. venuste.

vepallidus -a -um, very pale.

veprecula -ae, f. a thorn-bush.

vepres -is, m. a thorn-bush, briar-bush.

ver veris, n. spring; 'primo vere', in the beginning of spring; 'ver sacrum', an offering of the firstlings.

veratrum -i, n. hellebore.

verax -acis, speaking the truth, truthful.

verbena -ae, f., often in plur., sacred boughs carried by the Fetials.

verber -eris, n. a lash; whip, scourge, thong; a blow, stroke; whipping.

verbero (1) -are, to beat, whip, thrash; with words, to assail, lash.

verbero (2) -onis, m. a rascal.

verbosus -a -um, copious, diffuse, wordy; adv. verbose.

verbum -i, n. a word; 'verbum facere', to speak; 'uno verbo', in a word, briefly; 'ad verbum', word for word; 'verbi causa', for ex- ample; grammat. a verb; an expression, saying; mere words, talk: 'verba dare homini', to cheat a person.

Vercingetorix -rigis, m. a Gallic chief.

verecundia -ae, f. modesty, diffidence, bashfulness; with genit. respect for, scruple for.

verecundor -ari, dep. to be bashful, ashamed, shy.

verecundus -a -um, bashful, modest, shy, diffident; adv. verecunde.

veredus -i, m. a swift horse, hunter.

vereor -eri -itus, dep. to be afraid, fear; to have respect for, revere; gerundive, verendus -a -um, venerable, reverend.

Vergilius -i, m. P. Vergilius Maro, author of the Aeneid, Georgics, and Eclogues.

Verginius -a -um, the name of a Roman gens.

vergo vergere versi: intransit. to bend, be inclined, verge; of time, to draw to an end; transit. to bend, turn, incline.

veridicus -a -um, truthful.

veriloquium -i, n. etymology.

verisimilis -e, probable, likely.

verisimilitudo -inis, f. probability.

veritas -atis, f. the truth, reality; truthfulness, telling of truth; in gen. honesty.

vermen -inis, n. a griping pain.

vermiculus -i, m. a little worm, grub.

vermis -is, m. worm.

verna -ae, c. a slave born in the master's house; a native.

vernaculus -a -um, of a slave born in the house; a native.

vernilis -e, like a slave; mean, abject; pert, forward; adv. verniliter, like a slave.

verno -are, to flourish, grow green.

vernula -ae, c. a little slave born in the house; native, domestic.

vernus -a -um, of spring, vernal.

Verona -ae, f. a town in northern Italy, birthplace of Catullus.

verres -is, m. a boar.

Verres -is, m. C. Cornelius, praetor in Sicily, prosecuted by Cicero; adj. Verrius and Verrinus -a -um.

verrinus -a -um, of a boar.

verro verrere verri versum, to drag, pull, sweep, sweep up; to sweep clean, brush, scour.

verruca -ae, f. a wart; blemish.

verrunco -are, to turn out; 'bene verruncare', to turn out well.

versabundus -a -um, whirling round, revolving.

versatilis -e, turning round, revolving; versatile.

versicolor -oris, of various colors.

versiculus -i, m. a little line; a poor little verse.

versificatio -onis, f. making of verses.

versificator -oris, m. versifier.

versifico -are, to write verse.

verso (vorso) -are, to turn about, turn this way and that; to bend, ply, twist; to influence, agitate; to turn over in the mind, think of. Pass. to be about, hover, resort; to be engaged, take part, be employed.

versum; = versus; q.v.

versura -ae, f. turning; the borrowing of money to pay a debt; hence a loan.

versus (1) (vorsus) -us, m. a row, line; a line of writing, verse.

versus (2) (vorsus) and versum (vorsum), towards; used esp. after an acc. or prep. and acc.; 'sursum versus', upwards.

versus (vorsus) -a -um, partic. from verro or verto; q.v.

versutia -ae, f. wile, stratagem.

versutus -a -um, dexterous, cunning, crafty, sly; adv. versute.

vertex (vortex) -icis, m. (1) a whirl, eddy, whirlwind, gust. (2) the crown of the head; in gen. head, summit, elevation. (3) the pole of the heavens.

verticosus (vorticosus) -a -um, eddying.

vertigo -inis, f. whirling round, revolution; giddiness, vertigo.

verto (vorto) vertere verti versum, to turn, turn round, turn up; intransit. to turn oneself; milit., 'vertere in fugam', to put to flight, rout; 'terga vertere', to flee; to interpret, con- strue, understand in a certain way; to impute; to alter, change; to translate; to change for another, exchange; 'vertere solum', to go into exile; to upset, overthrow; pass. or intransit., of time, to roll round; pass. to move in a certain sphere, to depend on, center in.

Vertumnus (Vortumnus) -i, m. god of the changing year.

veru -us, n. a spit; a javelin.

verus -a -um, true, real, genuine; truthful, veracious; just, reasonable. N. as subst. truth, reality; right, duty; 'veri similis', likely, probable. N. nom. as adv. verum, but yet, still, however; strength- ened, verumtamen (verun-), notwithstanding, nevertheless. N. abl. as adv. vero, in truth, indeed, in fact; in a climax, even, indeed; ironically, to be sure; adversative, but indeed, but in fact. Adv. vere, truly, really, rightly.

verutum -i, n. javelin.

verutus -a -um, armed with a javelin.

vervex -vecis, m. a wether; a sheep, dolt.

vesania -ae, f. madness, insanity.

vesaniens -entis, raging.

vesanus -a -um, mad, insane; of things, furious, wild.

vescor -i, dep. to eat, feed on; to use, enjoy.

vescus -a -um: act. consuming; pass. wasted, thin.

vesica -ae, f. the bladder; a purse, a lantern; of style, bombast.

vesicula -ae, f. a little bladder.

vespa -ae, f. a wasp.

Vespasianus -i, m. T. Flavius, Roman emperor, A.D. 69-79.

vesper -eris or -eri, m. evening; the west; the evening star; 'vespere, vesperi', in the evening.

vespera -ae, f. evening.

vesperasco -ere, to become evening.

vespertinus -a -um, of evening; western.

vespillo -onis, m. a corpse-bearer for the poor.

Vesta -ae, f. goddess of the hearth and domestic life; adj. Vestalis -e, Vestal; f. as subst. a Vestal virgin, priestess of Vesta.

vester (voster) -tra -trum, your, yours.

vestibulum -i, n. entrance-court, courtyard; in gen. entrance, beginning.

vestigium -i, n. a foot-step, track; a trace, mark; in plur. the foot; 'in vestigio, e vestigio', at that moment.

vestigo -are, to track, trace.

vestimentum -i, n. clothing, garment.

vestio -ire, to dress, clothe; to cover, adorn.

vestis -is, f. a covering or garment, clothing; a blanket, carpet, tapestry.

vestitus -us, m. clothing, clothes; a covering.

Vesuvius -i, m. Vesuvius, the volcano in Campania.

veteranus -a -um, old; m. pl. old soldiers, veterans.

veterasco -ascere -avi, to grow old.

veterator -oris, m. an old hand, old stager.

veteratorius -a -um, cunning, crafty; adv. veteratorie.

veterinus -a -um, of draught; 'bestia', a beast of burden.

veternosus -a -um, lethargic, sleepy, dull.

veternus -i, m. age; lethargy, inactivity, sloth.

veto (voto) vetare vetui vetitum, to forbid, prohibit; n. of perf. partic. as subst. vetitum -i, that which is forbidden; a prohibition.

vetulus -a -um, little old, poor little old; as subst. an old man or woman.

vetus -eris: superl. veterrimus; old, ancient, of long standing; experienced. M. pl. as subst. the ancients.

vetustas -atis, f. age; antiquity, past time; long duration, length of time (including future time).

vetustus -a -um, old, ancient, of long standing; old-fashioned, antiquated.

vexamen -inis, n. shaking, upheaval.

vexatio -onis, f. shaking, jolting, shock; ill-treatment.

vexator -oris, m. one who shakes, harasses, disturbs.

vexillarius -i, m. a standard-bearer; in plur. a corps of veterans, a reserve.

vexillum -i, n. a standard, flag; a company, troop.

vexo -are, to shake, toss, jostle; to harass, annoy.

via -ae, f. a way, passage; a highway, road, street; a course, march, journey; means, way, method; abl. via, methodically.

viaticus -a -um, relating to a journey; n. as subst. journey money; also savings or prize-money.

viator -oris, m. (1) a traveller, wayfarer. (2) an apparitor, messenger.

vibro -are: transit. to cause to vibrate, brandish, shake; to brandish and hurl a weapon; to curl, frizzle hair; intransit. to shake, tremble, qui- ver, vibrate.

viburnum -i, n. the wayfaring tree.

vicanus -a -um, dwelling in a village; m. pl. as subst. villagers.

vicarius -a -um, substituted, vicarious; m. as subst. a substitute; esp. an under-servant.

vicatim, from street to street; in villages.

vice; see vicis.

viceni -ae -a, twenty at a time or twenty each.

vicesimani -orum, m. pl. soldiers of the twentieth legion.

vicesimarius -a -um, relating to the vicesima.

vicesimus (vicensimus) -a -um, twentieth; f. as subst. vicesima (vicensima) -ae, the twentieth part, as a toll or tax.

vicia -ae, f. vetch.

vicies (viciens), twenty times.

vicinalis -e, neighboring, near.

vicinia -ae, f. neighborhood; vicinity; likeness; concr. the neighbors.

vicinitas -atis, f. neighborhood; vicinity; likeness; concr. the neighbors.

vicinus -a -um, near, neighboring; m. and f. as subst. a neighbor; n. as subst. neighborhood, vicinity.

vicis (genit., nom. not found); change, interchange, alternation; 'per vices', alternately, reciprocally; recompense, retaliation; the vi- cissitude of fate, lot, destiny; one's place, office, duty; 'vicem, vice, in vicem, ad vicem', in place of, instead of, like.

vicissim, adv. in turn.

vicissitudo -inis, f. change, alteration.

victima -ae, f. an animal offered in sacrifice, victim.

victimarius -i, m. an attendant at a sacrifice.

victito -are, to live on, feed on.

victor -oris, m. conqueror, victor.

victoria -ae, f. victory, conquest.

victoriatus -i, m. a silver coin stamped with a figure of Victory.

victoriola -ae, f. a small statue of Victory.

victrix -tricis, f. conqueror, victor; as adj., victorious.

victus -us, m. living; manner of life; nourishment, food.

viculus -i, m. a little village, hamlet.

vicus -i, m. part of a town, a street; a village, hamlet; an estate, country- seat.

videlicet, it is clear; as adv. clearly, plainly, manifestly; namely; ironically, of course, to be sure.

video videre vidi visum, to see; to perceive, notice, observe; to look into a matter, see to, provide for. Pass. to be seen; to seem, appear, be thought; also to seem good, seem right. N. of perf. partic. as subst., visum -i, a sight, appearance, vision.

viduitas -atis, f. want; widowhood.

viduo -are, to deprive; f. of perf. partic. viduata -ae, widowed.

viduus -a -um, deprived, bereaved, widowed; f. as subst. vidua -ae, a widow, or an unmarried woman.

Vienna -ae, f. town in Gallia Narbonensis (now Vienne).

vieo -ere, to weave together; partic. vietus -a -um, shrivelled, shrunken.

vigeo -ere, to be vigorous, thrive, flourish.

vigesco -ere, to become vigorous, begin to thrive.

vigesimus; = vicesimus; q.v.

vigil -ilis, wakeful, watchful; m. as subst. a watchman.

vigilantia -ae, f. watchfulness, vigilance.

vigilax -acis, watchful, wakeful.

vigilia -ae, f. wakefulness, sleeplessness, watch; a watch of the night; the watch, sentinels; fig. watchfulness, vigilance, care.

vigilo -are: intransit. to keep awake, watch; to be vigilant, watchful, careful; transit. in pass., to be watched through, watched over. Pres. partic. vigilans -antis, watchful, vigilant; adv. vigilanter.

viginti, indecl. num. twenty.

vigintiviratus -us, m. the office of the vigintiviri.

vigintiviri -orum, m. pl. a commission of twenty.

vigor -oris, m. force, energy.

vilico -are, to manage an estate as bailiff.

vilicus -i, m. a bailiff, steward, overseer of an estate; f. vilica -ae, a bailiff's wife.

vilis -e, cheap, worth little; adv. viliter.

vilitas -atis, f. cheapness, low price; in gen. worthlessness.

villa -ae, f. a country-house, estate, farm.

villic-; see vilic-.

villosus -a -um, shaggy, hairy.

villula -ae, f. a small country-house, little farm.

villum -i, n. a little sip of wine.

villus -i, m. shaggy hair.

vimen -inis, n. as osier, twig; a basket.

vimentum; = vimen; q.v.

Viminalis collis, one of the seven hills of Rome.

vimineus -a -um, of osiers, wicker.

vin; = visne; see volo.

vinaceus -a -um, belonging to wine or a grape.

vinalia -ium and -iorum, n. pl. wine festivals, one in April, one in August.

vinarius -a -um, of wine; as subst. a wine-jar.

vincibilis -e, easily gained.

vincio vincire vinxi vinctum, to bind, tie up; to surround, encompass; to restrain, confine, secure.

vinco vincere vici victum, to conquer, overcome, master, surpass; to prove successfully, win one's point.

vinculum (vinclum) -i, n. a band, cord, chain, fetter, tie; plur., imprisonment.

Vindelici -orum, m. pl. a Germanic people.

vindemia -ae, f. vintage; grapes, wine.

vindemiator -oris, m. a harvester of grapes.

vindemiola -ae, f. a little vintage; a perquisite.

vindex -icis, c. a claimant or protector; an avenger, punisher.

vindicatio -onis, f. defending, protecting; avenging.

vindiciae -arum, f. pl. things or persons claimed as property; the making of a claim. Transf. protection.

vindico -are, to claim; to arrogate, assume; appropriate; to claim as free; hence to liberate, deliver or protect; to avenge, punish.

vindicta -ae, f. a rod used in manumitting slaves. Transf. deliverance; vengeance, punishment.

vinea -ae, f. a vineyard; milit. a mantlet, penthouse.

vinetum -i, n. a vineyard.

vinitor -oris, m. a vinedresser.

vinolentia -ae, f. wine-drinking, intoxication.

vinolentus -a -um, mixed with wine; drunk, intoxicated.

vinosus -a -um, full or fond of wine.

vinum -i, n. wine, wine-drinking.

viola -ae, f. a violet or stock; the color violet.

violabilis -e, able to be injured.

violarium -i, n. a bed of violets.

violatio -onis, f. injury, violation, profanation.

violator -oris, m. injurer, violator, profaner.

violens -entis, violent, furious, impetuous; adv. violenter.

violentia -ae, f. violence, impetuosity.

violentus -a -um, violent, vehement, furious, impetuous.

violo -are, to violate, outrage, injure.

vipera -ae, f. a viper; a snake, serpent.

vipereus -a -um, of a viper or snake; snaky.

viperinus -a -um, of a viper or snake.

vir viri, m. a man, male person; esp. a grown man; a husband; a man of character or courage, 'he-man'; milit. a soldier, esp. an infantryman; a single man, individual.

virago -inis, f. a female warrior, heroine.

virectum (viretum) -i, n. greensward, turf.

vireo -ere, to be green, vigorous, healthy, fresh.

vires -ium, f. pl.; see vis.

viresco -ere, to grow green.

viretum; = virectum; q.v.

virga -ae, f. a green twig, a slip; a rod; a wand; a broom; a streak, stripe; in plur. virgae, the lictor's rods.

virgatus -a -um (1) made of twigs. (2) striped.

virgetum -i, n. an osier-bed.

virgeus -a -um, of twigs or rods.

Virgilius; = Vergilius; q.v.

virginalis -e, maidenly.

virginarius -a -um, maidenly.

virgineus -a -um, maidenly.

virginitas -atis, f. virginity.

virgo -inis, f. a maiden, virgin, girl.

virgula -ae, f. a little bough, twig; a rod, staff.

virgultum -i, n. (1) a thicket, copse. (2) a slip for planting.

virguncula -ae, f. a little girl.

viridans -antis, green.

viridarium -i, n. a pleasure-garden.

viridis -e, green. Transf. fresh, young, vigorous.

viriditas -atis, f. greenness; freshness, bloom.

viridor -ari, dep. to become green.

virilis -e, manly, male, virile; of a grown man, adult; courageous, spirited; 'pro virili parte', to the best of one's ability. Adv. viriliter, manfully.

virilitas -atis, f. manhood, virility.

viritim, man by man, individually.

virosus -a -um, stinking, fetid.

virtus -utis, f. manliness; excellence, goodness, worth, virtue; bravery, courage.

virus -i, n. slimy liquid, slime; poison, esp. of snakes, venom; any harsh taste or smell.

vis, acc. vim, abl. vi; plur. vires -ium, f. force, power, strength; might, influence; in sing. also violence; a large number, quantity; the force, nature, meaning of a thing; plur., milit., troops, forces.

viscatus -a -um, smeared with birdlime.

visceratio -onis, f. public distribution of meat.

viscum -i, n. and viscus -i, m. mistletoe; birdlime.

viscus -eris, usually plur. viscera -um, n. flesh; also internal organs,æt 'ý¡•t part or heùîýof anything.

visio -onis, f. seeing, view; appearance; notion, idea.

visito -are, to see often; to visit.

viso visere visi visum, to look at, look into, see after; to go to see, visit, call upon; gerundive visendus -a -um, worth seeing, notable.

visum i, n. subst. from video; q.v.

visus -us, m. seeing, sight; an appearance.

vita -ae, f. life.

vitabilis -e, that can or should be avoided.

vitabundus -a -um, trying to avoid.

vitalis -e, of life, vital; living, surviving; adv. vitaliter, vitally.

vitatio -onis, f. avoiding, shunning.

Vitellius -a -um, the name of a Roman gens; Aulus Vitellius, the Roman emperor who succeeded Otho (A.D. 69).

vitellus -i, m. the yolk of an egg.

viteus -a -um, of a vine.

viticula -ae, f. a little vine.

vitifer -fera -ferum, vine-bearing.

vitigenus -a -um, produced from the vine.

vitio -are, to injure, damage, corrupt; to forge, falsify.

vitiositas -atis, f. viciousness, corruption.

vitiosus -a -um, faulty, corrupt, bad, wrong; adv. vitiose.

vitis -is, f. a vine; a centurion's staff.

vitisator -oris, m. one who plants vines.

vitium -i, n. a fault, defect, blemish; crime, vice; relig. a defect in auguries or auspices.

vito -are, to avoid, shun.

vitreus -a -um, of glass; glassy, transparent, glittering.

vitricus -i, m. a stepfather.

vitrum -i, n. (1) glass. (2) woad, a plant producing a blue dye.

vitta -ae, f. a ribbon, band, fillet.

vittatus -a -um, bound with a fillet.

vitula -ae, f. calf, heifer.

vitulinus -a -um, of a calf; 'assum', roast veal; f. as subst. veal.

vitulus -i, m. a bull-calf; also of the young of other animals.

vituperabilis -e, blamable.

vituperatio -onis, f. blaming, scolding, censure; meton. blameworthy conduct.

vituperator -oris, m. a blamer.

vitupero -are, to blame, scold, censure.

vivarium -i, n. a warren, preserve, fish-pond.

vivatus -a -um, quickened, vivid.

vivax -acis, long-lived, lasting, enduring; brisk, lively, vigorous.

vivesco vivescere vixi, to grow lively.

vividus -a -um, full of life, animated, vigorous; lifelike.

viviradix -icis, f. a cutting with a root, a layer.

vivisco; = vivesco; q.v.

vivo vivere vixi victum, to live, be alive; to live well, enjoy life; to survive; to live on anything; to dwell.

vivus (vivos) -a -um, alive, living; lifelike; 'flumen', running water; 'ros', fresh; 'sulfur', natural.

vix, with difficulty, scarcely, only just; vix dum, or vixdum, hardly yet.

vocabulum -i, n. name, appellation; grammat. a noun.

vocalis -e, vocal; speaking, singing; f. as subst. a vowel.

vocamen -inis, n. name, appellation.

vocatio -onis, f. summons, invitation.

vocator -oris, m. an inviter.

vocatus -us, m. summons, invocation.

vociferatio -onis, f. loud calling, shouting.

vociferor -ari, dep. to cry aloud, shout.

vocito -are, to be accustomed to name; to shout loudly or often.

voco -are, to call, summon, invoke, invite; to name, designate; to bring or put into any state or condition; 'in dubium', to call into question.

vocula -ae, f. a low, weak voice; a low tone; a petty speech.

volaema pira, n. pl. a kind of large pear.

volaticus -a -um, winged, flying; flighty, inconstant.

volatilis -e, winged, flying; swift, rapid; fleeting, transitory.

volatus -us, m. flying, flight.

Volcanus (Vulcanus) -i, m. Vulcan, the god of fire, husband of Venus.

volgo; = vulgo; q.v.

volgus; = vulgus; q.v.

volito -are, to fly about, flit, flutter, rush around.

volnero; = vulnero; q.v.

volo (1) velle volui (vin = visne; sis = si vis; sultis = si vultis); to be willing, to wish, want; to will, ordain; to suppose, maintain that; 'sibi velle', to mean, signify. Hence partic. volens -entis, willing, favorable.

volo (2) -are, to fly; to move rapidly, rush; f. pl. of partic. volantes -ium, birds.

volones -um, m. pl. volunteers (in the Second Punic War).

Volsci -orum, m. pl. a people in Latium.

volsella -ae, f. a pair of tweezers.

volsus -a -um, partic. from vello; q.v.

volt-; see vult-.

volubilis -e, rolling, revolving, turning round; changeable, inconstant; of speech, rapid, fluent; adv. volubiliter, fluently.

volubilitas -atis, f. turning, revolution; roundness; inconstancy, flow of words, fluency.

volucer volucris volucre, flying, winged; fleet, swift, fleeting. F. as subst. volucris -is, a bird or flying insect.

volumen -inis, n. a scroll, book; a roll, wreath, fold.

voluntarius -a -um, voluntary, acting or done voluntarily; m. pl. as subst. volunteers.

voluntas -atis, f. will, wish, inclination; esp. goodwill; last will, testament; of words, etc. meaning, sense.

volup, agreeably, pleasantly.

voluptarius -a -um, pleasant; concerned with or devoted to pleasure.

voluptas -atis, f. pleasure, delight, enjoyment; in plur. public shows.

voluptuosus -a -um, delightful.

volutabrum -i, n. a place for pigs, a slough.

volutabundus -a -um, rolling, wallowing.

volutatio -onis, f. rolling about, wallowing; disquiet.

voluto -are, to roll round, tumble about; partic. volutans, rolling about. Transf. to turn over in the mind, consider; to busy, occupy.

volva (vulva) -ae, f. womb; esp. a sow's womb.

volvo volvere volvi volutum, to wind, turn, roll, twist round; in pass., to roll. Esp. to unroll a book, to read. Transf., of time, to make roll by; of persons, to turn over in the mind, consider; to ex- perience, go through.

vomer (vomis) -eris, m. a plowshare.

vomica -ae, f. an ulcer, sore, boil; a plague, curse.

vomis -eris, m. = vomer; q.v.

vomitio -onis, f. vomiting, throwing up.

vomo -ere -ui -itum, to vomit; to vomit forth, throw up.

vorago -inis, f. pit, chasm, abyss.

vorax -acis, gluttonous, voracious.

voro -are, to eat greedily, swallow up, consume, devour.

vors-; = vers-.

vort-; = vert-.

vos, you, plur. of tu; q.v.

votivus -a -um, of a vow, votive, vowed.

votum -i, n. a vow, promise to the gods; a votive offering; in gen., prayer, wish, desire.

voveo vovere vovi votum, to vow, promise to a god; to pray for, wish.

vox vocis, f. voice, cry, call; accent, language; sound, tone; a saying, utterance.

Vulcanus; = Volcanus; q.v.

vulgaris (volgaris) -e, common, ordinary, usual; adv. vulgariter, in the ordinary way.

vulgatus -a -um, partic. from vulgo; q.v.

vulgivagus -a -um, wandering, vagrant.

vulgo (volgo) -are, to make common or accessible, spread, publish, impart; partic. vulgatus -a -um, common, commonly known.

vulgus (volgus) -i, n. (occ. m.) the people, the public; a mass, crowd, rabble, mob. Abl. as adv. vulgo, commonly, generally, in public.

vulneratio (volneratio) -onis, f. wounding, a wound.

vulnero (volnero) -are, to wound, injure.

vulnificus (volnificus) -a -um, inflicting wounds.

vulnus (volnus) -eris, n. a wound, injury.

vulpecula (volpecula) -ae, f. a little fox.

vulpes (volpes) -is, f. a fox.

vulsus -a -um, partic. from vello; qv.

vulticulus -i, m. look, aspect.

vultuosus -a -um, grimacing, affected.

vultur (voltur) -uris, m. a vulture.

vulturinus (volturinus) -a -um, of or like a vulture.

vulturius (volturius) -i, m. a vulture. Transf. a rapacious man.

Vulturnus (Volturnus) -i, m. a river in Campania.

vultus (voltus) -us, m. expression of face, countenance, look, aspect. Transf. face.