Glossary of Latin Terms O


o, interj. O!, an excamation of joy, astonishment, etc.

ob, prep. with acc., in front of, before; in return for; because of, on account of; 'ob rem', to the purpose, with advantage.

obaeratus -a -um, in debt; as subst. a debtor.

obambulo -are, to walk up and down, walk about near.

obarmo -are, to arm.

obaro -are, to plow up.

obbrutesco -ere, to become stupid or dull.

obc-; see occ-.

obdo -ere -didi -ditum, to place before, put against; 'fores', to shut the door.

obdormisco -dormiscere -dormivi, to go to sleep.

obduco -ducere -duxi -ductum. (1) to draw over, draw in front; of persons, to bring forward. (2) to cover, close over; 'venenum', to swallow 'frontem', to wrinkle; of time, to pass, spend.

obductio -onis, f. covering, veiling.

obduresco -ere, to become hard, harden.

obduro -are, to be hard (against); to stand out, hold out, persist.

obedio; = oboedio; q.v.

obeo -ire -ivi and -ii -itum. Intransit. to go to, go to meet, go against; of heavenly bodies, to set; of the living, to die. Transit. to go to, go over, traverse; to go over, encompass (by looking or speaking); to enter upon, engage in, perform, execute a task; with diem or mortem, to die.

obequito -are, to ride up to.

oberro -are, to wander about, go astray.

obesus -a -um, fat, plump; swollen; coarse.

obex -icis, m. and f. bolt, bar, barrier, barricade.

obf-; see off-.

obg-; see ogg-.

obhaeresco -haerescere -haesi -haesum, to stick fast to, adhere to.

obiaceo -ere, to lie at, lie against.

obicio -icere -ieci -iectum, to throw in the way, to expose; to inspire, cause, produce; to put before, hold before, as protection or an obstacle; to bring up anything as a reproach, to throw in a person's teeth. Hence partic. obiectus -a -um, lying near, opposite to; exposed to; brought up against a person; n. pl. as subst. charges.

obiectatio -onis, f. a reproach.

obiecto -are, to throw in the way, expose; to set against; to bring up anything as a reproach, to throw in a person's teeth.

obiectus (1) -a -um, partic. from obicio; q.v.

obiectus (2) -us, m. placing against, putting opposite.

obirascor -irasci -iratus, dep. to grow angry at.

obiter, on the way, by the way, in passing.

obitus -us, m. an approach; of heavenly bodies, setting; of the living, death, downfall, destruction.

obiurgatio -onis, f. scolding, reproving.

obiurgator -oris, m. a scolder, reprover.

obiurgatorius -a -um, reproachful, scolding.

obiurgo -are, to scold, reprove, blame, chastise.

oblanguesco -languescere -langui, to become weary.

oblatro -are, to bark at; to scold.

oblectamen -inis, n. delight, pleasure.

oblectamentum -i, n. delight, amusement, pastime.

oblectatio -onis, f. delighting, amusing.

oblecto -are, to please, amuse; to pass time pleasantly, while away time.

oblido -lidere -lisi -lisum, to crush.

obligatio -onis, f. a bond, tie.

obligo -are, to tie, bind up, bandage. Transf., to bind, make liable, oblige; to make liable to punishment, make guilty. Hence partic. obligatus -a -um, bound, under an obligation.

oblimo -are, to cover with slime or mud.

oblino -linere -levi -litum, to smear, daub, besmear; to stain, defile; perf. partic. oblitus -a -um, overloaded.

obliquo -are, to turn sideways, turn aside.

obliquus -a -um, slanting, sideways, on one side; of speech, indirect, covert; looking askance, envious. Adv. oblique, sideways, aslant; indirectly, by implication.

oblitesco -litescere -litui, to conceal oneself.

oblittero -are, to cancel, blot out.

oblivio -onis, f. forgetfulness, oblivion.

obliviosus -a -um, oblivious, forgetful; causing forgetfulness.

obliviscor oblivisci oblitus, dep. to forget.

oblivium -i, n., usually plur., oblivion, forgetfulness.

oblongus -a -um, oblong.

obloquor -loqui -locutus, dep. to speak against, answer back, contradict, abuse, interrupt; in music, to accompany.

obluctor -ari, dep. to struggle against.

obmolior -iri, dep. to build against (as barrier or defence).

obmurmuro -are, to roar against.

obmutesco -mutescere -mutui, to become dumb; to cease.

obnatus -a -um, growing on.

obnitor -niti -nixus, dep. to press against, strive against; to take up a stand, maintain a firm position; adv. from partic., obnixe, firmly, vi- gorously.

obnoxiosus -a -um, submissive, compliant.

obnoxius -a -um, with dat., liable, addicted to, guilty of; indebted, obliged, dependent on; subject to, exposed to.

obnubo -nubere -nupsi -nuptum, to cover.

obnuntiatio -onis, f. the announcement of an unfavorable omen.

obnuntio -are, to report an unfavorable omen.

oboedientia -ae, f. obedience, compliance.

oboedio -ire, to obey, comply with, listen to (with dat.); partic. oboediens -entis, obedient, compliant; adv. oboedienter.

oborior -oriri -ortus, dep. to arise, appear.

obrepo -repere -repsi -reptum, to creep up to; to steal upon, come on by surprise.

obretio -ire, to catch in a net.

obrigesco -rigescere -rigui, to become stiff, esp. to freeze.

obrogo -are, to amend or repeal a law by introducing another.

obruo -ruere -rui -rutum; fut partic. -ruiturus. Intransit. to fall, collapse. Transit. to cover, bury, swamp, drown; to overwhelm, destroy, obliterate.

obrussa -ae, f. assay; test.

obsaepio -saepire -saepsi -saeptum, to fence in, block up, render inaccess- ible.

obsaturo -are, to stuff, choke.

obscenitas (obscaen-) -atis, f. impurity, indecency.

obscenus -a -um, foul, filthy; morally, impure, indecent; ill-omened. Adv. obscene.

obscuratio -onis f. darkening; disappearance.

obscuritas -atis, f. darkness; of language, obscurity; of condition, obscurity, low birth.

obscuro -are, to cover, darken, obscure; to veil, conceal, suppress.

obscurus -a -um, covered, dark, obscure; n. as subst., darkness; of language, obscure, unintelligible; of origin, etc. unknown, obscure; of character, secret, reserved, close. Hence adv. obscure, darkly,; un- intelligibly; secretly.

obsecratio -onis, f. earnest entreaty, supplication; public prayer to the gods.

obsecro -are, to beseech, implore, entreat.

obsecundo -are, to comply with.

obsepio; = obsaepio; q.v.

obsequella -ae, f. compliance.

obsequens -entis, partic. from obsequor; q.v.

obsequentia -ae, f. complaisance.

obsequium -i, n. compliance, submission; indulgence, pliancy.

obsequor -sequi -secutus, dep. to comply with, yield to, obey; partic. obsequens -entis, compliant, obedient.

obsero (1) -are, to bolt, bar.

obsero (2) -serere -sevi -situm, to sow thickly, cover with seeds, etc.; partic. obsitus -a -um, full of, covered with, beset by (with abl.).

observantia -ae, f. respect, attention.

observatio -onis, f.observing, watching; care, accuracy, circumspection.

observator -oris, m. observer, watcher.

observito -are, to watch carefully.

observo -are, to watch, regard, attend to; of rules, to keep, regard; of persons, to respect. Hence partic. observans -antis, attentive, respectful.

obses -sidis, c. a hostage; a surety, security, pledge.

obsessio -onis, f. blockade.

obsessor -oris, m. one who besets, haunts, or besieges.

obsideo -sidere -sedi -sessum: intransit. to sit down near; transit. to beset, haunt, frequent; esp. to blockade, besiege; to watch over, be on the look-out for.

obsidio -onis, f. blockade, siege.

obsidium (1) -i, n. blockade, siege.

obsidium (2) -i, n. the condition of hostage.

obsido -sidere -sedi -sessum, to blockade, besiege, invest.

obsignator -oris, m. one who seals; a witness to a will.

obsigno -are, to seal; of a witness, to sign and seal; to stamp, impress.

obsisto -sistere -stiti -stitum, to place oneself before or in the way of; to oppose, withstand, resist.

obsitus; see obsero (2).

obsolefio -fieri -factus, to become worn out; to be degraded.

obsolesco -escere -evi -etum, to go out of use, decay, wear out; partic. obsoletus -a -um, worn out, decayed; obsolete; threadbare, poor; compar. adv. obsoletius, more shabbily.

obsonator -oris, m. a caterer.

obsonium -i, n. what is eaten with bread; e.g. vegetables, fruit, fish.

obsono (1) -are and obsonor -ari, dep. to buy food, cater, provide a meal.

obsono (2) -are, to interrupt by noise.

obsorbeo -ere -ui, to swallow, gulp down.

obstetrix -icis, f. midwife.

obstinatio -onis, f. persistence, firmness, obstinacy.

obstino -are, to persist, be resolved. Hence partic. obstinatus -a -um, persistent, firm, obstinate; adv. obstinate.

obstipesco; = obstupesco; q.v.

obstipus -a -um, leaning to one side; bent back or down.

obsto -stare -stiti -staturus, to stand before or in the way; to oppose, resist, obstruct (with dat.); n. pl. of partic. as subst. obstantia, hindrances, obstacles, impediments.

obstrepo -strepere -strepui -strepitum, to make a noise, clamor at, disturb, interrupt (with dat.); in pass. to be drowned by noise or filled with noise.

obstringo -stringere -strinxi -strictum, to bind up, tie fast; to entangle, involve, put under an obligation.

obstructio -onis, f. hindrance, obstruction.

obstrudo; = obtrudo; q.v.

obstruo -struere -struxi -structum, to build against; to block up, close, stop.

obstupefacio -facere -feci -factus, to astound, stupefy, render senseless.

obstupesco (obstip-) -stupescere -stupui, to become senseless, be astounded

obsum obesse obfui, to be in the way, be prejudicial to (with dat.).

obsuo -suere -sui -sutum, to sew on; to sew up, close up.

obsurdesco -descere -dui, to become deaf; to turn a deaf ear.

obtego -tegere -texi -tectum, to cover up; to protect; to conceal; partic. obtegens -entis, concealing.

obtemperatio -onis, f. compliance, obedience.

obtempero -are, to comply with, submit to (with dat.).

obtendo -tendere -tendi -tentum. (1) to stretch before, spread before. Transf. to put forward as an excuse, to allege. (2) to cover, conceal.

obtentus -us, m. stretching or spreading before. Transf. pretext, pretence, excuse.

obtentus (2) -a -um, partic. from obtineo; q.v.

obtentus (3) -a -um, partic. from obtendo; q.v.

obtero -terere -trivi -tritum, to trample, crush.

obtestatio -onis, f. a calling of gods to witness; an entreaty in the name of the gods.

obtestor -ari, dep. to call as witness; to adjure, implore, entreat in the name of the gods.

obtexo -texere -texui, to cover.

obticeo -ere, to be silent.

obticesco -ticescere -ticui, to become silent.

obtineo -tinere -tinui -tentum: transit. to hold, possess, keep, maintain; esp. to maintain an assertion; also to take hold of, grasp; intransit. to hold, obtain, continue.

obtingo -tingere -tigi, to happen, befall.

obtorpesco -torpescere -torpui, to become stiff, numb, insensible.

obtorqueo -torquere -torsi -tortum, to wrench, twist round.

obtrectatio -onis, f. disparagement, detraction.

obtrectator -oris, m. detractor, disparager.

obtrecto -are, to disparage, detract from.

obtrudo (obstrudo) -trudere -trusi -trusum. (1) to gulp down, swallow down. (2) to force, obtrude.

obtrunco -are, to cut down.

obtundo -tundere -tudi -tusum and -tunsum, to beat upon, thump; to make blunt, dull, weaken, weary. Hence partic. obtusus and obtunsus -a -um, dull, blunt, blurred, in- sensible.

obturbo -are, to disturb, confuse, distract, harass.

obturgesco -ere, to swell up.

obturo -are, to stop up.

obtusus; see obtundo.

obtutus -us, m. gaze, contemplation.

obumbro -are, to overshadow, obscure; to conceal, protect, cover.

obuncus -a -um, bent inwards, hooked.

obustus -a -um, burnt, hardened in the fire.

obvallo -are, to surround with a wall, wall round.

obvenio -venire -veni -ventum, to come in the way of, to meet; to occur, happen, fall to a person's lot.

obversor -ari, dep. to move before, appear before.

obverto (-vorto) -vertere -verti -versum, to turn towards, direct against. Partic. obversus -a -um, turned towards; m. pl. as subst. opponents.

obviam, in the way, on the way; hence, with dat., towards, against, to meet; 'obviam ire', with dat. to go to meet, to oppose; also to help, remedy.

obvius -a -um, in the way, meeting (with dat.); exposed; ready at hand; affable, easy of access.

obvolvo -volvere -volvi -volutum, to wrap up, cover all round.

occaeco -are, to make blind, to blind, to darken; to conceal, make invisible, to make dull or numb.

occallesco -callescere -callui, to become thick-skinned, hard or unfeeling.

occano -canere -canui, to sound.

occasio -onis, f. a favorable moment, opportunity.

occasus -us, m. the setting of heavenly bodies; hence the west; in gen. fall, destruction.

occatio -onis, f. harrowing.

occedo -cedere -cessi -cessum, to go towards, meet.

occento -are, to sing a serenade to; to sing a lampoon against.

occepto -are, to begin.

occidens; see occido (2).

occidio -onis, f. slaughter, destruction, extermination.

occido (1) -cidere -cidi -cisum, to strike down, beat to the ground; to kill, slay; to plague to death, torment.

occido (2) -cidere -cidi -casum, to fall, fall down; of heavenly bodies, to set; of the living, to die, perish, be ruined. Hence pres. partic. occidens -entis, setting; m. as subst. (sc. sol), the setting sun, the west.

occiduus -a -um, setting, sinking; hence western, westerly.

occino -cinere -cecini and -cinui, to sing inauspiciously.

occipio -cipere -cepi -ceptum, to begin.

occipitium -i, n. and occiput -itis, n. the back of the head, occiput.

occisio -onis, f. killing, slaughter.

occisor -oris, m. slayer, murderer.

occludo -cludere -clusi -clusum, to shut up, close up.

occo -are, to harrow.

occubo -are, to lie down, esp. to rest in the grave.

occulco -are, to trample, tread down.

occulo -culere -cului -cultum, to cover, hide. Hence partic. occultus -a -um, hidden, concealed, private; of persons, close, reserved. N. as subst. concealment, secrecy, a secret. Adv. occulte, secretly, obscurely.

occultatio -onis, f. hiding, concealment.

occultator -oris, m. hider, concealer.

occulto -are, to hide, conceal.

occultus; see occulo.

occumbo -cumbere -cubui -cubitum, to fall down, sink down; esp. to fall down dead.

occupatio -onis, f. seizing, taking possession; anticipation; business, employment, occupation.

occupo -are, to take possession of, seize, occupy, master; to fall upon, attack; to take up, employ; to invest money; to anticipate, get the start on a person, be first to do a thing. Hence partic. occupatus -a -um, busy, engaged, occupied.

occurro -currere -curri -cursum, to run to meet; to fall upon, attack; to work against, oppose, counteract; of things, to crop up, occur, come to mind.

occursatio -onis, f. attention, officiousness.

occurso -are, to run to meet; to oppose; of things, to occur, come to mind.

occursus -us, m. meeting, falling in.

Oceanus -i, m. the ocean, the sea which encompasses the earth; personif., the father of the Nymphs. 1

ocellus -i, m. a (little) eye; a darling.

ocior ocius, compar. adj., swifter, quicker; adv. ocius, more swiftly; 'serius, ocius', sooner or later; sometimes = swiftly only.

ocrea -ae, f. a greave.

ocreatus -a -um, wearing greaves.

Octavius -a -um, name of a Roman gens; esp. of C. Octavius, the Emperor Augustus; adj. Octvavianus -a -um.

octavus -a -um, eighth; octavum, for the eighth time; f. as subst., octava -ae, the eighth hour.

octavusdecimus -a -um, eighteenth.

octies (-iens), eight times.

octingentesimus -a -um, eight hundredth.

octingenti -ae -a, eight hundred.

octipes -pedis, having eight feet.

octo, indecl. numer., eight.

October -bris, belonging to the eighth month of the Roman year, reckoning from March; of October; m. as subst. October.

octodecim, indecl. numer., eighteen.

octogenarius -a -um, consisting of eighty.

octogeni -ae -a, eighty each, eighty at a time.

octogesimus -a -um, eightieth.

octogies (-iens), eighty times.

octoginta, indecl. numer., eighty.

octoiugis -e, yoked eight together.

octonarius -a -um, consisting of eight together.

octoni -ae -a, eight each, eight at a time, eight together.

octophorus -on, borne by eight; n. as subst. octophoron -i, a litter carried by eight bearers.

octuplicatus -a -um, increased eightfold.

octuplus -a -um, eightfold; n. as subst. an eightfold penalty.

octussis -is, m. a sum of eight 'asses'.

oculatus -a -um, having eyes; catching the eye, conspicuous.

oculus -i, m. the eye; 'esse in oculis', to be visible; an ornament, treasure; the bud or eye of a plant.

odi odisse; fut. partic. osurus, to hate, detest, dislike.

odiosus -a -um, hateful, troublesome, annoying; adv. odiose.

odium -i, n. hatred; an object of hatred; 'esse odio', with dat. to be hated by.

odor (older odos) -oris, m. a smell, odor, scent; a scent, suspicion, inkling, presentiment; in plur., perfumery, spices.

odoratio -onis, f. smelling, smell.

odoratus (1) -a -um, partic. from odoro; q.v.

odoratus (2) -us, m. smelling; the sense of smell.

odorifer -fera -ferum, having a pleasant smell; producing perfume.

odoro -are, to make odorous; partic. odoratus -a -um, sweet-smelling.

odoror -ari, dep. to smell; to smell out, snuff at; hence to aim at, aspire to; to search into, investigate; to get an inkling or smattering of.

odorus -a -um. (1) sweet-smelling. (2) keen-scented, tracking by smell.

odos; = odor; q.v.

Odyssea -ae, f. the Odyssey.

oeconomia -ae, f. arrangement, division.

oeconomicus -a -um, relating to domestic economy; orderly, methodical.

Oedipus -podis and -i, m. king of Thebes, son of Laius and Jocasta, fated to kill his father and marry his mother.

Oenone -es, f. a Phrygian nymph, loved and deserted by Paris.

oenophorum -i, n. a basket for wine.

oenus; = unus; q.v.

oestrus -i, m. the gadfly, horsefly; inspiration, frenzy.

oesus; = usus; q.v.

oesypum -i, n. a cosmetic.

ofella -ae, f. a bit, morsel.

offa -ae, f. a pellet, mass, lump; a swelling.

offendo -fendere -fendi -fensum: transit. to strike against, knock; to hit upon, fall in with; to shock, offend, displease; intransit. to knock, strike; to run aground; to stumble, make a mistake, to give offence (with dat.); also to take offence. Hence partic. offensus -a -um, injured, hurt; offensive.

offensa -ae, f. a striking, knocking against; injury; displeasure, offence.

offensio -onis, f. a striking, knocking, hitting against; 'pedis', a stumbling. Transf. a misfortune, setback, indisposition; displeasure, disfavor, aversion, offence.

offensiuncula -ae, f. a slight displeasure or check.

offenso -are, to strike, knock, stumble.

offensus (1) -a -um, partic. from offendo; q.v.

offensus (2) -us, m. shock, collision; offence, dislike.

offero offerre obtuli oblatum, to bring forward, place before, present, offer, expose; to inflict, occasion trouble; 'se offerre', and pass., 'offerri', to present oneself, appear.

officina -ae, f. a workshop, factory.

officio -ficere -feci -fectum, to act against; to get in the way of, impede, hinder, injure (with dat.).

officiosus -a -um, obliging, courteous, attentive; dutiful; adv. officiose.

officium -i, n. dutiful or respectful action; attendance, service, duty; sense of duty, respect, courtesy; submission, allegiance.

offigo -ere, to fix in, fasten.

offirmo -are, to make firm, to fasten; with reflex. or intransit., to be determined, persevere; partic. offirmatus -a -um, firm, resolute.

offucia -ae, f. paint, rouge; deceit.

offulgeo -fulgere -fulsi, to shine upon.

offundo -fundere -fudi -fusum, to pour over, spread round; to overspread, cover, conceal; to overwhelm, to bring trouble, etc., upon a person.

ogganio -ire, to growl at.

oh, interj. oh!, ah!.

ohe, interj. ho! hi!.

oi, interj. oh! ah!.

olea -ae, f. olive, olive tree.

oleaginus -a -um, of the olive tree.

olearius -a -um, of or for oil.

oleaster -tri, m. the wild olive tree.

oleo -ere, to emit an odor; to smell of, smack of; partic. olens -entis, smelling; fragrant or stinking.

oleum -i, n. olive oil, oil.

olfacio -facere -feci -factum, to smell; to scent out, detect.

olidus -a -um, smelling.

olim, at that time; of the past, formerly, once; of the future, hereafter, one day; with a present, for a long time now; at times, often.

olit-; see holit-.

oliva -ae, f. olive; olive tree; olive wreath; staff of olive wood.

olivetum -i, n. an olive grove.

olivifer -fera -ferum, olive-bearing.

olivum -i, n. olive oil, olive.

olla -ae, f. jar, pot.

olle; obsolete form of ille; q.v.

ollus; obsolete form of ille; q.v.

olo; = oleo; q.v.

olor -oris, m. swan.

olorinus -a -um, of a swan.

olus; see holus.

Olympia -ae, f. a city in Elis, where the Olympic games were held.

Olympus -i, m. a mountain range between Macedonia and Thessaly, supposed to be the abode of the gods.

omasum -i, n. bullock's tripe.

omen -inis, n. an omen, sign, prognostication.

omentum -i, n. fat; entrails, bowels.

ominor -ari, dep. to presage, prophesy, predict.

ominosus -a -um, foreboding, ominous.

omitto -mittere -misi -missum, to let go, let fall; to give up, lay aside; to disregard; in speaking, to leave out, omit; with infin., to cease. Hence partic. omissus -a -um, negligent, remiss.

omnifer -fera -ferum, bearing everything.

omnigenus -a -um, of all kinds.

omnimodis, in every way, entirely.

omnino, altogether, entirely, wholly; in general, in all; certainly, admittedly.

omniparens -entis, all-producing.

omnipotens -entis, almighty.

omnis -e, all, every, whole; of all kinds; in sing. each, or the whole of one person or thing.

omnituens -entis, all-seeing.

omnivagus -a -um, wandering everywhere.

onager and onagrus -i, m. wild ass.

onerarius -a -um, of burden, freight; 'iumenta', beasts of burden; '(navis) oneraria', a merchant or transport ship.

onero -are, to load, burden; to fill, weigh down; to oppress, overwhelm; to make worse, aggravate.

onerosus -a -um, heavy, burdensome, troublesome.

onus -eris, n. a load, burden, weight; a trouble, charge; a public burden, tax.

onustus -a -um, laden, loaded; full.

onyx -ychis, m. and f. onyx; a casket of onyx.

opacitas -atis, f. shadiness.

opaco -are, to shade, overshadow.

opacus -a -um, shaded, shady; dark, shadowy, obscure.

opella -ae, f. a little labor or trouble.

opera -ae, f. trouble, pains, exertion; 'operam dare', with dat., to word hard at; 'est operae pretium', it is worth while; 'opera mea', thanks to me. Transf. time for work; work done; in pl. laborers, workmen, also mobsters, gangsters.

operarius -a -um, relating to work; m. operarius -i, a laborer, workman.

operculum -i, n. a lid, cover.

operimentum -i, n. a cover, covering.

operio -perire -perui -pertum, to cover, bury, conceal; to close, shut up; to overwhelm; n. of partic. as subst., opertum -i, a secret place or secret.

operor -ari, dep. to work, labor, be busy; esp. in perf. partic. operatus -a -um, engaged, busy (esp. engaged in worship).

operosus -a -um: act. laborious, painstaking, industrious; pass., toilsome, difficult. Adv. operose, laboriously.

opertum; see operio.

opes; see ops.

Opicus -a -um, Oscan. Transf. stupid, philistine.

opifer -fera -ferum, helpful.

opifex -ficis, c. a maker, framer; a workman, artisan.

opificina; = officina; q.v.

opilio and upilio -onis, m. shepherd.

opimus -a -um, rich, fruitful, fertile; lucrative; wealthy; sumptuous, abundant, copious; of speech, overloaded; 'spolia opima', spoils taken by a general from the enemy's general in single combat.

opinabilis -e, conjectural.

opinatio -onis, f. supposition, conjecture.

opinator -oris, m. one who supposes or conjectures.

opinatus (1) -a -um, partic. from opinor; q.v.

opinatus (2) -us, m. conjecture, supposition.

opinio -onis, f. opinion, conjecture, supposition; repute, rumor, report.

opiniosus -a -um, set in opinion.

opinor -ari, dep. and opino -are, to be of opinion, suppose, conjecture. Partic. opinatus -a -um, in pass. sense, supposed, fancied.

opiparus -a -um, splendid, rich, sumptuous. Adv. opipare.

opitulor -ari, dep. to help, aid (with dat.).

oportet -tere -tuit, impers. it is proper, one should, one ought.

oppedo -ere, to mock, insult.

opperior -periri -pertus, dep. to wait or wait for.

oppeto -ere -ivi and -ii -itum, to go to meet, encounter; esp. to encounter death, to die.

oppidanus -a -um, of a town; sometimes provincial, 'small-town'; m. pl. as subst. the inhabitants of a town.

oppido, quite, very much; in answers, certainly.

oppidulum -i, n. a little town.

oppidum -i, n. a town; in Britain, a fortified wood.

oppignero -are, to pledge, pawn, give in pledge.

oppilo -are, to stop up, block up.

oppleo -plere -plevi -pletum, to fill up, block.

oppono -ponere -posui -positum, to put opposite or before; to pledge against, mortgage for; to set against, oppose, interpose; to allege as an objection; to contrast. Hence partic. oppositus -a -um, standing against, opposite.

opportunitas -atis, f. convenience, fitness; a fit time, opportunity; advantage.

opportunus -a -um, opportune, fit, suitable, convenient; of time, favor- able; with dat., sometimes, exposed, liable to. Adv. opportune, sea- sonably, conveniently.

oppositio -onis, f. opposing, opposition.

oppositus (1) -a -um, partic. from oppono; q.v.

oppositus (2) -us, m. placing against, opposing, interposition.

oppressio -onis, f. pressing down, oppression; suppression; seizure.

oppressus (1) -us, m. pressing down, pressure.

oppressus (2) -a -um, partic. from opprimo; q.v.

opprimo -primere -pressi -pressum. (1) to press upon, press down; to crush, smother, stamp out. (2) to catch, take by surprise, occupy forcibly.

opprobrium -i, n. reproach, scandal, disgrace; a verbal reproach, taunt; a cause of disgrace.

opprobro -are, to taunt, reproach.

oppugnatio -onis, f. an assault on a town; in gen. an attack.

oppugnator -oris, m. an assailant, attacker.

oppugno -are, to attack, assault.

ops opis, f.: in nom. sing., the goddess of abundance; other cases opem, opis, ope, might, power, esp. power to aid; help, support; plur. opes, resources, means, wealth.

ops-; see obs-.

optabilis -e, desirable, to be wished for.

optatio -onis, f. a wish.

optimas -atis, one of the best, aristocratic; m. pl. as subst. optimates, the aristocratic party, the aristocrats.

optimus; see bonus.

optio (1) -onis, f. choice, option.

optio (2) -onis, m. a helper, assistant.

optivus -a -um, chosen.

opto -are, to choose, select; to wish for, desire. Hence partic. optatus -a -um, wished for, desired, welcome; n. as subst. optatum, a wish; abl. optato, according to one's wish.

opulens -entis; see opulentus.

opulentia -ae, f. wealth, riches, opulence; the power, greatness of a state

opulento -are, to make wealthy, enrich.

opulentus -a -um, also opulens -entis, adj. rich, wealthy; powerful, mighty; splendid, sumptuous; lucrative. Adv. opulente and opulenter, richly, splendidly.

opus -eris, n. work, labor; work done, a finished work; a building; a literary work or a work of art; plur. milit. works, lines, siege- engines. opus est (or sunt), there is work, there is need; one needs, it is necessary (with nom., abl., or genit. of what is needed).

opusculum -i, n. a little work.

ora -ae, f. edge, rim, boundary; esp. coastline, coast; in gen., region, clime, country; the people of a district; a hawser, cable reaching to a shore.

oraculum (oraclum) -i, n. a solemn utterance, oracle, divine response, prophecy; also the place where an oracle is given.

oratio -onis, f. speaking, speech; language, style; esp. a set speech; eloquence; prose; an imperial message.

oratiuncula -ae, f. a little speech, short oration.

orator -oris, m. speaker; spokesman, envoy; orator.

oratorius -a -um, of an orator, oratorical; f. as subst. oratory; adv. oratorie.

oratrix -icis, f. a female suppliant.

oratu, abl. sing. m. by request.

orbator -oris, m. one who deprives another of children or parents.

orbis -is, m. a circle, ring, disk; orbit, coil; 'orbis signifer', the Zodiac; 'orbis lacteus', the Milky Way; 'orbis terrae, terrarum', the world. Transf. rotation, round; of style, roundness.

orbita -ae, f. a wheel rut.

orbitas -atis, f. bereavement, loss of children or parents.

orbo -are, to bereave, deprive of parents or children.

orbus -a -um, deprived of children or parents; as subst. an orphan; in gen. deprived, destitute.

orca -ae, f. a pot or jar with a large belly.

orchas -adis, f. a species of olive.

orchestra -ae, f. the part of a Roman theater reserved for senators; meton. the senate.

Orcus -i, m. Orcus, the infernal regions. Transf. the god of the lower world; death.

ordeum; = hordeum; q.v.

ordinarius -a -um, according to order, regular, ordinary.

ordinatim, in good order, regularly, properly.

ordinatio -onis, f. setting in order, arrangement.

ordino -are, to set in order, settle, arrange, appoint; to govern a country. Hence partic. ordinatus -a -um, arranged, orderly.

ordior ordiri orsus, dep. to begin; esp. to begin speaking. N. pl. of partic. as subst. orsa -orum, beginnings, undertakings; esp. words uttered, speech.

ordo -inis, m. a series, line, row, order; milit. a line, rank, file; 'ordinem ducere', to be a centurion; polit. and socially, an order, rank, class; in gen. order, arrangement; 'ordine', in turn, in due order, regularly; 'extra ordinem', in an unusual, irregular manner.

Oreas -adis, f. a mountain nymph.

Orestes -ae and -is, m. son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, who killed his mother to avenge his father.

orexis -is, f. desire, appetite.

organicus -i, m. a musician.

organum -i, n. an instrument; esp. a musical instrument.

orgia -orum, n. pl. a secret festival; mysteries; orgies.

orichalcum -i, n. yellow copper ore; brass.

oricula; = auricula; q.v.

oriens; see orior.

origo -inis, f. origin, source, beginning; an ancestor.

Orion -onis, m. the constellation Orion. 1

orior oriri ortus, dep. to rise; to spring up, be born, proceed from a source or cause. Hence partic. oriens -entis, rising. M. as subst.the rising sun; the east; the morning.

oriundus -a -um, arising from, springing from.

ornamentum -i, n. equipment, trappings, furniture; ornament, decoration; honor, distinction.

ornatrix -icis, f. a female hairdresser.

ornatus (1) -a -um, partic. from orno; q.v.

ornatus (2) -us, m. dress, attire, equipment; embellishment, ornament.

orno -are, to equip, furnish, fit out; also to adorn, decorate, embellish; to honor, distinguish. Hence partic. ornatus -a -um, furnished, equipped, provided; adorned, decorated, embellished. Adv. ornate, splendidly, elegantly.

ornus -i, f. the mountain ash.

oro -are, to speak; esp. to speak as an orator; with acc., to treat, argue, plead; to beg, pray, entreat, beseech.

Orontes -is and -ae, m. chief river of Syria.

Orpheus -ei and -eos, a mythical minstrel, husband of Euridice.

orsa; see ordior.

orsus -us, m. a beginning, undertaking.

ortus (1) -a -um, partic. from orior; q.v.

ortus (2) -us, m.: of heavenly bodies, rising; of persons, origin, birth. in gen. origin, source.

oryx -ygis, m. a wild goat or gazelle.

oryza -ae, f. rice. 2

os (1) oris, n. (1) the mouth; hence voice, talk; 'uno ore', unani- mously; in gen. mouth, opening, source. (2) the face, countenance; presence, sight; expression; boldness of expression, impudence; a mask.

os (2) ossis, n. a bone.

oscen -inis, m. a bird from whose note auguries were taken (e.g., raven, owl, crow).

Osci -orum, m. an ancient people of Italy.

oscillum -i, n. a little mask.

oscitatio -onis, f. gaping, yawning.

oscito -are, to gape, yawn; partic. oscitans -antis, yawning, sleepy, listless; adv. oscitanter.

osculatio -onis, f. kissing.

osculor -ari, dep. to kiss; to caress, make much of.

osculum -i, n. a little mouth; a kiss.

osor -oris, m. a hater.

Ossa -ae, m. and f. a mountain range in Thessaly.

osseus -a -um, bony.

ossifragus -i, m. and ossifraga -ae, f. the sea eagle, osprey.

ostendo -tendere -tendi -tentum and -tensum, to hold out, show, reveal, present; in speech, to make plain, declare. N. of partic. as subst. ostentum -i, a prodigy, portent.

ostentatio -onis, f. showing, revealing; showing off, display; deceitful show, pretence.

ostentator -oris, m. one who shows; esp. a boaster.

ostento -are, to hold out, present, offer; to show, reveal; to show off, display; in speech, to declare, make known.

ostentui, dat. sing. m. for a show; merely for show; as a sign or proof.

ostentum; see ostendo.

Ostia -ae, f. and Ostia -orum, n. the harbor and port of Rome, at the mouth of the Tiber; adj. Ostiensis -e,

ostiarium -i, n. a door-tax.

ostiatim, from door to door.

ostium -i, n. door; in gen. entrance; 'fluminis', mouth.

ostrea -ae, f. and ostreum -i, n. an oyster.

ostrifer -fera -ferum, producing oysters.

ostrinus -a -um, purple.

ostrum -i, n. purple dye prepared from a shellfish; a purple dress.

Otho -onis, m. a Roman cognomen.

otior -ari, dep. to be at leisure.

otiosus -a -um, at leisure, esp. free from public duties; calm, quiet, undisturbed, neutral. Adv. otiose, at leisure; quietly, easily.

otium -i, n. free time, leisure, ease; peace, repose.

ovans -antis, partic. rejoicing, exulting; esp. celebrating the minor triumph (the ovatio).

ovatio -onis, f. an ovation, a kind of lesser triumph.

Ovidius -a -um, name of a Roman gens; esp. of the poet P. Ovidius Naso, (43 B.C.-17 A.D.).

ovile -is, n. a sheepfold, an enclosure.

ovillus -a -um, of sheep.

ovis -is, f. a sheep.

ovum -i, n. an egg.