Glossary of Latin Terms Q


qua, abl. f. of qui, as adv.: relat., by which way, where; also whereby or as far as; qua...qua, partly...partly; interrog., by what way?, how?; indef., in any way, at all.

quacumque (-cunque), wherever; by whatever way.

quadamtenus, to a certain point.

quadra -ae, f. a square; used of any square object or square piece.

quadrageni -ae -a, forty at a time, forty each.

quadragesimus (-gensimus) -a -um, fortieth; f. as subst. the fortieth part, esp. as a tax.

quadragies (-iens), forty times.

quadraginta, forty.

quadrans -antis, m. a fourth part, quarter; as a coin, the fourth part of an as.

quadrantarius -a -um, of a quarter; of price, costing a quarter of an as.

quadriduum (quatriduum) -i, n. a space of four days.

quadriennium -i, n. a period of four years.

quadrifariam, in four parts.

quadrifidus -a -um, split into four.

quadrigae -arum, f. pl. a team of four horses abreast, esp. drawing a chariot.

quadrigarius -a -um, of a racing charioteer.

quadrigatus -a -um, stamped with the figure of a four-horse chariot.

quadrigulae -arum, f. pl. a little team of four horses.

quadriiugis -e, in a team of four.

quadriiugus -a -um, in or with a team of four.

quadrimus -a -um, four years old.

quadringenarius -a -um, of four hundred each.

quadringeni -ae -a, four hundred at a time, four hundred each.

quadringentesimus (-ensimus) -a -um, four hundredth.

quadringenti -ae -a, four hundred.

quadringenties (-iens), four hundred times.

quadripertitus -a -um, divided into four parts, fourfold.

quadriremis -e, with four banks of oars; f. as subst. a quadrireme.

quadrivium -i, n. a crossroads, place where four roads meet.

quadro -are: transit. to make square; to join properly together; intransit. to be square; to fit exactly, to suit; esp. of accounts, to agree. Partic. quadratus -a -um, squared, square; n. as subst. a square.

quadrum -i, n. a square.

quadrupedans -antis, going on four feet, galloping; plur. as subst., horses.

quadrupes -pedis, four-footed, on four feet; as subst. a quadruped.

quadruplator -oris, m. a multiplier by four; an exaggerator; an informer.

quadruplex -plicis, fourfold, quadruple.

quadruplor -ari, dep. to be an informer.

quadruplus -a -um, fourfold; n. as subst. four times the amount.

quaerito -are, to seek or enquire about eagerly.

quaero quaerere quaesii or quaesivi quaesitum, to seek, search for; some- times to obtain, get; to miss, want; to seek to know, ask, inquire into a matter. Partic. quaesitus -a -um, sought out; unusual, select; in bad sense, far-fetched, affected; n. as subst. a question or gain.

quaesitio -onis, f. an interrogation.

quaesitor -oris, m. investigator, inquirer, esp. judicial.

quaeso -ere, to seek for, ask for; first person, quaeso, I beg.

quaestio -onis, f. seeking, searching; inquiry, investigation; esp. judicial inquiry; 'quaestiones perpetuae', standing courts of justice.

quaestiuncula -ae, a little question.

quaestor -oris, m. one of the quaestors, magistrates in Rome, occupied with matters of law and finance.

quaestorius -a -um, belonging to a quaestor. N. as subst. the quaestor's tent in camp, or residence in a province. M. as subst. an ex-quaes- tor.

quaestuosus -a -um, profitable; fond of gain; having gained much, rich.

quaestura -ae, f. the office of quaestor, quaestorship.

quaestus -us, m. gaining, getting, profit; a source of profit, occupation, business.

qualibet (qualubet), wherever you like; in any way you please.

qualis -e: interrog. of what kind?; relat. (with or without antecedent talis), of the kind that, such as; indef. having some quality or other. Adv. qualiter, as, just as.

qualiscumque (-cunque) qualecumque: relat. of whatever kind; indef., any whatever.

qualislibet, qualelibet, of what sort you will.

qualitas -atis, f. quality, property.

qualus -i, m. and qualum -i, n. wicker basket.

quam, adv. how, in what way; interrog. how much? how?; exclam. how! relat. of correspondence, as (often with tam); with superl. adj. or adv., as...possible (with or without possum); 'quam primum', as soon as possible; of comparison, than, as.

quamlibet (quamlubet), as much as you please.

quamobrem (quam ob rem): interrog. wherefore? why?; relat. for which reason, wherefore.

quamquam (quanquam), although, though; at the beginning of a sentence, nevertheless, and yet.

quamvis, as much as you please, ever so much; as conj. however much, although.

quanam, by what way?.

quando, when; interrog. when?; indef. at any time, ever; relat., at the time when; sometimes causal, since, because.

quandocumque (-cunque): relat. whenever, as often as; indef. at some time or other.

quandoque: relat. whenever, as often as; indef. at some time or other.

quandoquidem, since, because.

quantopere (quanto opere), with what great trouble; how much.

quantulus -a -um, how little, how small.

quantuluscumque -acumque -umcumque, however small.

quantus -a -um: interrog. how great?; exclam. how great!; relat. (with or without tantus), (as great) as; 'quantus quantus', however great. N. as subst. quantum -i: interrog. how much?; exclam. how much!; relat. as much as; 'quantum in me est', as far as in me lies. Neuter in genit. (or locative) of price, quanti, for how much, at what price; in abl. quanto, by how much, with compar. adj. or adv.

quantuscumque -acumque -umcumque, however great.

quantuslibet -talibet -tumlibet, as great as you will, however great.

quantusvis -avis -umvis, as great as you please, however great.

quapropter, wherefore.

quare (qua re), wherefore.

quartadecumani -orum, m. pl. soldiers of the fourteenth legion.

quartanus -a -um, of the fourth; f. as subst. (sc. febris), a quartan fever; m. pl. as subst. the soldiers of the fourth legion.

quartarius -i, m. the fourth part of a sextarius.

quartus -a -um, fourth; f. as subst. the fourth hour; n. acc. or abl. quartum, quarto, for the fourth time.

quartusdecimus -a -um, fourteenth.

quasi, as if, just as, esp. in hypothetical comparisons; also with descriptions, as it were, a sort of; with numerals, about.

quasillum -i, n. little basket.

quasillus -i, m. little basket.

quassatio -onis, f. a shaking.

quasso -are: transit. to shake violently; to shatter, break in pieces; intransit. to shake.

quatefacio -facere -feci, to shake, weaken.

quatenus, how far, to what extent; in so far as, since.

quater, four times; hence again and again.

quaterni -ae -a, four at a time, four each.

quatio quatere quassi quassum, to shake, brandish, agitate; sometimes to shatter.

quattuor, indecl. num. four.

quattuordecim, fourteen.

quattuorviratus -us, m. the office of the quattuorviri.

quattuorviri -orum, m. pl. a board of four magistrates.

queis; = quibus; see qui.

quemadmodum (quem ad modum), in what manner, how (interrog. or relat.); esp. corresponding with sic, ita, item, etc., as, just as.

queo quire quivi and quii quitum, to be able.

quercetum -i, n. an oak forest.

querceus -a -um, oaken, of oak.

quercus -us, f. the oak; sometimes a crown of oak leaves.

querela (querella) -ae, f. a complaint, complaining.

queribundus -a -um, complaining, plaintive.

querimonia -ae, f. a complaining, complaint.

queritor -ari, dep. to complain excessively.

quernus -a -um, of oak, oaken.

queror queri questus, dep. to complain, lament, bewail; of animals, to make a plaintive sound.

querquetulanus -a -um, of an oak forest.

querulus -a -um, complaining, plaintive.

questus -us, m. complaint, lament.

qui (1) quae quod: interrog. adj. which? what? what kind of?; exclam., what!; indef. (with f. quae or qua) any, some; relat. who, which, what, that. Acc. n. sing. quod, as adv.: 'quod sciam', as far as I know. Abl. quo, with comparatives: 'quo celerius, eo melius', the faster the better.

qui (2): interrog. in what manner? how?; relat. wherewith, wherefrom; indef. somehow.

quia, because, for which reason.

quianam, quiane, why.

quicum, with whom, with which.

quicumque (-cunque) quaecumque quodcumque: relat. whoever, whichever, whatever; indef. any available.

quidam quaedam quoddam (subst. quiddam), a certain person or thing (known but not necessarily named). Transf. a kind of.

quidem, indeed; 'ne...quidem', not even....

quidni, interrog. why not?.

quies -etis, f. rest, quiet; peace; sleep; a dream; a resting place.

quiesco -escere -evi -etum, to rest; to be at peace; to sleep; to cease from action.

quietus -a -um, resting; sleeping; at peace, undisturbed, neutral; of character, quiet, calm. Adv. quiete.

quilibet quaelibet quodlibet (subst. quidlibet), any you will, anyone, anything.

quin: in questions, why not?; in commands, to encourage, but come now; in statements, rather, but indeed; in subordinate clauses, with subjunctive, but that, without, that not, who not.

quinam quaenam quodnam, which? what?.

quincunx -cuncis, five-twelfths.

quindecies (-iens), fifteen times.

quindecim, indecl. num. fifteen.

quindecimprimi -orum, m. pl. the fifteen senators of a municipium.

quindecimvir -i, m. one of a board of fifteen magistrates.

quindecimviralis -e, of the quindecimviri.

quindeni or quini deni -ae -a, fifteen at a time, fifteen each.

quingeni -ae -a, five hundred at a time, five hundred each.

quingentesimus (-ensimus) -a -um, five hundredth.

quingenti -ae -a, five hundred.

quingenties (-iens), five hundred times.

quini -ae -a, five at a time, five each.

quiniviceni -ae -a, twenty-five each.

quinquageni -ae -a, fifty at a time, fifty each.

quinquagesimus (-ensimus) -a -um, fiftieth; f. as subst. (a tax of) a fiftieth part.

quinquaginta, indecl. num. fifty.

quinquatrus -uum, f. pl. and quinquatria -orum and -ium, n. pl. a festival of Minerva.

quinque, indecl. num. five.

quinquennalis -e, happening every five years, or lasting five years.

quinquennis -e, of five years, five years old.

quinquennium -i, n. a period of five years.

quinquepertitus -a -um, in five portions, fivefold.

quinqueprimi -orum, m. pl. the five chief senators in a municipium.

quinqueremis -e, having five banks of oars; f. as subst. a quinque- reme.

quinquevir -i, m. one of a board of five.

quinqueviratus -us, m. the office of quinquevir.

quinquies (-iens), five times.

quinquiplico -are, to multiply by five.

quintadecimani -orum, m. pl. soldiers of the fifteenth legion.

quintanus -a -um, of the fifth; f. as subst. (sc. via), a road in a Roman camp; m. pl. soldiers of the fifth legion.

Quintilianus (Quinct-) -i, m. M. Fabius Quintilianus, head of a school of rhetoric at Rome.

Quintilis (Quinctilis) -is, m. (with or without mensis), the fifth month, afterwards called Julius.

quintus -a -um, fifth; quintum, quinto, the fifth time.

Quintus -i, m. and Quintia -ae, f. Roman praenomen abbrev. Q.

quintusdecimus -a -um, fifteenth.

quippe, certainly, indeed, to be sure, of course.

quippini, why not.

Quirinus -i, m. the name of Romulus after his apotheosis; adj. Quirinus -a -um and Quirinalis -e, of Romulus; 'collis', the Quirinal Hill at Rome; n. pl. Quirinalia -ium, a festival in honor of Romulus.

Quiris -itis and pl. Quirites -ium and -um, m. the inhabitants of the Sabine town Cures; also used of the citizens of Rome in their civil capacity.

quiris or curis, a spear.

quiritatio -onis, f. a shriek, scream.

quirito -are, to shriek, scream, cry out.

quis (1) quid, pron.: interrog. who? what? which?; indef. anyone, any- body, anything. N. nom. and acc. quid, what?; with genit. how much? how many?, sometimes why?; 'quid ita?', why so?.

quis (2); = quibus; see qui.

quisnam quaenam quidnam, pron. who? what?.

quispiam quaepiam quodpiam (subst. quidpiam, quippiam), anyone, anything, n. acc. as adv. at all.

quisquam quaequam quidquam (quicquam), anybody, anyone, anything, esp. in negative sentences and questions.

quisque quaeque quidque (adj. quodque), each, every, everyone, everything.

quisquiliae -arum, f. pl. rubbish, sweepings, refuse.

quisquis quaequae quidquid (quicquid), and adj. quodquod: relat. whoever, whatever, whichever; indef. anyone, anything.

quivis quaevis quidvis (adj. quodvis), whoever or whatever you will, anyone, anything.

quiviscumque quaeviscumque quodviscumque, whosoever, whatsoever.

quo (1): interrog. where? to what place? whither? how far? to what extent? to what end?; indef. to any place, anywhither; relat. to the end that, in order that.

quo (2), because, whereby; see also quominus.

quoad, how far; as far as, as long as; also until.

quocirca, wherefore, on which account.

quocumque, whithersoever.

quod, conj.: the fact that, the point that; as to the fact that, whereas; because, on the ground that; why, on which account; with temporal clauses, since; as far as, to the extent that; introducing a fresh sentence, and, but, now, esp. foll. by si.

quodammodo, in a certain way, in a certain measure.

quoias; = cuias; q.v.

quolibet, whithersoever you please.

quominus, by which the less, so that not.

quomodo, in what manner, how.

quomodocumque, in whatever way; somehow.

quomodonam, how then?.

quonam, whither then?.

quondam, in the past, formerly, once; in the future, sometime; in gen., at times, sometimes.

quoniam, since, whereas, because.

quopiam, to any place at all.

quoquam, to any place at all.

quoque, placed after the word it emphasizes, also, too.

quoquo or quo quo, whithersoever, to whatever place.

quoquoversus (-versum, -vorsum), in every direction.

quorsum (quorsus), whither? to what place? to what purpose?.

quot, indecl. how many (interrog. and exclam.); relat. (often with tot), as many; 'quot annis', every year.

quotannis = quot annis; see quot.

quotcumque, as many as, however many.

quoteni -ae -a, how many each.

quotidianus (cottidianus, cotid-) -a -um, daily, of every day; everyday, common, ordinary.

quotidie (cottidie, cotid-), daily, every day.

quoties (quotiens), how often (interrog. and exclam.); relat. (often with toties), as often as.

quotiescumque (-cunque), however often.

quotquot, indecl. however many.

quotus -a -um, which in number?; 'quota pars', how small a fraction?; 'quotus quisque', one in how many? how rare?.

quotuscumque (-cunque) -acumque -umcumque, whatever in number; 'pars quotacumque', however small a fraction.

quotusquisque; see quotus.

quousque (quo usque), how long? how far?.

quovis, to whatever place you will.

quum; = cum (2); q.v.