Glossary of Latin Terms U


uber (1) -eris, n. an udder, teat, breast; richness, abundance, fertili- ty.

uber (2) -eris, adj. rich, fertile, fruitful, copious; adv. in compar. uberius and superl. uberrime, more and most abundantly.

ubertas -atis, f. fruitfulness, abundance.

ubertim, abundantly, copiously.

ubi or ubi, where (interrog. and relat); of time, when, as soon as; of other relations, wherein, whereby, with whom.

ubicumque (ubicunque): relat. wherever; indef. anywhere, everywhere.

Ubii -orum, m. pl. a Germanic people.

ubique, everywhere.

ubivis, wherever you will, anywhere.

udus -a -um, wet, moist.

ulcero -are, to make sore, ulcerate, wound.

ulcerosus -a -um, full of sores, ulcerous, wounded.

ulciscor ulcisci ultus, dep. (1) to take vengeance for, avenge. (2) to take vengeance on, to punish.

ulcus -eris, n. a sore, ulcer, wound.

uligo -inis, f. moisture, damp.

Ulixes -is, -i or -ei, m. Latin name for Ulysses or Odysseus, husband of Penelope, king of Ithaca.

ullus -a -um; genit. ullius, dat. ulli; any; as subst. anyone, anything

ulmeus -a -um, of elm wood.

ulmus -i, f. elm.

ulna -ae, f. elbow, arm; an ell.

ulterior -ius, compar. as from ulter, farther, more distant, more advanced, more remote. Superl. ultimus -a -um, most distant, farthest, extreme; in time or succession, either original or last, final; 'ad ultimum', to the last; 'ultimum', for the last time; in rank, etc., either highest, greatest, or meanest, lowest.

ultio -onis, f. avenging, punishment, revenge.

ultor -oris, m. avenger, punisher.

ultra, adv. and prep. beyond, on the far side of, farther (than), more (than).

ultrix -icis, f. avenging.

ultro, adv. to the far side, beyond; 'ultro et citro', up and down. Transf. besides, moreover; of one's own accord, spontaneously, gratui- tously,

ulula -ae, f. an owl.

ululatus -us, m. howling, wailing, yelling.

ululo -are, to howl, yell; transit. to howl to; of places, to resound with howling.

ulva -ae, f. sedge.

umbella -ae, f. a parasol.

umbilicus -i, m. the navel; middle, center; the end of the roller of a scroll; a kind of sea-snail.

umbo -onis, m. a boss, round projection; esp. the center of a shield; a shield; the elbow.

umbra -ae, f. a shade, shadow; a shady place; protection; idleness, pleasant rest; a phantom, ghost, shade, semblance; an uninvited guest; a fish, perhaps grayling.

umbraculum -i, n. a shady place, arbor; quiet, retirement; a parasol.

umbratilis -e, retired, contemplative.

Umbri -orum, m. pl. a people of central Italy; Umbria -ae, f. Umbria.

umbrifer -fera -ferum, shady.

umbro -are, to shade, over-shadow.

umbrosus -a -um, shady.

umecto (humecto) -are, to wet, moisten.

umectus (humectus) -a -um, moist.

umeo (humeo) -ere, to be moist; partic. umens -entis, moist.

umerus (humerus) -i, m. the upper arm or shoulder.

umesco (humesco) -ere, to become moist.

umidulus (humidulus) -a -um, moist.

umidus (humidus) -a -um, wet, moist, damp; 'ligna', unseasoned; n. as subst. a wet place.

umor (humor) -oris, m. moisture, fluid.

umquam (unquam), at any time, ever.

una, adv. from unus; q.v.

unanimitas -atis, f. concord, unanimity.

unanimus -a -um, of one mind, agreeing, unanimous.

uncia -ae, f. a twelfth; an ounce.

unciarius -a -um, of a twelfth part; 'faenus', 8 1/3 per cent.

unciatim, little by little.

uncinatus -a -um, hooked.

unciola -ae, f. a mere twelfth.

unctio -onis, f. anointing.

unctito -are, to anoint, besmear.

unctor -oris, m. an anointer.

unctura -ae, f. anointing of the dead.

unctus -a -um, partic. from ungo; q.v.

uncus (1) -a -um, hooked, curved.

uncus (2) -i, m. a hook.

unda -ae, f. water, fluid, esp. a wave; fig. a stream of people, etc.

unde, whence, from where (interrog. and relat.). Transf. how, from whom.

undecies (undeciens), eleven times.

undecim, indecl. num. eleven.

undecimus -a -um, eleventh.

undecumque (undecunque), from whatever place.

undeni -ae -a, eleven at a time or eleven each.

undenonaginta, eighty-nine.

undeoctoginta, seventy-nine.

undequadraginta, thirty-nine.

undequinquagesimus -a -um, forty-ninth.

undequinquaginta, forty-nine.

undesexaginta, fifty-nine.

undetricesimus -a -um, twenty-ninth.

undevicesimus -a -um, nineteenth.

undeviginti, nineteen.

undique, from or on all sides, from everywhere, everywhere; altogether, in every respect.

undisonus -a -um, resounding with waves.

undo -are: intransit. to surge, wave, undulate; transit. to flood.

undosus -a -um, surging, billowing.

unetvicesimani -orum, m. pl. soldiers of the twenty-first legion.

ungo (unguo) ungere unxi unctum, to anoint, besmear; partic. unctus -a -um, besmeared, anointed, greasy; rich, copious; n. as subst. a sumptuous feast.

unguen -inis, n. fatty substance, ointment.

unguentarius -a -um, of ointment; m. as subst. a dealer in unguents.

unguentatus -a -um, anointed.

unguentum -i, n. salve, ointment, perfume.

unguiculus -i, m. a finger or toe-nail.

unguis -is, m. a finger or toe-nail; of animals, claw, hoof; 'de tenero ungui', from childhood; 'ad (or in) unguen', to a hair, nicely, per- fectly.

ungula -ae, f. a hoof, claw, talon.

unguo; = ungo; q.v.

unicolor -oris, of one color.

unicus -a -um, one, only, sole; singular, unique: adv. unice, singly, especially.

uniformis -e, having one form, simple.

unigena -ae, of the same race; only-begotten, unique.

unimanus -a -um, having but one hand.

unio -onis, m. a large pearl.

unitas -atis, f. unity, oneness.

uniter, in one, together.

universalis -e, general, universal.

universitas -atis, f. the whole, total; the universe, the world.

universus (archaic univorsus) -a -um, combined in one, whole, entire; plur. universi -ae -a, all together; n. as subst. universum -i, the whole; the world, the universe; phrase, 'in universum', and adv. universe, gen- erally, in general

unus -a -um, genit. unius, dat, uni, one; only one; one and the same; any one; 'ad unum omnes', all to a man; 'in unum', into one place; 'uno tempore', at the same time. Adv. una, in one, together.

upilio (opilio) -onis, m. a shepherd.

Urania -ae and Uranie -es, f. the Muse of Astronomy. 1

urbanitas -atis, f. city life, esp. life in Rome. Hence politeness, urbanity, refinement; wit, pleasantry.

urbanus -a -um, of a city (esp. Rome), urban; hence refined; elegant; witty; pleasant; m. pl. as subst. the inhabitants of a city, the towns- folk. Adv. urbane, politely, courteously; wittily, elegantly.

urbs urbis, f. a walled town or city; esp. the city of Rome.

urceolus -i, m. a small jug or pitcher.

urceus -i, m. a jug, pitcher.

uredo -inis, f. a blight on plants.

urgeo urgere ursi, to push, press, drive, urge; to beset, oppress; to stress; of work, to press on with, ply hard, follow up.

urina -ae, f. urine.

urinator -oris, m. a diver.

urino -are and urinor -ari, dep. to dive.

urna -ae, f. a jug, pitcher, jar, pot.

uro urere ussi ustum, to burn; to dry up, parch; chafe, gall; to disturb, harass.

ursa -ae, f. a she-bear.

ursus -i, m. a bear.

urtica -ae, f. a nettle. Transf. desire.

urus -i, m. a kind of wild ox.

usitatus -a -um, customary, usual; adv. usitate.

uspiam, anywhere, at any place.

usquam, anywhere; at all, in any way; in any direction.

usque, through and through, all the way; continuously; always; 'usque Romam', as far as Rome; 'usque a Romulo', ever since Romulus.

usquequaque, always.

ustor -oris, m. a burner of corpses.

ustulo -are, to burn, scorch, singe.

usucapio (1) -capere -cepi -captum, to acquire ownership by long use.

usucapio (2) -onis, f. ownership acquired by long possession or use.

usura -ae, f. use, enjoyment; esp. use of borrowed capital; interest paid for money borrowed.

usurpatio -onis, f. using, use; undertaking.

usurpo -are, to use, bring into use; to take possession of, acquire, appro- priate, usurp; to perceive, to notice; to use a word, to mention; hence to call, name.

usus -us, m. use, application, practice, exercise; social intercourse, familiarity; legal, 'usus et fructus, ususfructus', the use of other's property. Transf. practice, skill, experience; utility, usefulness, profit; 'usui esse, ex usu esse', to be useful, be of use; 'usus est', there is need of, occasion for; 'usu venit', it happens.

ut or uti. (1) with indic. verb: how (interrog. and exclam); relat. as, esp. with corresponding sic or ita; 'ut ut' in whatever way; explanatory, as, as being (sometimes without verb); temporal, as when, while, since, when; of place, where. (2) with subjunctive: in indirect questions, how; in wishes, o that; concessive, granted that; consecutive, so that, often preceded by ita, tam, etc.; explaining or defining, namely that; final, in order that (neg. ne or ut ne); in indirect command, that, to; after verbs of fearing (= ne non), that...not.

utcumque (utcunque), in whatever manner, however; whenever.

utensilia -ium, n. pl. useful things, utensils.

uter (1) utris, m. the skin of an animal used as bag or bottle.

uter (2) utra utrum; genit. utrius, dat. utri; interrog., which of the two?; plur. which side? which set?; relat., that (of two) which; indef., either of the two.

utercumque (utercunque) utracumque utrumque, whichever of the two.

uterlibet utralibet utrumlibet, whichever of the two you please.

uterque utraque utrumque; genit. utriusque, dat. utrique; each of two; in plur., usually, each side, each set; sometimes of individuals, both.

uterus -i, m. and uterum -i, n. womb; belly.

utervis utravis utrumvis; genit. utriusvis, dat. utrivis; whichever of the two you please.

uti; = ut; q.v.

Utica -ae, f. a town in Africa where Cato the younger killed himself.

utilis -e, useful, fit, profitable; adv. utiliter.

utinam, would that! oh that!.

utique, at any rate, certainly, at least.

utor uti usus, dep. to use, employ; to possess, enjoy; of persons, to associate with, or, with a predicate, to find. Hence partic. utens -entis, possessing.

utpote, seeing that, inasmuch as.

utrarius -i, m. a water-carrier.

utrimque (utrinque), from or on both sides.

utro, to which of two places? to which side?.

utrobique (utrubique), on each of two sides; both ways.

utroque, to both sides, in both directions; at each point, both ways.

utrum, whether; used mainly in alternative questions, direct or indirect.

utut, however; see ut.

uva -ae, f. a bunch of grapes; meton. vine. Transf. a cluster.

uvesco -ere, to become moist.

uvidulus -a -um, moist.

uvidus -a -um, moist, damp, wet. Transf. drunken.

uxor -oris, f. a wife; 'uxorem ducere', to marry a wife.

uxorius -a -um. (1) of a wife. (2) too devoted to one's wife, uxorious.