Glossary of Latin Terms L


labasco -ere, to totter; to give way.

labecula -ae, f. a little stain, slight disgrace.

labefacio -facere -feci -factum, pass. labefio -fieri -factus sum, to shake, loosen, impair.

labefacto -are, to shake violently, weaken, disturb.

labellum (1) -i, n. a little lip.

labellum (2) -i, n. a small washing-vessel.

labes -is, f. a stain, blemish; infamy, disgrace.

labia -ae, f. and labium -i, n. a lip.

Labienus -i, m., T., an officer of Julius Caesar, who went over to Pompey.

labiosus -a -um, with large lips.

labium -i, n. = labia; q.v.

labo -are, to totter, waver, be about to fall, begin to sink.

labor (1) labi lapsus, dep. to glide, slide, flow; to slip, fall down, fall away, decline; to make a mistake.

labor (2) (labos) -oris, m. (1) work, toil, effort, industry, capacity for work; feat, work, result of labor. (2) hardship, fatigue, distress; 'labores solis', eclipse of the sun.

laborifer -fera -ferum, bearing labor.

laboriosus -a -um: of things, toilsome, laborious; of persons, industrious, toiling. Adv. laboriose, laboriously, with toil.

laboro -are: intransit. to work, toil, strive; to be troubled or anxious, to care; to suffer, be distressed or afflicted; 'luna laborat', is eclipsed; transit. to work out, elaborate, prepare, form.

labos -oris, m. = labor; q.v.

labrum (1) -i, n. lip; edge, rim.

labrum (2) -i, n. basin, tub; a bathing-place.

labrusca -ae, f. the wild vine.

labruscum -i, n. the wild grape.

labyrinthus -i, m. a labyrinth.

lac lactis, n. milk; milky sap; milk-white color.

Lacaena -ae, f. adj. a female Spartan.

Lacedaemon -onis, f. the city Lacedaemon or Sparta; adj. Lacedeamonius -a -um, Lacedaemonian.

lacer -cera -cerum, torn, mangled; act., tearing to pieces.

laceratio -onis, f. tearing, mangling.

lacerna -ae, f. a mantle worn over the toga.

lacero -are, to tear to pieces, maim, mangle; to squander money; to slander, pull to pieces a character.

lacerta -ae, f. a lizard; also a sea-fish.

lacertosus -a -um, muscular, powerful.

lacertus (1) -i, m. the upper arm with its muscles; in gen., vigor.

lacertus (2) -i, m. = lacerta; q.v.

lacesso -ere -ivi and -ii -itum, to provoke, exasperate, excite, induce.

Lachesis -is, f. one of the three Parcae or Fates.

lacinia -ae, f. the flap of a garment.

Laco (Lacon) -onis, m. a Spartan, Lacedaemonian; adj. Laconicus -a -um and f. adj. Laconis -idis, Spartan.

lacrima (lacruma) -ae, f. a tear; exudation from certain plants; 'Heliadum', amber.

lacrimabilis -e, deplorable, woeful.

lacrimabundus -a -um, breaking into tears, weeping.

lacrimo (lacrumo) -are, to weep, shed tears; to exude, to drip.

lacrimosus -a -um, tearful, shedding tears; causing tears, mournful, piteous.

lacrimula -ae, f. a little tear.

lacruma, etc.; see lacrima, etc.

lactans -antis, giving milk.

lactatio -onis, f. enticement.

lactens -entis. (1) sucking milk; plur. as subst., sucklings, unweaned animals. (2) milky, juicy, full of sap.

lactesco -ere, to be changed into milk.

lacteus -a -um, milky, of milk; milk-white.

lacto -are, to allure, wheedle.

lactuca -ae, f. lettuce.

lacuna -ae, f. a cavity, hollow, dip; esp. a pool, pond. Transf., gap, deficiency, loss.

lacunar -aris, n. a panelled ceiling.

lacuno -are, to work in panels, to panel.

lacunosus -a -um, full of hollows or gaps.

lacus -us, m. a hollow; hence a lake, pool, trough, tank, tub.

laedo laedere laesi laesum, to strike, knock; hence to hurt, injure, damage; to offend, annoy; to violate, outrage.

laena -ae, f. cloak, wrap.

Laertes -ae, m. father of Ulysses.

laesio -onis, f. an oratorical attack.

laetabilis -e, joyful, glad.

laetatio -onis, f. rejoicing, joy.

laetifico -are, to fertilize; to cheer, gladden, delight.

laetificus -a -um, gladdening, joyous.

laetitia -ae, f. (1) fertility; hence richness, grace. (2) joy, delight.

laetor -ari, dep. to rejoice, be joyful.

laetus -a -um, fat, rich, fertile; glad, joyful, happy; of style, rich, copious, fluent. Adv. laete.

laevus -a -um, left; f. as subst. the left hand, the left; n. as subst. the left side. Transf., left-handed, foolish, silly; unlucky, unpropi- tious; but in augury, favorable. Adv. laeve, on the left hand; awk- wardly.

laganum -i, n. a cake.

lageos -ei, f. a Greek kind of vine.

lagoena -ae, f. a large earthen jar with handles.

lagois -idis, f. a bird, perhaps heathcock or grouse.

laguncula -ae, f. a little bottle.

Laius -i, m. father of Oedipus.

lama -ae, f. a bog, slough.

lambo lambere lambi, to lick; of rivers, to wash.

lamenta -orum, n. pl. wailing, weeping.

lamentabilis -e, lamentable, deplorable; expressing sorrow, mournful.

lamentatio -onis, f. weeping, wailing.

lamentor -ari, dep. to weep, wail, lament; transit. to bewail.

lamia -ae, f. a witch, vampire.

lamina, lammina, and lamna -ae, f. a plate or thin piece of metal, marble, etc.; knife-blade; coin; nutshell.

lampas -padis, f. a torch; hence brightness, esp. of the sun; also a meteor.

lana -ae, f. wool; also the down on leaves, fruit, etc..

lanatus -a -um, wool-bearing, wooly.

lancea -ae, f. a light spear or lance.

lancino -are, to tear to pieces; to squander.

laneus -a -um, of wool, woollen; soft as wool.

languefacio -facere, to make weak or faint.

langueo -ere, to be faint, weak, weary; to droop, flag; partic. languens -entis, faint, languid.

languesco languescere langui, to become faint, soft or listless.

languidulus -a -um, somewhat faint, limp.

languidus -a -um, faint, weak, limp; of wine, mild, mellow; adv. languide.

languor -oris, m. faintness, weariness, inactivity.

laniatus -us, m. mangling, tearing.

laniena -ae, f. a butcher's shop.

lanificus -a -um, working in wool.

laniger -gera -gerum, wool-bearing; woollen; m. as subst. a ram; f., a sheep.

lanio -are, to tear to pieces, mangle, lacerate.

lanista -ae, m. a trainer of gladiators; an instigator to violence, inciter.

lanitium -i, n. wool.

lanius -i, m. butcher.

lanterna -ae, f. lantern, lamp.

lanternarius -i, m. lantern-bearer.

lanugo -inis, f. down, of plants or on the cheeks.

Lanuvium -i, n. a town in Latium.

lanx lancis, f. a plate, platter; the scale of a balance.

Laocoon -ontis, m. a Trojan priest.

Laomedon -ontis, m. a king of Troy, father of Priam.

lapathum -i, n. and lapathus -i, f. sorrel.

lapicidinae -arum, f. stone quarries.

lapidatio -onis, f. throwing of stones.

lapidator -oris, m. thrower of stones.

lapideus -a -um, of stone.

lapido -are, to throw stones at; impers. lapidat, it rains stones.

lapidosus -a -um, full of stones, stony.

lapillus -i, m. a little stone, pebble; a precious stone, gem.

lapis -idis, m. a stone.

Lapithae -arum, m. pl. the Lapithae, a mountain race in Thessaly, famous for their fight with the Centaurs.

lappa -ae, f. a burr.

lapsio -onis, f. gliding; inclination, tendency.

lapso -are, to slip, stumble.

lapsus -us, m. gradual movement; gliding, sliding, fall; a fault, error.

laqueare -is, n., esp. plur., a panelled ceiling.

laqueatus -a -um, with a panelled ceiling.

laqueus -i, m. a noose, halter, snare, trap.

Lar Laris, m., usually plur. Lares, Roman tutelary deities, esp. household deities; meton., hearth, dwelling, home.

lardum (laridum) -i, n. bacon fat, lard.

Larentia -ae, f. or Acca Larentia, the wife of Faustulus, who brought up Romulus and Remus.

Lares; see Lar.

largificus -a -um, bountiful, liberal.

largifluus -a -um, flowing freely.

largior -iri, dep. to give abundantly, lavish, bestow, grant; to condone.

largitas -atis, f. liberality.

largitio -onis, f. free giving or spending, lavishing; granting, bestowing.

largitor -oris, m. a liberal giver or spender; a briber; a waster.

largus -a -um, of things, abundant, plentiful, numerous; with genit., rich in; of persons, liberal, bountiful. Adv. large, plentiful- ly, liberally; largiter, abundantly, much.

laridum; = lardum. q.v.

larva (larua) -ae, f. a ghost, specter; a mask.

lascivia -ae, f. playfulness, sportiveness; wantonness, licentiousness, insolence.

lascivio -ire, to sport, play; to wanton, run riot.

lascivus -a -um, playful, wanton, licentious, insolent. Adv. lascive.

laserpicium -i, n. a plant from which asafoetida was obtained.

lassitudo -inis, f. weariness, exhaustion.

lasso -are, to make weary, exhaust.

lassulus -a -um, rather tired.

lassus -a -um, weary, tired, exhausted.

latebra -ae, f. a hiding-place, retreat; a subterfuge, loophole.

latebrosus -a -um, full of hiding-places, secret; 'pumex', porous. Adv. latebrose, secretly.

lateo -ere, to lie hid, be concealed; to live in obscurity or safety; to be unknown. Hence partic. latens -entis, concealed, hidden; adv. latenter, secretly.

later -teris, m. a brick, tile.

lateramen -inis, n. pottery.

laterculus -i, m. a small brick or tile; a biscuit.

latericius -a -um, built of brick.

laterna; see lanterna.

latesco -ere, to hide oneself.

latex -ticis, m. fluid, liquid.

latibulum -i, n. a hiding-place.

laticlavius -a -um, having a broad purple stripe (as a distinction).

latifundium -i, n. a large landed estate.

Latinitas -atis, f. pure Latin style; Latin rights.

Latinus (1) -a -um; see Latium.

Latinus (2) -i, m. king of the Laurentians, host of Aeneas.

latio -onis, f. bringing; 'legis', proposing, bringing forward.

latito -are, to lie hid, be concealed.

latitudo -onis, f. breadth, extent; 'verborum', broad pronunciation, brogue.

Latium -i, n. a district of Italy, in which Rome was situated; adj. Latius and Latinus -a -um, Latin; adv. Latine, in Latin.

Lato -us, f. and Latona -ae, f. the mother of Apollo and Diana.

lator -oris, m. the proposer of a law.

latrator -oris, m. a barker.

latratus -us, m. barking.

latro (1) -are, to bark, bay; to rant, rumble, roar; transit, to bark at or for.

latro (2) -onis, m. a hired servant or mercenary soldier; a robber, bandit, brigand; a hunter; a piece on a draught-board.

latrocinium -i, n. mercenary service; highway robbery, brigandage, villainy, roguery; meton., a band of robbers.

latrocinor -ari, dep. to serve as a mercenary; to practice robbery.

latrunculus -i, m. a highwayman, bandit; a piece on a draught-board.

latus (1) -a -um, broad, wide, extensive; of style, diffuse, full, rich. Hence adv. late, broadly, widely, extensively; 'longe lateque', far and wide.

latus (2) -eris, n. the side, flank; of persons, in pl., the lungs; milit., 'in latere', on the flank.

latus (3) -a -um; partic. from fero; q.v.

latusculum -i, n. a little side.

laudabilis -e, praiseworthy, laudable; adv. laudabiliter.

laudatio -onis, f. praise, commendation; a testimonial, a funeral oration.

laudator -oris, m. a praiser; esp. one who delivers a testimonial or funeral oration.

laudatrix -icis, f. a female praiser.

laudo -are, to praise, extol, commend; to name, mention, cite, quote; partic. laudatus -a -um, praiseworthy, esteemed.

laureatus -a -um, crowned with laurel; 'litterae', bringing news of victory.

laureola -ae, f. a laurel branch, laurel crown; meton., a triumph, victory.

laureus -a -um, of laurel; f. as subst., laurea, laurel tree or crown.

lauricomus -a -um, covered with laurel trees.

laurifer -fera -ferum, crowned with laurel.

lauriger -gera -gerum, crowned with laurel.

laurus -i, f. the laurel or bay tree; meton., triumph, victory.

laus laudis, f. praise, fame, glory, commendation. Transf., a praiseworthy action or quality.

lautia -orum, n. pl. entertainment given to foreign ambassadors at Rome.

lautitia -ae, f. splendor, elegance, sumptuous living.

lautumiae (latomiae) -arum, f. pl. a stone-quarry.

lautus -a -um, partic. from lavo; q.v.

lavabrum -i, n. a bath.

lavatio -onis, f. washing, bathing; bathing apparatus.

Lavinia -ae, f. daughter of Latinus, wife of Aeneas.

lavo lavare or lavere lavi lautum or lotum or lavatum, to wash, bathe; to moisten, wet; to wash away. Hence partic. lautus -a -um, washed; hence fine, elegant, sumptuous, refined; adv. laute.

laxamentum -i, n. widening, extending; relaxing, mitigation, respite.

laxitas -atis, f. wideness, roominess.

laxo -are, to widen, loosen, extend, enlarge; to undo, slacken, relax, relieve; to release, set free.

laxus -a -um, wide, loose, spacious; of time, later, postponed; loose, lax, relaxed. Adv. laxe, widely, loosely, without restraint.

lea -ae, f. a lioness.

leaena -ae, f. a lioness.

Leander -dri, m. a youth who swam nightly across the Hellespont to visit Hero, till drowned in a storm.

lebes -etis, m. a bronze pan, cauldron, or basin.

lectica -ae, f. a litter; bier.

lecticarius -i, m. a litter-bearer.

lecticula -ae, f. a small litter or bier; a settee.

lectio -onis, f. a picking out, selection, reading, perusal; 'lectio senatus', a calling over of the names of the senators.

lectisternium -i, n. a feast offered to the gods.

lectito -are, to read often or eagerly.

lector -oris, m. a reader.

lectulus -i, m. a small bed, couch.

lectus (1) -a -um, partic. from lego; q.v.

lectus (2) -i, m. a bed, couch.

Leda -ae and Lede -es, f. mother of Castor and Pollux, Helen, and Clytem- nestra.

legatarius -i, m. a legatee.

legatio -onis, f. delegated authority; polit., the office of an ambassa- dor, an embassy, legation; milit., the post of subordinate commander; esp. the command of a legion.

legator -oris, m. testator.

legatum -i, n. and legatus -i, m. from lego; q.v.

legifer -fera -ferum, law-giver.

legio -onis, f. a choosing; a chosen body; esp. a legion, a division of the Roman army.

legionarius -a -um, belonging to a legion.

legitimus (legitumus) -a -um, lawful, legitimate; right, proper, appropri- ate. Adv. legitime, lawfully, properly.

legiuncula -ae, f. a small legion.

lego (1) -are, to ordain, appoint; of persons, to make a deputy, delegate authority to; of property, to bequeath, leave as a legacy.M. of partic. legatus -i, a deputy; polit., an ambassador, envoy, or the deputy of a magistrate; milit., a subordinate commander, esp. a commander of a legion. N. legatum -i, a legacy, bequest.

lego (2) legere legi lectum, to collect, gather, pick, pick up; 'fila', to wind up, spin; 'vela', to furl; of places, to pass through, traverse, coast along; with the eyes, to survey, scan, read, peruse; out of a number, to pick out, choose, select. Hence partic. lectus -a -um, chosen, selected; choice, excellent.

leguleius -i, m. a pettifogging lawyer.

legumen -inis, n. pulse; the bean.

Lemannus -i, m. the Lake of Geneva.

lembus -i, m. a boat, cutter, pinnace.

lemma -atis, n. theme, title; an epigram.

lemniscatus -a -um, ribboned.

lemniscus -i, m. a ribbon.

Lemnos (-us) -i, f. the island of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea; adj. Lemnius -a -um, Lemnian.

lemures -um, m. pl. ghosts, specters; Lemuria -orum, n. pl. a festival held in May to expel ghosts.

lena -ae, f. a procuress, bawd.

Lenaeus -a -um, Bacchic.

lenimen -inis, n. means of alleviation.

lenimentum -i, n. mitigation, alleviation.

lenio -ire, to make mild, mitigate, relieve.

lenis -e, smooth, mild, gentle; 'vinum', mellow; n. acc. as adv. lene, gently; adv. leniter, smoothly, gently, mildly.

lenitas -atis, f. gentleness, mildness, smoothness.

lenitudo -inis, f. gentleness, mildness, smoothness.

leno -onis, m. a procurer, go-between.

lenocinium -i, n. the trade of a procurer; enticement, allurement; of dress, finery; of style, 'purple patch'.

lenocinor -ari, dep. to work as a procurer; to make up to, to flatter; to advance, promote.

lens lentis, f. lentil.

lentesco -ere, to become soft, pliant, sticky; to weaken, slacken.

lentiscus -i, f. and lentiscum -i, n. the mastic-tree.

lentitudo -inis, f. slowness, sluggishness, apathy.

lento -are, to bend.

lentulus -a -um, somewhat slow.

Lentulus -i, m. the name of a family in the patrician gens Cornelia.

lentus -a -um, tough, resistant, inert; sticky, tenacious; supple, pliant; inactive, apathetic; slow, lingering; 'in dicendo', drawling. Adv. lente, slowly, calmly, coolly, deliberately.

lenunculus (1) -i, m. a little procurer.

lenunculus (2) -i, m. a small boat or skiff.

leo -onis, m. lion.

leoninus -a -um, of a lion, leonine.

Leontini -orum, m. a town on the east coast of Sicily.

lepas -adis, f. a limpet.

lepidus -a -um, pleasant, charming, elegant, witty; adv. lepide.

Lepidus -i, m. name of a family in the patrician gens Aemilia.

lepor and lepos -oris, m. pleasantness, charm, wit.

lepus -oris, m. hare.

lepusculus -i, m. a young hare.

Lesbos (-us) -i, f. an island in the Aegean Sea, birthplace of Alcaeus and Sappho.

letalis -e, deadly, mortal.

lethargicus -i, m. a drowsy, lethargic person.

lethargus -i, m. drowsiness, lethargy, coma.

Lethe -es, f. the river of forgetfulness in the underworld.

letifer -fera -ferum, deadly.

leto -are, to kill, slay.

letum -i, n. death; ruin, annihilation.

leucaspis -idis, f. having white shields.

levamen -inis, n. alleviation, mitigation, solace.

levamentum -i, n. alleviation, mitigation, solace.

levatio -onis, f. alleviation, mitigation; diminution.

leviculus -a -um, rather vain, light-headed.

levidensis -e, thin, slight, poor.

levis (1) -e, light; milit. light-armed; in movement, rapid, swift; in value, light, trifling, unimportant; in character, fickle, capri- cious, unstable. Adv. leviter, lightly, softly, slightly.

levis (2) -e, smooth, polished, slippery; beardless, bald.

levisomnus -a -um, lightly sleeping.

levitas (1) -atis, f. lightness; levity, fickleness, inconstancy; groundless- ness.

levitas (2) -atis, f. smoothness, polish.

levo (1) -are, to raise, lift up; to make light, relieve, ease; to diminish, weaken, impair.

levo (2) -are, to make smooth, polish.

levor -oris, m. smoothness.

lex legis, f. a set form of words, contract, covenant, agreement; 'leges pacis', conditions of peace; esp. a law, proposed by a magistrate as a bill, or passed and statutory; 'legem iubere', to accept or pass a bill; in gen., a precept, rule.

libamen -inis, n. a libation, offering to the gods; a sample, specimen.

libamentum -i, n. a libation, offering to the gods.

libatio -onis, f. a libation.

libella -ae, f. (1) a small coin, a tenth of a denarius; a farthing, mite. (2) a carpenter's level, plummet-line.

libellus -i, m. a little book, a notebook, diary; a memorial, petition; pro- gramme, placard; letter.

libens and lubens -entis, partic. from libet; q.v.

liber (1) -era -erum, free, independent, unrestrained; free from, exempt. Adv. libere, freely, without restraint, frankly, openly, boldly.

liber (2) -bri, m. the inner bark of a tree; from the use of this in writing, a book, volume, catalogue, letter.

Liber -eri, m. an Italian deity, identified with Bacchus.

liberalis -e, of freedom; worthy of a free man, gentlemanlike, courteous, generous; adv. liberaliter.

liberalitas -atis, f. courtesy, kindness, generosity.

liberatio -onis, f. setting free, release, acquittal.

liberator -oris, m. a liberator.

liberi -erorum and -erum, m. pl. children.

libero -are, to set free, liberate, release, exempt; of obstacles, to lift, raise.

liberta -ae, f.; see libertus.

libertas -atis, f. freedom, liberty, independence; freedom of speech, frank- ness, candor.

libertinus -a -um, of the class of freedmen; as subst. m. libertinus, a freedman, f. libertina, a freedwoman.

libertus -i, m. a freedman; liberta, ae, f. a freedwoman.

libet (lubet) -bere -buit or -bitum est, impers., it pleases, is agreeable, (with dat of person). Hence partic. libens (lubens) -entis, willing, with pleasure, pleased; 'me libente', with my good-will; adv. libenter, willingly, with plea- sure.

libidinosus -a -um, wilful, arbitrary, capricious; passionate, lustful. Adv. libidinose, wilfully, arbitrarily.

libido (lubido) -inis, f. violent desire, longing; esp. irrational whim, caprice, or immoderate passion, lust.

Libitina -ae, f. goddess of the dead.

libo -are, to take away from, remove, derive; to taste, touch, impair, diminish; to give a taste of, offer to the gods.

libra -ae, f. (1) a balance, pair of scales; 'aes et libra', a fictitious form of sale. (2) the Roman pound of 12 oz..

libramentum -i, n. (1) weight as a source of power or for balancing. (2) a horizontal plane.

libraria -ae, f. a female who weighed out wool to slaves.

librarius -a -um, of books; m. as subst., a transcriber of books, a copyist, or a bookseller; n. as subst., a bookcase.

librilis -e, of a pound weight.

libritor -oris, m. an artilleryman.

libro -are, to balance, hold up, poise; of weapons, to swing, level, brandish; hence, to hurl.

libum -i, n. a cake, offered to the gods.

Liburni -orum, m. the Liburnians, a people of Illyria; f. of adj. as subst. Liburna -ae, a light vessel, galley.

Libya -ae and Libye -es, f. Libya.

licens -centis and licenter, from licet; q.v.

licentia -ae, f. freedom, leave, liberty; licentiousness.

liceo -ere -ui -itum, to be on sale, be valued at.

liceor -eri, dep. to bid or bid for, offer a price.

licet licere licuit or licitum est, impers., it is allowed, one can or may; as conjunction, granted that, although. Hence pres. partic. licens -entis free, unrestrained, unbridled; adv. licenter; perf. partic. licitus -a -um, allowed, permitted.

Licinius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

licitatio -onis, f. bidding at a sale or auction.

licitus -a -um, partic. from licet; q.v.

licium -i, n.: in weaving, the thrum or perhaps a leash; in gen., a thread.

lictor -oris, m. a lictor, attending the chief Roman magistrates.

ligamen -inis, n. string, tie, bandage.

ligamentum -i, n. bandage.

Liger -geris, m. a river in Gaul (now the Loire).

lignarius -i, m. a carpenter.

lignatio -onis, f. wood-cutting.

lignator -oris, m. wood-cutter.

ligneolus -a -um, wooden.

ligneus -a -um, made of wood, wooden.

lignor -ari, dep. to cut or get wood.

lignum -i, n. wood, timber; esp. firewood.

ligo (1) -are, to bind, bandage, harness; to bind together, connect, unite.

ligo (2) -onis, m. a mattock.

ligula (lingula) -ae, f. a tongue of land, promontory; a shoe-strap.

Ligures -um, m. pl. the Ligurians, a people on the northwest coast of Italy.

ligurio (ligurrio) -ire, to lick, lick up; to gloat over; long for.

liguritio (ligurr-) -onis, f. daintiness.

ligustrum -i, n. privet.

lilium -i, n. a lily; milit., a fortification consisting of pits and stakes.

Lilybaeon (-baeum) -i, n. a promontory and town at the western end of Sicily.

lima -ae, f. a file; polishing, revision of a composition.

limatulus -a -um, rather polished, refined.

limbus -i, m. a border, hem, fringe.

limen -inis, n. threshold, doorway, entrance; home, house, dwelling; any entrance or border or beginning; esp. the starting-point in a race- course.

limes -itis, m. a by-way, path; a course, track; esp. a boundary-path, a boundary-line; a distinction, difference.

limo -are, to file, polish, finish off; to investigate accurately; to file down, pare down, to diminish. Partic. limatus -a -um, refined, elegant; compar. adv. limatius.

limosus -a -um, slimy, miry, muddy.

limpidus -a -um, clear, liquid.

limus (1) -i, m. slime, mud, mire.

limus (2) -a -um, of the eyes, sidelong, looking sideways.

limus (3) -i, m. a priest's apron.

linea -ae, f. a linen thread, string; a fishing-line, plumb-line; 'ad lineam', perpendicularly. Transf., a geometrical line; a boundary- line, goal.

lineamentum -i, n. a line drawn with pen or pencil; plur., drawing, sketch, outline; in gen., a feature, lineament.

lineo -are, to make straight.

lineus -a -um, made of flax or linen.

lingo lingere linxi linctum, to lick.

lingua -ae, f. a tongue; speech, language; a tongue of land, promontory.

lingulaca -ae, f. a chatterbox.

liniger -gera -gerum, clothed in linen.

lino linere livi and levi litum, to smear one thing upon another; or to besmear one thing with another; to rub out writing; to befoul, dir- ty.

linquo linquere liqui, to leave, abandon, forsake; pass., linqui, to faint.

linteatus -a -um, clothed in linen.

linteo -onis, m. a linen-weaver.

linter -tris, f. a boat, skiff; a trough, tub, vat.

linteus -a -um, of linen; n. as subst. linen cloth, linen, esp. a sail.

linum -i, n. flax, linen; a thread, line; a rope, cable.

lippio -ire, to have sore eyes, be bleary-eyed.

lippitudo -inis, f. inflammation of the eyes.

lippus -a -um, bleary-eyed; half-blind.

liquefacio -facere -feci -factum, pass. liquefio -fieri -factus sum, to melt, dissolve; to decompose; to make weak, enervate.

liquesco -ere -licui, to become fluid, melt, melt away; to putrefy; to become effeminate.

liquidus -a -um. (1) fluid, flowing, liquid; n. as subst. a liquid. (2) clear, bright, serene, calm, pure, evident, certain; n. as subst. certainty; abl. sing. liquido and adv. liquide, clearly, plainly.

liquo -are, to make liquid, melt; to strain, clarify.

liquor (1) -i, dep. to be fluid, flow, melt; to melt away; partic. liquens -entis, flowing.

liquor (2) -oris, m. fluidity; a liquid, fluid.

lis litis, f. a legal controversy, action, suit; in gen., contention, strife, quarrel.

litatio -onis, f. successful sacrifice.

litigator -oris, m. a party in a law-suit, litigant.

litigiosus -a -um, of persons, fond of dispute, litigious; of things, full of dispute, contested at law.

litigo -are, to go to law; in gen., to quarrel, dispute.

lito -are: intransit. to bring an acceptable offering; and so to obtain favorable omens; transit. to sacrifice successfully.

litoralis -e, of the shore.

litoreus -a -um, of the shore.

littera (litera) -ae, f. a letter of the alphabet; a letter, dispatch, epistle; plur., written records, documents, deeds; literature, let- ters, scholarship.

litterarius -a -um, of reading and writing.

litterator -oris, m. a philologist, grammarian, critic.

litteratura -ae, f. the alphabet, grammar.

litteratus -a -um, lettered, inscribed with letters; learned, liberally educated. Adv. litterate, in clear letters, legibly; literally, word for word; learnedly.

litterula -ae, f. a letter of the alphabet written small; plur., a little letter, a note, a smattering of literature.

littus, etc.; see litus, etc.

litura -ae, f. an erasure, correction; a passage erased; a blot.

litus -oris, n. sea-shore, beach, strand, coast; the shore of a lake or river.

lituus -i, m. an augur's curved staff; a curved cavalry trumpet, clarion.

liveo -ere, to be bluish in color; to be envious, envy; partic. livens -entis, bluish, livid; envious

livesco -ere, to become bluish.

lividulus -a -um, rather envious.

lividus -a -um, bluish, livid, black and blue; envious, spiteful.

Livius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

livor -oris, m. bluish color, a livid spot; envy, spite.

lixa -ae, m. a sutler, camp-follower.

locatio -onis, f. placing; hence a leasing, contract, lease.

locatorius -a -um, concerned with leases.

loco -are, to place, put, set; esp. to give in marriage; commerc., to let out on hire, farm out, lease, invest; to contract for work to be done. N. of partic. as subst. locatum -i, a lease, contract.

loculus -i, m. a little place; plur., loculi, a money-box, a school satchel.

locuples -pletis, with landed property, wealthy, rich; also trusty, sufficient, satisfactory.

locupleto -are, to enrich.

locus -i, m. (plur., loci, single places; loca, region), a place; milit., position, ground, post; in time, a period, or moment; po- sition, situation, rank; occasion, cause; passage in a book.

locusta -ae, f. a locust; a kind of lobster.

Locusta -ae, f. a notorious poisoner, accomplice of Nero.

locutio -onis, f. speech; pronunciation.

lodix -dicis, f. blanket, rug.

logicus -a -um, logical; n. pl. as subst. logic.

logos (-us) -i, m. a word; a joke, jest, bon mot.

lolium -i, n. darnel.

lolligo -iginis, f. cuttle-fish.

lomentum -i, n. face-cream.

Londinium -i, n. London.

longaevus -a -um, aged, old.

longinquitas -atis, f. length, distance; of time, duration.

longinquus -a -um, long, distant, far, remote, foreign; of time, long, distant.

longitudo -inis, f. length.

longulus -a -um, rather long; adv. longule, rather far, at a little distance.

longurius -i, m. a pole, rod, rail.

longus -a -um, long; 'navis', a man-of-war; poet., spacious; of time, long, of long duration; esp. too long, tedious; of persons, prolix, tedious. Adv. longe, a long way off, far, at a distance; by far; in time, long, at length; adv. longiter, far.

loquacitas -atis, f. talkativeness.

loquaculus -a -um, rather talkative.

loquax -quacis, talkative, garrulous; babbling, noisy; adv. loquaciter.

loquella (loquela) -ae, f. speech, language.

loquor loqui locutus, dep. to speak (in conversation); to tell, say, talk of.

loratus -a -um, bound with thongs.

lorica -ae, f. cuirass, corselet, breastplate; breastwork, parapet.

loricatus -a -um, wearing a cuirass.

loripes -pedis, bandy-legged.

lorum -i, n. a strap or thong of leather; plur., reins, bridle; scourge, whip.

lotos (-us) -i, f. the name of several plants; esp. of an African tree and its fruit.

lotus (1) -a -um, partic. from lavo; q.v.

lotus (2) -i, f. = lotos; q.v.

lubet, lubido, etc. = libet, libido, etc.; q.v.

lubrico -are, to make slippery.

lubricus -a -um, slippery, smooth; quickly moving, uncertain, insecure, perilous, deceitful.

Lucani -orum, m. pl. a people in southern Italy.

Lucanus -i, m., M. Annaeus author of the poem Pharsalia.

lucar -aris, n. a forest-tax, used for paying actors.

lucellum -i, n. little profit, small gain.

luceo lucere luxi, to be bright, shine, glitter; to be clear, evident; impers., lucet, it is light, it is day.

Luceres -um, m. one of the three patrician tribes.

lucerna -ae, f. lamp.

lucesco (lucisco) lucescere luxi, to begin to shine; impers., lucescit, it grows light, day is breaking.

lucidus -a -um, shining, bright; clear, lucid; adv. lucide.

lucifer -fera -ferum, light-bearing, light-bringing; m. as subst. the morning star.

lucifugus -a -um, shunning the light.

Lucilius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

Lucina -ae, f. the goddess of births.

Lucius -i, m. Roman praenomen (abbreviated to L.).

Lucretius -a -um, name of a Roman gens.

lucrifacio -facere, to gain, receive as profit.

Lucrinus -i, m. a lake on the coast of Campania, near Baiae, famous for oysters.

lucror -ari, dep. to gain, profit, win.

lucrosus -a -um, gainful, profitable.

lucrum -i, n. gain, profit advantage; love of gain, avarice.

luctamen -inis, n. effort, toil.

luctatio -onis, f. wrestling; a struggle, contest.

luctificus -a -um, causing grief, baleful.

luctisonus -a -um, sad-sounding.

luctor -ari, dep. (and lucto -are), to wrestle, struggle, strive, contend.

luctuosus -a -um. (1) causing sorrow, doleful. (2) feeling or showing sorrow, mourning. Compar. adv. luctuosius.

luctus -us, m. sorrow expressed, lamentation, mourning; mourning clothes.

lucubratio -onis, f. work done by night or lamp-light, nocturnal study.

lucubro -are, to work by night; in perf. partic. lucubratus -a -um, done at night or spent in work.

luculentus -a -um, shining, bright, brilliant, splendid; adv. luculente and luculenter, splendidly.

Lucullus -i, m. name of a family in the gens Licinia.

Lucumo (Lucomo, Lucmo) -onis, m. title given to Etruscan princes and priests.

lucus -i, m. a (sacred) grove or wood.

ludia -ae, f. an actress or female gladiator.

ludibrium -i, n. derision, mockery; an object of derision, laughing-stock, plaything.

ludibundus -a -um, playful, sportive.

ludicer -cra -crum, sportive, done for sport; esp. of the stage. N. as subst. ludicrum -i, a trifle, plaything; a theatrical performance.

ludificatio -onis, f. deriding, deceiving.

ludifico -are and ludificor -ari, dep. to make game of, deride, delude, cheat, frustrate.

ludio -onis, m. an actor.

ludius -i, m. an actor.

ludo ludere lusi lusum, to play, sport; to play at or with; to imitate, banter; deceive, delude.

ludus -i, m. play, game, sport, pastime; plur., ludi, public games or spectacles. Transf., a trifle, jest, joke; 'ludum dare', to give free play to; a training establishment, school.

luella -ae, f. expiation.

lues -is, f. plague, pestilence, calamity.

Lugdunum -i, n. a city in Gaul (now Lyons). Adj. Lugdunensis -e.

lugeo lugere luxi: intransit. to mourn, be in mourning; transit. to bewail, lament, wear mourning for.

lugubris -e, of mourning, mournful; plaintive, grievous. N. pl. as subst., mourning clothes.

lumbus -i, m. loin.

lumen -inis, n. light; a light, lamp; the light of day, day; the light of life; the light of the eye, the eye; an opening, a light in a building; fig., clearness, insight; a shining light, glory, ornament.

luminare -aris, n. a window-shutter, window.

luminosus -a -um, bright.

luna -ae, f. the moon; night, a month; a crescent-shaped ornament.

lunaris -e, of the moon, lunar.

luno -are, to bend into a crescent; perf. partic. lunatus -a -um, crescent-shaped.

luo luere lui luiturus, to loose; to expiate, atone for, make good; 'luere poenam', to pay a penalty; of trouble, to avert.

lupa -ae, f. a she-wolf; a prostitute.

lupatus -a -um, provided with iron spikes; m. or n. pl. as subst., a curb with jagged spikes.

Lupercus -i, m. an Italian pastoral deity, or one of his priests; subst. Lupercal -calis, n. a grotto, sacred to Lupercus; Lupercalia -ium and -iorum, n. pl., the festival of Lupercus, celebrated in February.

lupinus (1) -a -um, of a wolf, wolfish.

lupinus (2) -i, m. and lupinum -i, n. the lupin.

lupus -i, m. a wolf; a voracious fish, the pike; a horse's bit with jagged points; a hook.

luridus -a -um, pale yellow, lurid, ghastly.

luror -oris, m. ghastliness, paleness.

luscinia -ae, f. nightingale.

lusciosus -a -um, purblind, dim-sighted.

luscitiosus -a -um, purblind, dim-sighted.

luscus -a -um, one-eyed.

lusio -onis, f. play, game.

Lusitania -ae, f. the modern Portugal, with part of Spain.

lusor -oris, m. a player; a playful writer; a mocker.

lustralis -e, relating to expiation or to a period of five years.

lustratio -onis, f. purification by sacrifice; a going round, traversing.

lustro (1) -are, to brighten, illumine.

lustro (2) -are, to purify, cleanse by sacrifices; to go round, go over, traverse; to review, observe, examine.

lustrum (1) -i, n., usually pl., the den of a wild beast, woodlands; brothels, debauchery.

lustrum (2) -i, n. an expiatory sacrifice; a period of five years.

lusus -us, m. playing, game, sport; dalliance.

luteolus -a -um, yellow.

Lutetia -ae, f. a town in Gallia (now Paris).

luteus (1) -a -um, saffron-colored.

luteus (2) -a -um, of mud or clay; dirty.

luto -are, to smear with mud.

lutulentus -a -um, muddy, dirty, filthy, impure.

lutum (1) -i, n. a plant used for dyeing yellow; yellow color.

lutum (2) -i, n. mud, mire, dirt; clay.

lux lucis, f. light; esp. daylight, day; a day; the light of life or of day; the eye, eyesight; illustration, elucidation; hope, encouragement; ornament.

luxuria -ae, f. rankness, exuberant growth; excess, dissipation, extravagance.

luxuries -ei, f. rankness, exuberant growth; excess, dissipation, extravagance.

luxurio -are and luxurior -ari, dep. to be luxuriant, rank, grow fast; to frisk, sport, run riot.

luxuriosus -a -um, luxuriant, rank; immoderate, excessive; luxurious, dissolute, extravagant. Adv. luxuriose, luxuriously.

luxus -us, m. luxury, excess, extravagance.

Lyaeus -i, m. a surname of Bacchus; wine.

lychnuchus -i, m. lamp-stand, candelabrum.

lychnus -i, m. lamp.

Lycia -ae, f. a country of Asia Minor.

Lydia -ae, f. a country of Asia Minor; adj. Lydius and Lydus -a -um, Lydian. 1

lympha -ae, f. water, esp. clear spring or river water.

lymphaticus -a -um, raving, mad, frantic.

lymphatus -a -um, raving, mad, frantic.

lynx -cis, c. lynx.

lyra -ae, f. the lyre or lute, a stringed instrument; lyric poetry, song.

lyricus -a -um, of the lyre, lyric.