Glossary of Latin Terms E


e, prep. with abl. = ex; q.v.

ea, adv. = abl. of is; q.v.

eadem, < way, same the>.

eatenus, adv. <>.

ebenus -i, m. = hebenus; q.v.

ebibo -bibere -bibi, to drink up.

eblandior -iri, dep. to obtain by flattery.

ebrietas -atis, f. drunkenness.

ebriolus -a -um, tipsy.

ebriositas -atis, f. love of drink, drunkenness.

ebriosus -a -um, drink-loving.

ebrius -a -um, drunk, intoxicated.

ebullio -ire, to boil up; to boast of.

ebulum -i, n. (or -us -i, m.), the dwarf elder.

ebur -oris, n. ivory. Transf. (1) things made of ivory. (2) the elephant.

eburneolus -a -um, made of ivory.

eburneus -a -um, made of ivory, white as ivory.

eburnus -a -um, made of ivory, white as ivory.

ecastor; see Castor.

ecce, behold! lo! see!.

eccere, there you are!.

ecclesia -ae, f. an assembly of the (Greek) people.

ecdicus -i, m. a solicitor for a community.

Ecetra -ae, f. capital of the Volsci.

ecf-; see eff-.

echeneis -idis, f. a sucking fish, the remora.

echinus -i, m. (1) an edible sea-urchin. (2) a copper dish.

echo -us, f. an echo; personif., Echo, a wood-nymph.

eclogarii -orum, m. pl. select passages or extracts.

ecquando, adv. ever? at any time?.

ecqui, ecquae or ecqua, ecquod, interrog. adj., is there any...that? does any...?.

ecquis, ecquid, interrog. pron., is there any that? does anyone?. Hence ecquid or ecqui, at all? or whether?; ecquo, whither?.

eculeus -i, m. a little horse, colt; a rack, instrument of torture.

edacitas -atis, f. greediness, gluttony.

edax -acis, f. greedy, gluttonous; destructive, consuming.

edepol; see Pollux.

edico -dicere -dixi -dictum, to announce, declare; esp. of a magistrate, to decree, ordain by proclamation. Hence partic. as subst. edictum -i, a decree, edict.

edictio -onis, f. an edict.

edicto -are, to proclaim.

edisco -discere -didici, to learn thoroughly.

edissero -serere -serui -sertum, to explain, set forth, relate fully.

edisserto -are, to explain exactly.

editicius -a -um, announced, proposed; 'iudices', jurors chosen by a plaintiff.

editio -onis, f. the publishing of a book; a statement; 'editio tribuum', a proposal by a plaintiff for the choice of a jury.

edo (1) edere or esse edi esum, to eat, devour, consume, waste.

edo (2) -dere -didi -ditum, to put forth, give out;'animam', to breathe one's last, die; 'clamorem', to utter. Esp. (1) to bring into the world, to bring forth, give birth to; of things, to produce. (2) to make known: of writings, to publish; of ideas and information, to divulge, spread; officially, to proclaim; as legal t.t., to fix, de- termine, nominate. (3) to bring about, cause, produce; of magistrates, to provide games for the people. Hence partic. editus -a -um, raised, high, lofty; n. as subst. a high place, eminence.

edoceo -docere -docui -doctum, to instruct thoroughly, inform fully.

edomo -domare -domui -domitum, to tame thoroughly, entirely subdue.

Edoni -orum, a Thracian people, famed for the worship of Bacchus; adj. Edonus -a -um, and Edonis -nidis, f. Thracian. 1

edormio -ire, to have one's sleep out; transit., to sleep off.

edormisco -ere, to sleep off.

educatio -onis, f. bringing up, training, education.

educator -oris, m. one who brings up; a foster-father or tutor.

educatrix -icis, f. a foster-mother, nurse.

educo (1) -ducere -duxi -ductum. (1) to draw out, lead out; of time, to spend; milit., to march troops out; legal, to bring before a court of law; naut., to take a ship out of port. (2) to raise up (of per- sons and buildings); 'in astra', to praise sky-high. (3) to bring up, rear.

educo (2) -are, to bring up, raise, rear, educate.

edulis -e, eatable.

eduro -are, to last, endure.

edurus -a -um, very hard.

effarcio; = effercio; q.v.

effatum -i, n. from partic. of effor; q.v.

effectio -onis, f. practicing. Transf., an efficient cause.

effector -oris, m. one who produces, causes, originates.

effectrix -icis, f. she that causes or produces.

effectus (1) -a -um, partic. of efficio; q.v.

effectus (2) -us, m. doing, execution, performance; effect, result.

effemino -are, to make into a woman; in character, to make effeminate. Hence partic. effeminatus -a -um, effeminate, womanish; adv. effeminate.

effercio or effarcio -fercire -fertum, to stuff full; partic. effertus, stuffed.

efferitas -atis, f. wildness, savagery.

effero (1) -are, to make wild, make savage; partic. efferatus -a -um, wild, savage.

effero (2) (ecfero) efferre extuli elatum, (1) to carry out, bring out; 'efferre signa', to march out. Esp. to carry to the grave, bury; pass. efferri, to be borne out, buried; of the earth, to bring forth, bear; to utter, express, publish words or ideas. (2) to carry off or away; pass. efferri, to be carried away by feelings. (3) to raise up, lift up; to praise, extol; 'efferri' or 'se efferre', to pride oneself, be puffed up. (3) to endure to the end. Hence partic. elatus -a -um, elevated, exalted; adv. elate, loftily.

effertus -a -um, partic. from effercio; q.v.

efferus -a -um, savage, wild.

effervesco -fervescere -fervi, to boil up, effervesce; of an orator, to be passionate.

effervo -ere, to boil up or over; to swarm forth.

effetus -a -um, weakened (by giving birth), effete.

efficacitas -atis, f. efficacy.

efficax -acis, effective, efficient, efficacious; adv. efficaciter.

efficiens -entis, partic. from efficio; q.v.

efficientia -ae, f. efficiency.

efficio -ficere -feci -fectum, to do, produce, effect, make; of results, to bring about, cause (esp. with ut and the subj.); of numbers, to make up, amount to; philosoph. to prove, show; of appointments and changes, to make. Hence partic. efficiens -entis, effective; 'causa', efficient cause; adv. efficienter, efficiently, powerfully.

effigia -ae, f. an image, likeness, effigy; a shade, ghost; an ideal.

effigies -ei, f. an image, likeness, effigy; a shade, ghost; an ideal.

effingo -fingere -finxi -fictum. (1) to wipe. (2) to mold, form, fashion; esp. to form one thing like another, and so to copy, represent, express in words, conceive in thoughts.

effio (ecf-) -fieri, old pass. of efficio; q.v.

efflagitatio -onis, f. an urgent demand.

efflagitatu, abl. sing. m., at an urgent request.

efflagito -are, to ask earnestly, demand, entreat.

effligo -ere -flixi -flictum, to destroy.

efflo -are, to blow out, breathe out; 'animam', to die.

effloresco -florescere -florui, to blossom, break into bloom.

effluo (ecfluo) -fluere -fluxi, to flow out. Transf. (1) to vanish, drop off.(2) to pass out of mind, be forgotten. (3) to come to light, be- come known.

effluvium -i, n. flowing out, outlet.

effodio -fodere -fodi -fossum. (1) to dig out, gouge out. (2) to make by digging, excavate. (3) to gut, to rummage.

effor (ecfor) -fari -fatus, dep. to speak out, express, speak; in logic, to state a proposition; in religion, formally to dedicate a place. Hence partic. effatus -a -um, pronounced; dedicated.

effrenatio -onis, f. unbridled impetuosity.

effreno -are, to unbridle, let loose; partic. effrenatus -a -um, unbri- dled, unrestrained, violent; adv. effrenate.

effrenus -a -um, unbridled, unrestrained.

effringo -fringere -fregi -fractum, to break open.

effugio -fugere -fugi -fugitum: intransit., to flee, fly away, escape, get off; transit., to escape from, avoid, shun.

effugium -i, n. a flying away, flight; means or opportunity of flight.

effulgeo -fulgere -fulsi, to shine out, glitter; to be distinguished, conspicuous.

effultus -a -um, resting upon, supported by.

effundo (ecf-) -fundere -fudi -fusum, to pour out, pour forth, shed; of solids, to fling out, empty out; with violence, to throw off, fling down; esp. of horses, to throw their riders; of weapons, to dis- charge; 'spiritum extremum', to die; 'se effundere', and 'effundi', to stream forth, pour forth, also to give oneself up to, to indulge in; of sounds, to utter; with ideas of generosity, waste, etc., to pour out freely, squander; 'habenas', to slacken. Hence partic. effusus -a -um, poured out; hence widespread, exten- sive; extravagant, wasteful; unrestrained; adv. effuse.

effusio -onis, f. a pouring forth; violent movement; extravagance, prodi- gality; exuberance of spirits.

effusus, partic. from effundo; q.v.

effutio -ire, to blab out, chatter.

egelidus -a -um, with the chill off, lukewarm, tepid.

egens -entis, partic. from egeo; q.v.

egenus -a -um, needy, destitute; with genit. or abl., in need of.

egeo -ere -ui, to want, be in need; with genit. or abl. to be in want of, to be without, not to have; also to desire, wish for, want. Hence partic. egens -entis, needy, destitute; with genit., in need of.

Egeria -ae, f. a nymph, instructress of Numa Pompilius. 1

egero -gerere -gessi -gestum, to carry out or off.

egestas -atis, f. poverty, indigence, need; with genit., want of.

egestio -onis, f. wasting.

ego, I; plur. nos, we (often used for sing.); 'alter ego', my second self; 'ad me', to my house; 'apud me', at my house, also in my senses.

egredior -gredi -gressus, dep.: intransit., to go out, pass out; milit., to march out; naut.,'egredi ex navi', to disembark;in speech, to digress; sometimes to go up, ascend; transit., to go out of, pass beyond, overstep, pass.

egregius -a -um, not of the common herd; excellent, extraordinary, distin- guished; adv. egregie.

egressus -us, m. going out, departure; esp. landing from a ship, disem- barkation. Transf., a passage out; the mouth of a river; in speech, digression.

ehem, oho! well well!.

eheu, alas! woe!.

eho, hi! what's going on!.

ei (hei), ah! woe!.

eia and heia: expressing joy or surprise, well!; in exhortation, come on.

eiaculor -ari, dep. to throw out, hurl out.

eicio -icere -ieci iectum, to throw out, cast out; 'vocem', to utter; 'armum', to dislocate; 'se eicere', to rush out; naut., to bring to shore; pass., to be cast ashore, stranded; 'eiectus', a ship- wrecked person. Transf. to drive out, expel, dispossess;'domo', to divorce; 'ex patria', to banish; of feelings, to cast out, put aside.

eiectamentum -i, n. that which is thrown up.

eiectio -onis, f. banishment, exile.

eiecto -are, to hurl out, eject.

eiectus -us, m. casting out.

eiulatio -onis, f. wailing, lamentation.

eiulatus -us, m. wailing, lamentation.

eiulo -are, to wail, lament.

eiuro and eiero -are, to refuse or deny on oath; 'bonam copiam', to swear that one is insolvent; 'forum sibi iniquum', to declare that a court is partial; 'magistratum', 'imperium', to resign, abdicate; in gen., to give up, disown.

eiusdemmodi, of the same kind.

eiusmodi, of this kind, such, so.

elabor -labi -lapsus, dep. to glide out, slip away, escape, disappear.

elaboro -are; intransit., to labor hard, strive, take pains; transit., to labor on, work out, elaborate, esp. in partic. elaboratus -a -um, elabor- ate, artificial.

elamentabilis -e, very lamentable.

elanguesco -guescere -gui, to become weak, be relaxed.

elatio -onis, f. a lifting up; fig., exaltation.

elatro -are, to bark out, cry out.

elatus -a -um, partic. from effero; q.v.

Elea or Velia -ae, f. town in Lucania, birthplace of Parmenides and Zeno, the founders of the Eleatic school of philosophy; subst. Eleates -ae, m. Zeno; adj. Eleaticus -a -um, Eleatic.

electio -onis, f. choice, selection.

electrum -i, n. amber; plur. amber balls; an alloy of gold and silver, resembling amber.

electus (1) -a -um, partic. from eligo; q.v.

electus (2) -us, m. choosing, choice.

elegans -antis, choice, fine, neat, tasteful; in bad sense, fastidious, fussy; adv. eleganter.

elegantia -ae, f. taste, refinement, grace; in bad sense, fastidious- ness.

elegi -orum, m. pl. elegiac verses.

elegia and elegea -ae, f. an elegy.

elementum -i, n. an element, first principle; in plur., physical elements; letters of the alphabet, beginnings, the elements of any science or art.

elenchus -i, m. a pearl pendant worn as an earring.

elephantus -i, c. an elephant; ivory.

elephas (-ans) -phantis, m. an elephant; the disease elephantiasis.

elevo -are, to lift up, raise, elevate; to weaken, impair, disparage; to alleviate, lighten.

elicio -licere -licui -licitum, to lure out, entice, call forth; 'inferorum animas', to conjure up.

elido -lidere -lisi -lisum. (1) to strike, knock, thrust out, expel.

(2) to dash to pieces, shatter.

eligo -ligere -legi -lectum, to pick out, choose, select; fig., to root out. Hence partic. electus -a -um, chosen, select;adv. electe, choicely.

elimino -are, to carry out of doors; 'dicta', to blab.

elimo -are, to file off, polish, elaborate, perfect.

elinguis -e, speechless or without eloquence.

Elissa (Elisa) -ae, f. another name of Dido.

elixus -a -um, boiled, sodden.

elleborus (hell-) -i, m. and elleborum (hell-) -i, n. hellebore, a plant considered a remedy for madness.

eloco -are, to let, hire out.

elocutio -onis, f. oratorical delivery, elocution.

elogium -i, n. a short saying, maxim; an inscription; esp. on a gravestone, epitaph; a clause in a will, codicil; a record of a case.

eloquentia -ae, f. eloquence.

eloquium -i, n. eloquence.

eloquor -loqui -locutus, dep. to speak out, express; esp. to speak eloquently; partic. eloquens -entis, eloquent; adv. eloquenter.

eluceo -lucere -luxi, to beam forth, shine out, glitter.

eluctor -ari, dep: intransit., to struggle out; transit., to struggle out of, surmount a difficulty.

elucubro -are, and elucubror -ari, dep. to compose by lamplight.

eludo -ludere -lusi -lusum: intransit., to finish playing, esp. of the waves of the sea; transit., to parry a blow; to ward off, evade; to beat on opponent in play; to delude, mock.

elugeo -lugere -luxi, to mourn for the prescribed period.

elumbis -e, weak, feeble.

eluo -luere -lui -lutum, to wash out, wash clean, rinse, cleanse. Transf., to squander; to wash away, efface, remove. Hence partic. elutus -a -um, washed out, watery, insipid.

eluvies -ei, f. a flowing out, discharge; a flowing over, flood.

eluvio -onis, f. an inundation.

Elysium -i, n. Elysium, the abode of the blessed; adj. Elysius -a -um; m. plur. as subst. the Elysian fields. 1

em (1), interj.; = hem; q.v.

em (2), interj. here! hi!;

emacitas -atis, f. fondness for buying.

emancipatio -onis, f. emancipation or transfer.

emancipo (-cupo) -are, to release or emancipate a son from the 'patria potestas'; to transfer or make over property; to give up persons.

emano -are, to flow out; to arise, spring, emanate, spread abroad.

Emathia -ae, f. a district of Macedonia; adj. Emathius -a -um, and f. Emathis -idis, Macedonian; Emathides, the Muses. 1

ematuresco -turescere -turui, to become mature, to ripen; to become mild, be softened.

emax -acis, fond of buying.

emblema -atis, n. inlaid or mosaic work.

embolium -i, n. a dramatic interlude.

emendabilis -e, that may be amended.

emendatio -onis, f. improvement, emendation, amendment.

emendator -oris, m. amender, corrector.

emendatrix -icis, f. amender, corrector.

emendo -are, to free from errors, correct, improve; partic. emendatus -a -um, free from mistakes, correct, faultless; adv. emendate.

ementior -iri, dep. to devise falsely, feign, counterfeit; absol., to make false statements.

emercor -ari, dep. to buy up.

emereo -ere -ui -itum and emereor -eri -itus, obtain by service, earn completely; to deserve well of a person; milit., to earn pay, to serve, finish one's time. Hence partic. emeritus -a -um: m. as subst., a soldier that has served his time, a veteran; as adj., worn out, finished with.

emergo -mergere -mersi -mersum: transit., to cause to rise up; 'emergere se' or 'emergi', to rise up, emerge, free oneself; intransit., to come forth, come up, emerge, free oneself, get clear; also to rise, come to the top; to come to light, appear.

emeritus -a -um, partic. from emereo; q.v.

emetior -iri -mensus, dep. to measure out. Transf., to pass over, traverse a distance; partic. emensus -a -um, in pass. sense, tra- versed; to pass through, live through a period of time.

emeto -ere, to reap away.

emico -micare -micui -micatum. (1) to spring out, leap forth. (2) to gleam, shine forth, be conspicuous.

emigro -are, to move from a place, migrate; 'e vita', to die.

eminentia -ae, f. standing out, prominence; the lights of a picture.

emineo -minere -minui, to project, stand out, be conspicuous, be remark- able. Hence partic. eminens -entis, outstanding, projecting; distinguished, eminent.

eminor -ari, to threaten.

eminus, at a distance, from a distance.

emiror -ari, dep. to wonder exceedingly, be astonished at.

emissarium -i, n. an outlet for water.

emissarius -i, m. an emissary, spy.

emissio -onis, f. sending forth, letting loose.

emissus -us, m. sending forth.

emitto -mittere -misi -missum, to send forth, send out. Hence (1) to dispatch, send on a chosen course; of books, to publish. (2) to let go, let loose, free, let slip.

emo emere emi emptum, to buy, purchase; 'male' or 'magno', dear; 'bene' or 'parvo', cheap. Transf., to bribe, buy.

emoderor -ari, dep. to moderate.

emodulor -ari, dep. to put to music.

emolior -iri, dep. to achieve by effort.

emollio -ire -ivi -itum, to soften, make mild or effeminate.

emolo -ere, to grind away.

emolumentum -i, n. result of effort; gain, advantage.

emoneo -ere, to warn, admonish.

emorior -mori -mortuus, dep. to die off, perish.

emoveo -movere -movi -motum, to move out or away, remove.

Empedocles -is, m. a poet and philosopher of Agrigentum, of the fifth century B.C.; adj. Empedocleus -a -um; n. pl. as subst. the doctrine of Empedo- cles.

empiricus -i, m. an unscientific physician, empiric.

emporium -i, n. a place of trade, market.

emptio -onis, f. buying, purchasing; a purchase.

emptito -are, to buy up.

emptor -oris, m. buyer, purchaser.

emugio -ire, to bellow.

emulgeo -mulgere -mulsum, to drain out, exhaust.

emungo -mungere -munxi -munctum, to clean a nose; with reflex. or in pass., to wipe one's nose. Transf., to cheat a person. Hence partic. emunctus -a -um: 'emunctae naris', with a clean nose, i.e. shrewd, discerning.

emunio -ire, to fortify, make safe; to build up; 'paludes', to clear up.

en (sometimes em) lo! behold! see!. Interrog., look, say; with imperat. come.

enarrabilis -e, that can be narrated or told.

enarratio -onis, f. exposition; scansion.

enarro -are, to narrate or explain.

enascor -nasci -natus, dep. to grow out, spring forth, arise.

enato -are, to swim away, escape by swimming, to extricate oneself.

enavigo -are, to sail away; 'undam', over the waves.

endo; archaic = in. q.v.

endromis -idis, f. a rough cloak worn after exercise.

Endymion -onis, m. a beautiful young man, loved by the Moon.

eneco (enico) -necare -necui -nectum, to kill off; to wear out, exhaust, torture.

enervis -e, powerless, weak.

enervo -are, to remove the sinews from; to weaken. Hence partic. enervatus -a -um, weakened, powerless.

enico; = eneco; q.v.

enim, conj. for; namely, for instance; indeed, truly, certainly; 'at enim', but you may object.....; 'sed enim', but indeed.

enimvero, to be sure, certainly.

eniteo -ere -ui, to shine out, shine forth, be conspicuous.

enitesco -ere, to gleam, shine forth.

enitor -niti -nisus or -nixus, dep. to work one's way up, struggle up, ascend; with acc. to climb; in gen. to strive, struggle, make an effort; also transit., to bring forth, bear. Hence partic. enixus -a -um, strenuous, eager; adv. enixe.

Enna; see Henna.

Ennius -i, m. Q. (239-169 B.C) the 'father of Roman poetry'.

eno -are, to swim out, escape by swimming, flee.

enodatio -onis, f. untying; hence explanation.

enodis -e, without knots; clear, plain.

enodo -are, to free from knots; to make clear, explain; adv. from partic., enodate, clearly, plainly.

enormis -e, irregular, unusual; very large, immense, enormous.

enormitas -atis, irregular shape.

enotesco -notescere -notui, to become known, be made public.

ensifer -fera -ferum, sword-bearing.

ensiger -gera -gerum, sword-bearing.

ensis -is, m. sword.

enthymema -atis, n. a thought, line of thought, argument; esp. a kind of syllogism. 2

enubo -nubere -nupsi -nuptum, of a woman, to marry out of her rank.

enucleo -are, to take out the kernel;hence to explain in detail;partic. enucleatus -a -um, straightforward, simple, clear; adv. enucleate.

enumeratio -onis, f. counting up, enumeration; recapitulation.

enumero -are, to reckon, count up, enumerate; esp. to pay out; also to recount, recapitulate.

enuntiatio -onis, f. an enunciation, proposition.

enuntio -are, to tell, divulge, announce, express in words; in logic, to state a proposition; also to pronounce clearly. N. of partic. as subst. enuntiatum -i, a proposition.

enuptio -onis, f: 'gentis', a woman's marrying out of her gens.

enutrio -ire, to nourish, rear, bring up.

eo (1) ire ivi and ii itum, to go; 'cubitum ire', to go to bed; milit., 'ire ad arma', to fly to arms; polit. '(pedibus) ire in sententiam', to support a motion. Transf., to pass, proceed; in exclamations, 'i', go to;'melius ire', to go better; 'ire in', with be changed to.

eo (2). (1) old dat., thither, to that point; of degree, so far, to such a pitch. (2) locative, there; esp. with 'loci' ( partitive genit. ).(3) abl., for that, on that account.

eodem. (1) old dat., to the same place; to the same point or person. (2) locative, in the same place; in the same condition.

Eos, f. dawn;adj. Eous -a -um, belonging to the morning, or eastern. 1

epastus -a -um, eaten up.

ephebus -i, m. a young man between eighteen and twenty.

ephemeris -idis, f. a journal, diary.

ephippiatus -a -um, provided with a saddle.

ephippium -i, n. a horse-cloth, saddle.

ephorus -i, m. an ephor, a Spartan magistrate.

epicopus -a -um, provided with oars.

epicrocus -a -um, transparent, fine.

Epicurus -i, m. an Athenian philosopher, founder of the Epicurean school, (342-270 B.C.); adj. and subst. Epicureus -a -um, Epicurean, an Epi- curean.

epicus -a -um, epic.

epidicticus -a -um, for display.

epidipnis -idis, f. dessert.

epigramma -atis, n. an inscription; an epigram.

epilogus -i, m. a conclusion, peroration, epilogue.

epimenia -orum, n. pl. a month's rations.

epiredium -i, n. the strap by which a horse was fastened to a vehicle; a trace.

Epirus -i, f. a region in northwest Greece; adj. Epirensis -e, of Epirus; subst. Epirotes -ae, m. an Epirote. 1

epistolium -i, n. a little letter, note.

epistula (or epistola) -ae, f. a written communication, letter, epistle; ' ab epistulis ', to do with correspondence, of secretaries. Transf., sending of letters, post.

epitaphium -i, n. a funeral oration.

epithalamium -i, n. a nuptial song.

epitheca -ae, f. addition.

epitoma -ae and epitome -es, f. abridgment, epitome.

epops -opis, m. the hoopoe.

epos, n. an epic poem.

epotus -a -um, drunk up, drained. Transf. (1) spent on drink. (2) swallowed up.

epulae -arum, f. food, dishes, a banquet, feast.

epularis -e, belonging to a banquet.

epulo -onis, m. feaster; 'Tresviri (later Septemviri) epulones', a college of priests who had charge of sacrificial feasts.

epulor -ari, dep. to feast, feast on.

epulum -i, n. a banquet, feast, esp. on a public occasion.

equa -ae, f. a mare.

eques -itis, m. a horseman, rider, cavalryman; polit., equites, the knights, order between senate and plebs; also collectively in sing.

equester -stris -stre, relating to horsemen, equestrian; relating to cavalry; polit., relating to the knights.

equidem, indeed, truly, for my part; concessive, of course, certainly, admittedly.

equinus -a -um, relating to horses.

equitatus -us, m. cavalry.

equito -are, to ride on horseback; of winds, to rush.

equuleus; = eculeus; q.v.

equus -i, m. (older forms equos and ecus) a horse; 'equus bellator', a war horse;'equis virisque', with horse and foot, with all one's might; 'ad equum rescribere', to make a person a knight.

era -ae, f. mistress, lady.

eradico -are, to root out.

erado -radere -rasi -rasum, to scratch out; to destroy, get rid of.

Erato, f. the Muse of lyric and love poetry.

ercisco, erctum; = hercisco, herctum; q.v.

Erebus -i, m. a god of the lower world; hence the lower world. Adj. Erebeus -a -um.

Erechtheus -ei, m. a mythical king of Athens; adj. Erechtheus -a -um, m. Athenian; subst. Erechthidae -arum, m. pl. the Athenians.

erectus, partic. from erigo; q.v.

erepo -repere -repsi -reptum, to creep out; to creep up or over.

ereptio -onis, f. taking by force, seizure.

ereptor -oris, m. one who takes by force, a robber.

erga, prep. with acc., towards, esp. of personal relations; more generally, about.

ergastulum -i, n. a workhouse for debtors or slaves; in plur. the inmates of an ergastulum.

ergo: prep., preceded by genit., because of, on account of; adv., there- fore, accordingly, then.

Erichthonius -i, m. a mythical king of Athens; also a mythical king of Troy; adj. Erichthonius -a -um, Athenian or Trojan.

ericius -i, m. hedgehog; milit., chevaux de frise.

erigo -rigere -rexi -rectum, to set up, place upright, erect, raise; milit. to march a body of soldiers up a height. Transf. to arouse, excite; encourage, cheer. Hence partic. erectus -a -um, raised, upright, erect; high, elevated, proud; alert, anxious, intent, with minds on the stretch; resolute, cheerful.

erilis -e, of a master or mistress.

Erinys -yos, f. one of the Furies; plur. Erinyes, the Furies. Transf., scourge, curse. 3

eripio -ripere -ripui -reptum, to snatch away, tear out; in good sense, to free, rescue. Hence partic. ereptus -a -um, snatched away or rescued.

erogatio -onis, f. payment, expenditure.

erogo -are, to ask for and obtain; used in the sense to pay out money, esp. from public funds.

errabundus -a -um, wandering.

erraticus -a -um, wandering, erratic.

erratio -onis, f. wandering, straying.

erratus -us, m. wandering, straying.

erro (1) -are, to wander, stray, rove; transit. to wander over. Transf., to waver, to err, be mistaken. N. of partic. as subst., erratum -i, a fault, error, technically or morally.

erro (2) -onis, m. a wanderer, vagabond.

error -oris, m. wandering about. Transf., wavering, uncertainty, error, mistake; source of error, deception.

erubesco -rubescere -rubui, to grow red, blush; with infinit., to blush to; with acc. to blush for, to respect; gerundive erubescendus -a -um, of which one should be ashamed.

eruca -ae, f. a colewort.

eructo -are, to belch forth, throw up, vomit. Transf. (1) to talk drunkenly about. (2) to cast out, eject.

erudio -ire, to free from roughness; to instruct, teach, educate. Hence partic. eruditus -a -um, instructed, educated; adv. erudite, learnedly.

eruditio -onis, f. teaching, instruction; knowledge, learning.

erumpo -rumpere -rupi -ruptum: transit., to break open, cause to burst forth; to vent, discharge; intransit., to break out, burst forth; milit., to rush forth.

eruo -ruere -rui -rutum, to tear out, dig up; of buildings, to raze, demolish.

eruptio -onis, f. a bursting or breaking forth; milit. sally, attack.

erus -i, m. master, owner, lord.

ervum -i, n. bitter vetch.

Eryx -rycis or Erycus -i, m. a mountain and city on the west coast of Sicily, with a famous temple of Venus.Adj. Erycinus -a -um; f. as subst. Venus.

esca -ae, f. food, victuals, esp. as bait.

escarius -a -um, relating to food or bait.

escendo -scendere -scendi -scensum: intransit., to climb up, ascend; to go up from the seacoast inland; transit., to ascend.

escensio -onis, f. a movement inland, esp. hostile.

esculentus -a -um, edible, esculent.

esculetum, esculus; see aesc-.

esito -are, to keep eating.

Esquiliae -arum, f. one of the seven hills of Rome, the Esquiline. Hence adj. Esquilius and Esquilinus -a -um, Esquiline; f. as subst. Esquilina, -ae, the Esquiline gate.

essedarius -i, m. a fighter in a British or Gallic war-chariot.

essedum -i, n. a war-chariot used by Gauls and Britons.

esu, abl. sing. m., in the eating.

esurio -ire, to be hungry, desire food; in gen., to long for.

esuritio -onis, f. hunger.

et; as adv., also, even; as conj., and; and indeed; in narrative, and then; occasionally adversative, and yet; after alius, idem, par, as or than; repeated, both....and...; so; nec (neque), not only not....but

etenim, for indeed.

etesiae -arum, m. pl. winds which blow after the dogdays, Etesian winds.

ethologus -i, m. a mimic.

etiam. (1) as yet, still; etiam atque etiam, again and again.(2) also, besides, even; 'non solum (or modo)...sed (or verum) etiam', not only... but also; with comparatives, still. (3) in answers, yes, certainly. (4) in questions, expressing incredulity, actually? really ?.

etiamnum and etiamnunc, yet, still, till now.

etiamsi, even if, although.

etiamtum and etiamtunc, even then, till that time, till then.

Etruria -ae, f. a district in northwest Italy; hence adj. and subst. Etruscus -a -um, Etruscan, an Etruscan.

etsi, even if, although; elliptically, and yet, notwithstanding.

etymologia -ae, f. etymology.

eu, good! well done!.

Euan or Euhan, m. a name of Bacchus.

euans or euhans -antis, shouting Euan, of Bacchanals.

euge, well done!.

eugepae, well done!.

Euias or Euhias -adis, f. a Bacchante.

Euius or Euhius -i, m. a name of Bacchus.

Eumenides -um, f. Eumenides, the gracious one, euphem. for the Furies.

eunuchus -i, m. a eunuch.

euoe, euhoe, interj., shout of the Bacchantes.

Euripides -is, m. the Athenian tragic poet (c.485-406 B.C.); adj. Euripideus -a -um.

Euripus -i, m. a channel, strait, esp. the strait between Euboea and Boeotia; a canal or watercourse.

Europa -ae, f. and Europe -es, f.: myth., daughter of Agenor, whom Jupiter, in the form of a bull, carried off to Crete; geograph., the continent of Europe. Adj. Europaeus -a -um, belonging to Europa or to Europe.

Eurus -i, m. the southeast or east wind; adj. Eurous -a -um, eastern.

Euterpe -es, f. Muse of harmony.

Euxinus -a -um, an epithet of the Black Sea.

evado -vadere -vasi -vasum. Intransit., to go out, go forth; esp. to climb up or out; to escape, get off. Transit., to go out or through, pass over; to climb up; to escape.

evagor -ari, dep.: intransit., to wander out, stray away; milit., to wheel right and left, manoeuvre; transit., to overstep.

evalesco -valescere -valui, to grow strong, prevail, come into vogue; in perf., to have power, be able.

evanesco -vanescere -vanui, to vanish, disappear, pass away.

evanidus -a -um, vanishing, passing away.

evasto -are, to devastate, lay waste utterly.

eveho -vehere -vexi -vectum, to carry out or up; with reflex. or pass., of ships, to sail away; of riders, to ride away.

evello -vellere -velli -vulsum, to tear out, pluck out.

evenio -venire -veni -ventum, to come out. Transf., to turn out, result; to befall, happen, occur.Hence n. of partic. as subst. eventum -i, issue, consequence, result; event, occurrence, experience.

eventus -us, m. consequence, issue, result; event, occurrence, experience.

everbero -are, to strike violently.

everriculum -i, n. a fishing-net, drag-net; fig., a clean sweep.

everro -verrere -verri -versum, to sweep out; to plunder.

eversio -onis, f. overturning, destruction, ruin.

eversor -oris, m. overturner, destroyer.

everto -vertere -verti -versum, to turn out, dislodge, eject; to turn up, stir; to overturn, throw down, demolish, destroy, ruin.

evestigatus -a -um, tracked out, discovered.

evidens -entis, visible, clear, plain, evident; adv. evidenter.

evidentia -ae, f. distinctness of language.

evigilo -are: intransit. to wake up; to be awake, be vigilant; transit., to watch through, pass in watching; to work hard at, to elaborate.

evilesco -vilescere -vilui, to become contemptible.

evincio -vincere -vinxi -vinctum, to bind, bind round.

evinco -vincere -vici -victum, to conquer entirely, utterly subdue; in gen. to prevail over, get through, get over; of results, to bring about; of conculusions, to prove irresistibly.

eviscero -are, to disembowel, tear in pieces.

evitabilis -e, that can be avoided.

evito -are, to avoid, shun.

evocator -oris, m. one that calls to arms.

evoco -are, to call out; esp. to summon the spirits of the dead, or a deity; milit. and polit. to call out, call up, summon. Transf., to draw out, draw on; to call forth, produce. M. pl. of partic. as subst., evocati -orum, veteran soldiers recalled to the colors.

evoe; see euoe.

evolo -are, to fly out, fly away; to come out quickly, rush forth, escape.

evolutio -onis, f. the unrolling and reading of a book.

evolvo -volvere -volvi -volutum. (1) to roll out, roll forth; of news, evolvi, to spread. (2) to unroll, roll open; esp. to unroll a book to read it. extricate, disentangle, detach; to unravel, disclose, explain.

evomo -ere -ui -itum, to vomit forth, disgorge.

evulgo -are, to publish, make known.

evulsio -onis, f. pulling out.

ex or e, prep. with abl. (1) in space, from or out of; 'ex equo pugnare', to fight on horseback (operating from it); 'ex adverso', opposite. (2) in time, since; also immediately after; 'aliud ex alio', one thing after another.(3) in other relations: to denote origin, from, away from, out of, of; 'ex animo', heartily; 'ex industria', on purpose; 'unus ex', one of; 'pocula ex auro', gold cups; to denote cause or occasion, from, on account of, by reason of; 'e vulnere mori', to die of a wound; to denote correspondence, in accordance with; 'ex re et ex tempore', according to time and circumstance; to denote advantage, e.g. 'e republica', for the benefit of the state; in gen. in regard to, in respect to; 'ex parte', in part.

exacerbo -are, to provoke, exasperate, embitter.

exactio -onis, f. driving out, expulsion; demanding, exacting, esp. col- lecting of debts, tribute, etc.; in gen., management, direction.

exactor -oris, m. one who drives out; one who demands or exacts, esp. a collector of taxes; in gen., superintendent, overseer.

exactus -a -um, partic. from exigo; q.v.

exacuo -uere -ui -utum, to sharpen to a point, make sharp, intensify, stimulate.

exadversum or exadversus, opposite.

exaedificatio -onis, f. building up.

exaedifico -are, to build up, erect, finish.

exaequatio -onis, f. making equal.

exaequo -are. (1) to make level or equal,level up, relate. (2) to equal, be like.

exaestuo -are, to be hot, boil up, foam up.

exaggeratio -onis, f. heaping up; hence elevation, exaltation.

exaggero -are, to heap up; to enlarge, increase; to heighten, exalt, magnify.

exagitator -oris, m. a censurer.

exagito -are, to chase about; to harass, disquiet, disturb; to scold, blame, censure, criticize; to excite, irritate.

exalbesco -bescere -bui, to grow white, turn pale.

examen -inis, n. (1) a swarm; a throng, crowd, shoal. (2) the tongue of a balance; testing, consideration.

examino -are, to weigh; to consider.

examussim, according to rule, exactly.

exanclo -are, to drain, exhaust; to bear to the end, endure.

exanimalis -e, dead; deadly.

exanimatio -onis, f. want of breath, esp. from fright.

exanimis -e, lifeless, dead; also breathless, esp. from fright.

exanimo -are. (1) to take away the breath of, to wind, stun, weaken. (2) to deprive of life, to kill.

exanimus -a -um, lifeless, dead.

exantlo; = exanclo; q.v.

exardesco -ardescere -arsi -arsum, to blaze up, to become hot, or inflamed; of disturbances, to break out.

exaresco -arescere -arui, to dry, become dry or exhausted.

exarmo -are, to disarm, deprive of arms.

exaro -are, to plow up, dig up; to produce by plowing; hence to write on waxen tablets.

exaspero -are, to make rough, to irritate.

exauctoro -are, to dismiss from military service, discharge, cashier.

exaudio -ire, to hear plainly; to hear favorably, listen to.

exaugeo -ere, to increase much.

exauguratio -onis, f. profanation, desecration.

exauguro -are, to desecrate, profane.

exauspico -are, to take an augury from.

excaeco -are, to make quite blind; to stop up a channel.

excalceo -are, to take the shoes from; in drama, to take the tragic cothurnus from an actor.

excandescentia -ae, f. heat, irascibility.

excandesco -descere -dui, to become hot, glow.

excanto -are, to charm out, bring forth by incantation.

excarnifico -are, to tear to pieces.

excavo -are, to hollow out.

excedo -cedere -cessi -cessum: intransit., to go out, go away, pass out; 'e vita', to die; to go beyond a point or limit; to attain to, to result in; transit., to leave, pass beyond, exceed.

excellentia -ae, f. eminence, distinction.

excello -ere, to stand out, excel, be distinguished; partic. excellens, high, lofty, eminent, remarkable; adv. excellenter, eminently.

excelsitas -atis, f. height, elevation.

excelsus -a -um, adj., lofty, high, elevated, eminent. N. as subst. excelsum -i, a height, eminence. Adv. excelse, loftily.

exceptio -onis, f. exception, restriction, limitation; esp. an exception by the defendant to the plaintiff's statement of a case.

excepto -are. (1) to take up, catch; 'auras', to snuff up. (2) to take in succession.

excerno -cernere -crevi -cretum, to separate, sift, sort.

excerpo -cerpere -cerpsi -cerptum, to pick out; to gather out, choose; to put on one side, separate. N. of partic. as subst. excerptum -i, an extract.

excessus -us, m. departure; from life, death; from subject, digres- sion.

excetra -ae, f. a snake, viper.

excidium -i, n. overthrow, destruction.

excido (1) -cidere -cidi, to fall out, fall away, be lost; of words, to slip out unawares, escape; of ideas, to pass from memory or thought, be forgotten.

excido (1) -cidere -cidi -cisum, to cut out;'lapides e terra', to quarry. Transf., (1) to destroy, demolish; 'portas', to force open. (2) to root out, banish.

excieo and excio -cire -civi and -cii -citum, to call out, arouse; esp. to awaken from sleep or to summon for help; in gen., of persons, to excite, arouse; of feelings, to call forth, excite, produce; of ma- terial things, to stir, shake.

excipio -cipere -cepi -ceptum. (1) to take out; hence, to rescue; to except. (2)to take up, catch; to greet, welcome a person;to pick up news or ideas by listening; of events, to come upon people. (3) passively, to receive, to take over from, follow, succeed, come later.

excisio -onis, destruction.

excito -are, to arouse, rouse up; of things, to provoke, call forth, cause; of persons, to console, cheer, inspire; of buildings, to raise, erect; of fire, to kindle, inflame. Hence partic. excitatus -a -um, lively, vigorous, loud.

exclamatio -onis, f. exclamation.

exclamo -are, to shout, cry aloud; to exclaim; to call somebody by name.

excludo -cludere -clusi -clusum, to shut out, exclude, keep away;of things, to knock out; of birds, to hatch.

exclusio -onis, f. shutting out, exclusion.

excogitatio -onis, f. contriving, devising.

excogito -are, to think out, devise, contrive, invent.

excolo -colere -colui -cultum, to tend or cultivate carefully; to adorn, polish, refine; to serve, honor a deity or person.

excoquo -coquere -coxi -coctum, to boil down, boil away; to cook, bake, make hard; fig., to cook up.

excors -cordis, foolish, silly, without intelligence.

excrementum -i, n. excrement; 'oris', spittle.

excresco -crescere -crevi -cretum, to grow up, spring up.

excretus -a -um, partic. of excerno, or of excresco.

excrucio -are, to torture, torment.

excubiae -arum, f. pl. lying out; milit., keeping watch, keeping guard. Transf., watchfires; watchmen, guard.

excubitor -oris, m. sentinel, watchman, guard.

excubo -bare -bui -bitum, to lie or sleep out of doors; milit., to keep watch; to be watchful, vigilant.

excudo -cudere -cudi -cusum, to strike out, beat out; esp. to hammer, forge; of birds, to hatch. Transf. of bees, to mold; of writers, to compose.

exculco -are, to trample firm, tread hard.

excuratus -a -um, carefully seen to.

excurro -currere -cucurri and -curri -cursum, to run out, hasten forth; milit., to attack, make a sortie; with acc., to run over; fig., to run out, move freely; of places, to run out, to project.

excursio -onis, f. running out; movement forwards; fig., outset of a speech; milit., attack, assault, sally.

excursor -oris, m. scout, skirmisher.

excursus -us, m. running out; rhet., digression; milit., attack, sally, assault.

excusabilis -e, excusable.

excusatio -onis, f. an excuse, plea, defence.

excuso -are, to exempt from blame or accusation; to excuse a person, to make excuses for a thing; to allege in excuse, to plead. Hence partic. excusatus -a -um, free from blame; adv. excusate, ex- cusably.

excutio -cutere -cussi -cussum. (1) to shake out; esp., to shake out clothes to find anything hidden; hence to search, examine a person; fig. to investigate. (2) to strike off, throw out, knock away, shake off.

exec-; see exsec-.

exedo -esse -edi -esum, to eat up, devour, consume; to wear down, exhaust, destroy.

exedra -ae, f. a hall for conversation or debate.

exemplaris -e, serving as a copy; n. as subst. exemplar -aris, a copy, transcript; a likeness; a pattern, ideal.

exemplum -i, n. (1) a sample, example; 'exempli causa (or gratia)', for instance; general character, manner, fashion (as shown by examples); an example to be followed, model; a precedent; an example of what may hap- pen, warning, object lesson; hence a punishment intended to deter. (2) a copy, transcript.

exemptus -a -um, partic. of eximo; q.v.

exentero -are, to torture, exhaust.

exeo -ire -ii (-ivi) -itum: intransit., to go out, go away, go forth; to pass from state to state; to get out, to become known; of time, to come to an end, pass away; transit., to pass over; also to ward off.

exeq-; see exseq-.

exerceo -ere -ui -itum, to keep at work, exercise, train, cultivate; of abstr. things, to employ, exploit; of feelings, arts, and processes, to practice, exercise; of the mind, to train; hence to overwork, harass, trouble. Hence partic. exercitus -a -um, trained, schooled; harassed; severe, vexatious.

exercitatio -onis, f. practice, exercise; experience.

exercitium -i, n. practice, training.

exercito -are, to train hard, keep at work. Hence exercitatus -a -um, trained, practiced, exercised; troubled, harassed.

exercitus (1) -a -um, partic. of exerceo; q.v.

exercitus (2) -us, m. training; a trained body of soldiers, army; esp. the infantry; poet. in gen., crowd, swarm.

exesor -oris, m. one who gnaws or eats away.

exhalatio -onis, f. exhalation, vapor.

exhalo -are: transit., to exhale, breathe out; intransit., of things, to steam; of persons, to expire.

exhaurio -haurire -hausi -haustum. (1) to draw out; in gen., to remove, take out, take away. (2) to drain dry, empty out, impoverish; to finish, bring to an end; to endure, suffer.

exheredo -are, to disinherit.

exheres -edis, disinherited.

exhibeo -hibere -hibui -hibitum, to produce, show, display, exhibit, present; to offer, allow; to produce by making, to cause.

exhilaro -are, to make cheerful.

exhorresco -horrescere -horrui, to shudder exceedingly, be terrified; transit., to tremble at, to dread.

exhortatio -onis, f. exhortation, encouragement.

exhortativus -a -um, of exhortation.

exhortor -ari, dep. to exhort, encourage.

exigo -igere -egi -actum. (1) to drive out or away; to force out, exact, demand; to sell. (2) to drive through; hence to complete, finish; to determine, settle, adjust, regulate; to ascertain, decide. Hence partic. exactus -a -um, accurate, precise, exact.

exiguitas -atis, f. littleness, smallness.

exiguus -a -um, small, little, scanty; of quantity, in size, small; in number, scanty; in time, short; of quality, meager. N. as subst. exiguum -i, small extent. Adv. exigue, sparingly, scantily, scarcely.

exilis -e, thin, slender, meager; in possessions, poor; with genit., without; of style, dry, dreary. Adv. exiliter, thinly, poorly, meagerly.

exilitas -atis, f. thinness, meagerness, weakness.

eximius -a -um, excepted; hence selected; exceptional, distinguished. Adv. eximie, uncommonly, exceptionally.

eximo -imere -emi -emptum, to take out, take away, esp. off a list or out of a group; to free, release; to take away, remove an abstr. thing; of time, to waste.

exin; = exinde. q.v.

exinanio -ire, to empty; 'gentes', to plunder.

exinde (exin, exim): in space, thence, next; in time, thereupon, after that, then; in logic, consequently, accordingly.

existimatio -onis, f. the opinion that a man has, judgement; the opinion that others have of a man, esp. morally, reputation, good name, honor, charac- ter; in finance, credit.

existimator -oris, m. one who forms or gives an opinion, a critic.

existimo (-umo) -are, to judge a thing according to its value; in gen., to judge, consider, regard.

exitiabilis -e, deadly, destructive.

exitialis -e, destructive, fatal, deadly.

exitio -onis, f. going out.

exitiosus -a -um, destructive, fatal, deadly.

exitium -i, n. going out or away; hence destruction, ruin; also a cause of destruction.

exitus -us, m. going out, going forth; a means of going out, exit; end, finish; issue, result.

exlex -legis, bound by no law, lawless, reckless.

exmoveo; = emoveo; q.v.

exobsecro -are, to entreat earnestly.

exoculo -are, to deprive of eyes.

exodium -i, n. a comic afterpiece.

exolesco -olescere -olevi -oletum, to grow old and weak, decay, fade out; partic. exoletus -a -um, worn out; m. as subst. a dissolute person.

exonero -are, to unload, disburden; in gen., to free, release, relieve.

exopto -are, to desire eagerly, long for; partic. exoptatus -a -um, desired, longed for.

exorabilis -e, able to be entreated, placable.

exorator -oris, m. one who entreats successfully.

exordior -ordiri -orsus, dep. to begin to weave; in gen., to begin. Partic. in pass. sense exorsus -a -um, begun.

exordium -i, n. the warp of a web; in gen., a beginning; esp. the beginning of a speech.

exorior -oriri -ortus, rise, spring up, issue, appear, come forward.

exornatio -onis, f. adorning, ornament.

exornator -oris, m. one who adorns, an embellisher.

exorno -are, to furnish, provide plentifully; also to ornament, adorn.

exoro -are, to entreat successfully, obtain a thing by entreaty, prevail upon a person.

exorsus (1) -a -um, partic. of exordior; q.v.

exorsus (2) -us, m. a beginning.

exortus -us, m. a rising; the East.

exos -ossis, without bones.

exosculor -ari, dep. to kiss.

exosso -are, to bone, take out the bones.

exostra -ae, f. a theatrical machine, revealing the inside of a house to the spectators.

exosus -a -um, hating exceedingly.

exoticus -a -um, foreign, outlandish, exotic.

expallesco -pallescere -pallui, to become very pale; with dread.

expalpo -are, to coax out.

expando -ere, to stretch out, expand, spread out. Transf., to explain.

expavesco -pavescere -pavi, to grow very frightened; with acc. to dread exceedingly.

expedio -ire -ivi and -ii -itum, to free from a snare, disengage, disentangle, set free; to get things ready for action; fig., to release, clear, set free, set straight; in speech, to clear up a point, explain; 'res expe- dit', or impers. 'expedit', it is expedient, useful, advantageous. Hence partic. expeditus -a -um, unshackled, unimpeded; milit., lightly equipped; in gen., free, ready; n. as subst. clear ground; of abstr. things, clear, settled, ready. Adv. expedite, freely, easily.

expeditio -onis, f. a military operation, expedition.

expello -pellere -puli -pulsum, to drive out, expel, thrust away.

expendo -pendere -pendi -pensum, to weigh out; esp. to weigh out in payment, pay out, put down; sometimes to pay a penalty. Transf., to value, rate; in gen., to weigh up, consider. Hence partic. expensus -a -um, weighed out, hence paid out; 'ferre homini expensum', to note a thing as paid to a person, to charge to. N. as subst. expensum -i, payment.

expergefacio -facere -feci -factum, to awaken, rouse, excite.

expergiscor -pergisci -perrectus, dep. to wake up, arouse oneself.

expergo -pergere -pergi -pergitum, to awaken.

experientia -ae, f.trial, testing, attempt; knowledge gained by experience.

experimentum -i, n. experience; proof from experience.

experior -periri -pertus, dep. to try, test, prove, put to the test; 'expe- riri ius', to go to law; in perf., to know by having tried, know by ex- perience; to try to do a thing. Pres. partic. experiens -entis, enterpri- sing, venturesome. Perf. partic. expertus -a -um: pass., tested, tried, approved; act., with experience, experienced.

experrectus -a -um, partic. of espergiscor; q.v.

expers -pertis, having no part in, not sharing in; wanting in, destitute of.

expertus -a -um, partic. from experior; q.v.

expetesso -ere, to desire, wish for.

expeto -ere -ii and -ivi -itum; transit. to desire, strive after, make for; of things due, to demand, require;with seek to do;intransit. to fall upon.

expiatio -onis, f. atonement, expiation.

expilatio -onis, f. plundering, robbing.

expilator -oris, m. plunderer, robber.

expilo -are, to plunder, rob.

expingo -pingere -pinxi -pictum, to paint over; fig., to describe, depict in writing.

expio -are, to propitiate, appease an offending or threatening power; to purify what is defiled; to atone for an offence.

expiscor -ari, dep. to fish out; to search out, find out.

explanatio -onis, f. making clear, explanation; rhet., illustration, also clear articulation.

explanator -oris, m. one who explains; an interpreter.

explano -are, to make level, smooth out; hence to explain, make clear; to set out clearly, or articulate clearly.

explaudo; = explodo; q.v.

explementum -i, n. filling, stuffing.

expleo -plere -plevi -pletum, to fill, fill up; to complete a required amount; to make good losses, etc.; in quality, to complete, perfect; of time, to complete, finish; of duties, to fulfil, discharge; of wants, to satisfy, quench, appease. Hence partic. expletus -a -um, perfect, complete.

expletio -onis, f. satisfying.

explicatio -onis, f. unfolding, uncoiling. Transf., explanation, interpretation.

explicator -oris, m. interpreter, explainer.

explicatrix -icis, f. interpreter, explainer.

explicatus (1) -a -um, partic. from explico; q.v.

explicatus (2) -us, m. explanation, exposition.

explico -are -avi -atum and -ui -itum, to unfold, unroll, disentangle; in gen., to spread out, extend, expand; milit., to extend ranks, deploy. Transf., to disentangle, put in order; of a debt, to pay off; to explain, expound, interpret; to set free. Hence partic. explicatus -a -um, ordered, arranged; made plain, clear; also explicitus -a -um, straightforward, easy;adv. explicate, plain- ly.

explodo (-plaudo) -plodere -plosi -plosum, to hiss an actor off the stage; in gen., to scare off, reject.

exploratio -onis, f. investigation.

explorator -oris, m. explorer, scout, spy.

exploro -are, to search out, investigate, explore; milit., to spy out, reconnoitre; to test, try, put to proof. Hence partic. exploratus -a -um, established, confirmed, certain; 'exploratum habeo', I am sure; adv. explorate, certainly, surely, definitely.

expolio -ire -ii and -ivi -itum, to smooth, polish, refine; partic. expolitus -a -um, smooth, polished.

expolitio -onis, f. smoothing, polishing.

expono -ponere -posui -positum. (1) to put outside, cast out; to expose a child; naut. to land, disembark. (2) to put on view, display, show; in words, to set forth, explain, exhibit. Hence partic. expositus (expostus) -a -um, exposed, open, accessible; of persons, affable; in bad sense, vulgar.

exporrigo -rigere -rexi -rectum, to stretch out, expand, smooth out.

exportatio -onis, f. exportation.

exporto -are, to carry out; esp. to export.

exposco -poscere -poposci, to implore, entreat earnestly; esp. to demand the surrender of a person.

expositio -onis, f. putting out;hence statement, exposition, narration.

expostulatio -onis, f. complaint, expostulation.

expostulo -are. (1) to demand earnestly, esp. to demand the surrender of a person. (2) to make a claim or complaint, to expostulate.

expotus; = epotus; q.v.

exprimo -primere -pressi -pressum. (1) to press out, force out; to extort. (2) to mold or form one thing in imitation of another; hence to copy, express, portray, represent; esp., to express in words, describe; to translate; to articulate. (3) to raise up.

exprobratio -onis, f. reproach, upbraiding.

exprobro -are, to reproach; to bring up a thing against a person.

expromo -promere -prompsi -promptum, to bring forth, produce, exhibit, display; to disclose, set forth, state, utter.

expugnabilis -e, that may be taken by storm.

expugnatio -onis, f. the taking of a place by storm.

expugnator -oris, m. taker, capturer; 'pudicitiae', violator.

expugno -are, to take by storm, capture; hence to overcome, subdue; to gain forcibly, extort; with ut and the subj., bring it about that.

expulsio -onis, f. driving out, expulsion.

expulsor -oris, m. one who drives out.

expultrix -tricis, f. one who drives out.

expungo -pungere -punxi -punctum, to prick out; hence to cancel, expunge.

expurgatio -onis, f. vindication, justification.

expurgo -are, to cleanse, purify. Hence to cure; to purify; to justify, defend.

exputesco -ere, to rot away.

exputo -are, to lop away; hence to consider; to comprehend.

exquiro (-quaero) -quirere -quisivi -quisitum. (1) to search for, look for, ask for. (2) to search through, examine. Hence partic. exquisitus -a -um, carefully sought or worked out, choice, exquisite, artificial. Adv. exquisite, accurately, carefully.

exsaevio -ire, to rage to an end, cease to rage.

exsanguis -e, bloodless, without blood; deathly pale; act., making pale.

exsarcio -sarcire -sartum, to patch up, make good, repair.

exsatio -are, to satisfy thoroughly, satiate.

exsaturabilis -e, that can be satiated.

exsaturo -are, to satisfy, satiate.

exscen-; see escen-.

exscindo -scindere -scidi -scissum, to tear out; to destroy utterly.

exscreo -are, to cough out.

exscribo -scribere -scripsi -scriptum, to write out; to copy; to note down, register.

exsculpo -sculpere -sculpsi -sculptum, to scratch out, erase; to carve or scoop out.

exseco -secare -secui -sectum, to cut out, cut away.

exsecrabilis -e, cursing, execrating.

exsecratio -onis, f. curse, execration; an oath containing an imprecation.

exsecror -ari, dep. to curse, execrate; to swear with an imprecation; partic. in pass. sense, exsecratus -a -um, cursed, accursed.

exsectio -onis, f. cutting out.

exsecutio -onis, f. performance, accomplishment; 'exsecutio Syriae', administration; of speech, a discussion.

exsequiae -arum, f. pl. a funeral procession.

exsequialis -e, belonging to a funeral procession.

exsequor -sequi -secutus, dep. to follow to the grave; in gen., to follow to the end; to maintain, keep up; to carry out, accomplish, exe- cute; to avenge, punish; to relate, describe, explain a thing; to suffer, endure.

exsero -serere -serui -sertum, to stretch out, thrust out; hence to put forth, assert. Perf. partic. exsertus -a -um, bared, protruding.

exserto -are, to stretch out.

exsibilo -are, to hiss out; esp. to hiss an actor off the stage.

exsicco -are, to dry thoroughly; to drain dry, to empty by drinking. Hence partic. exsiccatus -a -um, of style, dry, jejune.

exsigno -are, to mark out.

exsilio -ire, to leap out or up.

exsilium -i, n. banishment, exile. Transf., place of exile; plur. = 'exules', exiles.

exsisto (existo) -sistere -stiti -stitum, to stand forth, appear; to spring forth, arise, come into existence.

exsolvo -solvere -solvi -solutum. (1) to loosen, untie, unbind, open; 'glaciem', to dissolve; of persons, to disentangle, set free; of things, to explain.(2) to pay off; to discharge any obligation, perform anything due.

exsomnis -e, sleepless, wakeful.

exsorbeo -ere, to suck up, suck dry.

exsors -sortis, without lot; for which no lot has been cast, specially chosen; having no share in, deprived of (with genit.).

exspatior -ari, dep. to deviate from the course; fig., to digress.

exspectabilis -e, that is to be expected, probable.

exspectatio -onis, f. waiting, looking for, expectation (with objective genit.).

exspecto -are, to look out for, wait for, await, wait to see (esp. with longing, fear, desire, etc.); to hope for, dread. Hence partic. (with compar. and superl.) exspectatus -a -um, awaited, wished for, welcome.

exspergo -spergere -spersum, to sprinkle, scatter.

exspes, without hope, hopeless.

exspiratio -onis, f. exhalation.

exspiro -are: transit., to breathe out, exhale, emit; intransit., to blow forth; to rush forth; to give up the ghost, to die.

exspolio -are, to plunder, rob, despoil.

exspuo -spuere -spui -sputum, to spit out; to get rid of, cast away.

exsterno -ere, to frighten, terrify.

exstillo -are, to drop moisture, drip, trickle.

exstimulator -oris, m. inciter, instigator.

exstimulo -are, to goad, excite, instigate.

exstinctio -onis, f. annihilation, extinction.

exstinctor -oris, m. one who extinguishes, destroys, annihilates.

exstinguo -stinguere -stinxi -stinctum, to put out, extinguish; of persons, to kill; in gen., to abolish, destroy, annihilate.

exstirpo -are, to root out, extirpate.

exsto (exto) -are, to stand out, project; to be visible, show itself, appear; to be still in existence, be extant.

exstructio -onis, f. building up, erection.

exstruo -struere -struxi -structum, to heap up, pile up, build up.

exsuctus -a -um, partic. of exsugo; q.v.

exsudo -are: intransit., to come out in sweat, exude; transit., to sweat out, sweat through, perform with great labor.

exsugo -sugere -suxi -suctum, to suck out, suck dry.

exsul -sulis, c. a banished person, an exile.

exsulo (exulo) -are, to be banished, live in exile.

exsultatio -onis, f. leaping up; exultation, excessive rejoicing.

exsultim, adv. friskily.

exsulto (exulto) -are, to leap up frequently or violently. Transf., to rejoice exceedingly, exult, triumph; of orators, run riot, range freely.

exsuperabilis -e, that can be overcome.

exsuperantia -ae, f. superiority, pre-eminence.

exsupero -are: intransit., to mount up, appear above; to be prominent, excel; transit., to surmount; to surpass, exceed, overcome.

exsurdo -are, to deafen; of taste, to make dull or blunt.

exsurgo -surgere -surrexi, to rise up, lift oneself up, stand up; to regain strength.

exsuscito -are, to awaken from sleep; of fire, to kindle or fan; mentally, to excite, arouse; 'se exsuscitare', to make an effort.

exta -orum, n. pl. entrails of animals, esp. the heart, lungs, liver, used by Romans for divination.

extabesco -tabescere -tabui, to waste away entirely; to vanish, disappear.

extaris -e, used for cooking.

extemplo (-tempulo), immediately, forthwith.

extemporalis -e, extemporary, unrehearsed.

extendo -tendere -tendi -tensum and -tentum, to stretch out, expand, extend; milit., to extend in order of battle; in gen., to increase, extend; in time, to extend, prolong; to strain, exert. Hence partic. extentus -a -um, wide, extensive.

extento -are, to stretch out, strain.

extenuatio -onis, f. thinning; as a figure of speech, diminution, lessening.

extenuo -are, to make thin or small, to reduce, diminish; milit., to extend; in gen., to lessen, weaken, diminish; in speech, to dis- parage, depreciate. Hence partic. extenuatus -a -um, weak, poor, slight.

exter and exterus -a -um, outward, foreign, strange; compar. exterior -ius, genit. -oris, outer; superl. extremus -a -um, outermost; n. as subst. outer edge, extreme; in time, last; n. as subst., an end; 'ex- tremum', acc., for the last time; 'ad extremum', to the end or at the end; in degree or quality, extreme; esp. lowest, worst; 'extremum bonorum, malorum', the highest good, evil; superl. extimus -a -um, out- ermost.

exterebro -are, to bore out, extract by boring.

extergeo -tergere -tersi -tersum, to wipe off, wipe clean; to strip clean, plunder.

exterior, exterius; see exter.

extermino -are, to drive out, expel, banish; to put aside, remove.

externus -a -um, outside, external, foreign, strange; m. as subst. a foreigner, stranger; n. pl. as subst. outward or foreign things.

extero -terere -trivi -tritum, to rub out; to wear away.

exterreo -terrere -terrui -territum, to frighten badly, scare, terrify.

exterus; see exter.

extexo -ere, to unweave; to cheat.

extimesco -timescere -timui: intransit. to be terrified; transit. to be greatly afraid of, to dread.

extimus; see exter.

extispex -spicis, m. a soothsayer predicting from the entrails of a victim.

extollo -ere, to lift up, raise up; of buildings, to raise, erect; of spirits, etc., to elevate, exalt; in words, to praise or exaggerate; sometimes to adorn; to defer, postpone.

extorqueo -torquere -torsi -tortum, to twist out, wrest away, wrench out, dislocate. Transf., to obtain by force, extort.

extorris -e, driven from the country, exiled, banished.

extra: adv. outside; 'extra quam, extra quam si', except, unless; prep. with acc., beyond, outside of, without; except for; 'extra iocum', jok- ing apart.

extraho -trahere -traxi -tractum, to draw out, drag out, extract, remove, extricate; sometimes to bring forward; in time, to draw out, pro- long, protract.

extraneus -a -um, outside, extraneous; strange, foreign; m. as subst. a foreigner, stranger.

extraordinarius -a -um, extraordinary, anomalous, irregular, unnatural; milit. 'equites, cohortes', picked troops of the auxiliary forces.

extrarius -a -um, outward, external, extrinsic; strange, unrelated, foreign.

extremitas -atis, f. end, farthest portion, extremity.

extremus -a -um; see exter.

extrico -are, to disentangle, extricate; to clear up, unravel.

extrinsecus, from without, from the outside; on the outside, outwardly.

extrudo -trudere -trusi -trusum, to push out, thrust forth; 'merces', to get sold.

extundo -tundere -tudi -tusum. (1) to form by beating with a hammer; to invent, devise. (2) to beat out violently, drive away; to extort.

exturbo -are, to drive away, thrust out; 'mentem', to agitate.

exubero -are, to grow thickly, abound.

exul; see exsul.

exulcero -are, to make worse, aggravate; to irritate, embitter.

exululo -are, to howl out, howl loudly; partic. exululatus -a -um, invoked with howlings.

exundo -are, to overflow, to flow out or over, to abound.

exuo -uere -ui -utum. (1) to lay aside, put off, put away. (2) to strip, deprive of a thing.

exuro -urere -ussi -ustum, to burn out, burn up, consume; also to dry up, warm, heat.

exustio -onis, f. burning up, conflagration.

exuviae -arum, f. pl. that which is taken off;of men, dress; spoils taken from the enemy, arms, etc.; the skin, slough, or hide of animals.