Glossary of Latin Terms T


tabella -ae, f. a small flat board or tablet; a writing tablet; a document, letter, record; a votive tablet; a voting-ticket, ballot; a picture.

tabellarius -a -um, of letters or of voting; M. as subst. a letter carrier.

tabeo -ere, to waste away; drip, run.

taberna -ae, f. a booth, hut; a cottage, hovel; a stall, shop; an inn, tavern; a block of seats in the Circus.

tabernaculum -i, n. a hut, tent.

tabernarius -a -um, a shopkeeper.

tabes -is, f. wasting away, decay, melting; disease, pestilence; demorali- zation; decayed matter, corruption.

tabesco tabescere tabui, to melt, waste away; to pine, be spoiled.

tabidulus -a -um, consuming.

tabidus -a -um: pass. melting, wasting, dissolving; act. consuming.

tabificus -a -um, consuming.

tabula -ae, f. a board, plank; a draught-board; a painted panel; a painting; a votive tablet; a map; a writing tablet; a document; in plur. a record, register; a catalogue; an auction.

tabularium -i, n. archives, records.

tabulatio -onis, f. flooring, planking; a story.

tabulatus -a -um, floored, boarded; n. as subst. a floor, story; a row or layer of vines.

tabum -i, n. corrupt moisture, matter; a plague, pestilence.

taceo -ere -ui -itum, to be silent, say nothing; to be still, quiet; transit. to be silent about, pass over in silence. Hence partic. tacitus -a -um: pass. passed over in silence, unmentioned; implied, tacit; secret, concealed; act. silent, mute, still, quiet. Adv. tacite.

taciturnitas -atis, f. silence, taciturnity.

taciturnus -a -um, silent, still, quiet.

tacitus -a -um; partic. from taceo; q.v.

Tacitus -i, m. Cornelius, the historian of the early Empire.

tactilis -e, able to be touched.

tactio -onis, f. touching, sense of touch.

tactus -us, m. touch, touching; influence, operation; the sense of touch.

taeda -ae, f. pine wood; a board, a torch, esp. as used at weddings.

taedet taedere taeduit and taesum est, impers. it causes weariness or boredom.

taedifer -fera -ferum, torch-bearing.

taedium -i, n. disgust, weariness, boredom.

taenia -ae, f. a fillet, headband.

taeter -tra -trum, foul, hideous, offensive; disgraceful, abominable; adv. taetre.

tagax -acis, thievish, given to pilfering.

talaris -e, of or stretching to the ankles; n. pl. as subst. wings on the ankles, winged sandals, or a robe reaching to the ankles.

talarius -a -um, of dice.

talea -ae, f. a cutting, slip; a short stake or bar.

talentum -i, n. a (Greek) weight; also a sum of money.

talio -onis, f. retaliation.

talis -e, of such kind, such.

talpa -ae, f. or m. a mole.

talus -i, m. the ankle, ankle bone; the heel; a die (originally made of the ankle bones of animals).

tam, so, so far, to such a degree.

tamarix -icis, f. the tamarisk.

tamdiu, so long.

tamen, however, yet, nevertheless.

Tamesis -is, m. and Tamesa -ae, f. the river Thames.

tametsi, even if, although.

tamquam (tanquam), as, just as, like as; just as if.

tandem, at length, at last; in questions, after all, may I ask?.

tango tangere tetigi tactum, to touch, strike, push, hit; to border on, to reach; to steal; to defile; to taste; to affect the feelings; to touch upon a subject.

Tantalus -i, m. a son of Jupiter, who offended the gods and was 'tantalized' in Hades.

tantillus -a -um, so little, so small.

tantisper, just so long.

tantopere, so greatly, so much.

tantulus -a -um, so small, so little; n. as subst. such a trifle.

tantum; see tantus.

tantummodo, only just.

tantus -a -um, of such a size, so great. N. as subst. tantum -i, so much; acc. as adv. so far, or only; 'tantum non', all but; genit. tanti, for so much, worth so much; abl. tanto, by so much.

tantusdem tantadem tantundem, just so much, just so great.

tapeta -ae, m. tapeta -orum, n. pl. and tapetia -ium, n. pl. drapery, tapestry.

tardesco -ere, to become slow.

tardipes -pedis, slow-footed, limping.

tarditas -atis, f. slowness, tardiness; dullness, stupidity.

tardo -are: intransit. to loiter, be slow; transit. to slow down, hinder, delay.

tardus -a -um, adj. slow, tardy; dull, stupid; poet. making slow; of speech, measured, deliberate. Adv. tarde, slowly.

Tarentum -i, n. a coastal town of southern Italy (now Taranto); adj. Tarentinus -a -um.

Tarpeius -a -um, name of a Roman family; 'mons Tarpeius', the Tarpeian rock, from which criminals were thrown.

Tarquinii -orum, m. pl. an old town in Etruria, whence came the Tarquin family, including two kings of Rome.

Tarraco -onis, f. a town in Spain.

Tartarus (-os) -i, m.: plur. Tartara -orum, n. the infernal regions; adj. Tartareus -a -um.

taureus -a -um, of a bull; f. as subst. a whip of bull's hide.

taurinus -a -um, of or like a bull.

taurus -i, m. a bull.

Taurus -i, m. a mountain range in Asia Minor.

taxatio -onis, f. rating, valuing, appraising.

taxillus -i, m. a small die.

taxus -i, f. yew tree.

te; see tu.

techna -ae, f. a cunning trick, artifice.

tector -oris, m. a plasterer.

tectoriolum -i, n. plaster or stucco work.

tectorius -a -um, used for covering, or for plastering; n. as subst. plaster, stucco, fresco painting, cosmetic.

tectus -a -um, partic. from tego; q.v.

teges -etis, f. a mat, rug, covering.

tegimen, tegumen, tegmen -inis, n. a cover, covering.

tegimentum, tegumentum, tegmentum -i, n. a covering.

tego tegere texi tectum, to cover; to bury; to conceal; to shield, protect. Hence partic. tectus -a -um, covered, concealed; close, reserved, cautious, wary. N. as subst. tectum -i, a roof or ceiling; a shelter, dwelling. Adv. tecte, covertly.

tegu-; see also tegi-.

tegula -ae, f. a roof tile.

tela -ae, f. a web in weaving; a warp; a spider's web; a loom; a design.

Telemachus -i, m. son of Penelope and Ulysses.

tellus -uris, f. earth, soil, land; a country; the world.

telum -i, n. a missile; a dart, javelin, spear; any weapon; a beam of light.

temerarius -a -um, accidental; inconsiderate, thoughtless, rash.

temere, adv. blindly, by chance, casually, heedlessly; 'non temere', not for nothing, not lightly; not easily.

temeritas -atis, f. chance, accident; rashness.

temero -are, to darken; to defile, dishonor.

temetum -i, n. intoxicating drink; wine, etc..

temno temnere tempsi temptum, to despise.

temo -onis, m. a pole; the pole of a wagon; a wagon; Charles's Wain.

Tempe, n. pl. indecl. a valley in Thessaly.

temperamentum -i, n. a right proportion, middle way, mean, moderation.

temperantia -ae, f. temperance, moderation, self-control.

temperatio -onis, f. moderation, just proportion; an organizing principle.

temperator -oris, m. one who arranges or governs.

temperi; see tempus.

temperies -ei, f. a proper mixture, tempering; of climate, mildness.

tempero -are: intransit. to be moderate, control oneself; with dat. to control, use with moderation, or to spare; with ab, or with abl., to keep from, refrain from; transit. to mix properly, temper, mitigate, regu- late. Hence partic. temperans -antis, moderate, temperate, restrained; adv. temperanter; perf. partic. temperatus -a -um, tempered, ordered, moder- ate; adv. temperate.

tempestas -atis, f. a period of time, a season; weather; esp. bad weather, storm, tempest; fig. attack, fury.

tempestivitas -atis, f. fit time, proper season.

tempestivus -a -um, opportune, fit, appropriate; early; ripe, mature. Adv. tempestive, seasonably.

templum -i, n. a section, a part cut off; a space marked out by the augur for auspices; consecrated ground, esp. a sanctuary, asylum; a place dedi- cated to a deity, a shrine, temple; any open space, quarter, region; a rafter, crossbeam.

temporalis -e, temporary, lasting for a time.

temporarius -a -um, temporary; seasonable.

tempori; see tempus.

temptabundus -a -um, trying, attempting.

temptamen -inis, n. a trial, attempt, essay.

temptamentum -i, n. a trial, attempt, essay.

temptatio -onis, f. a trial, test; an attack.

temptator -oris, m. an assailant.

tempto -are, to prove, try, test, attempt; to test by attack, to assail; to work upon, tamper with, excite, disturb.

tempus -oris, n. a division, section; the temples of the head; of time, space, period, moment; in gen. time; a fit time, occasion, oppor- tunity; the state, condition of things (esp. bad); time in pronouncing a syllable, quantity; time in grammar, tense. As adv. tempore, tempori, and temperi, at the right time, or for the occasion; 'in tempore', at the right moment; 'ex tempore', on the spur of the moment.

temulentus -a -um, drunken, tipsy.

tenacitas -atis, f. tenacity; stinginess.

tenax -acis, holding fast, clinging, tenacious; sparing, frugal, stingy; firm, steady, obstinate. Adv. tenaciter, firmly, steadily.

tendicula -ae, f. a snare, trap.

tendo tendere tetendi tentum and tensum: transit. to stretch, extend, spread; to direct, present, give; 'barbiton', to string; 'praetorium', to pitch; intransit. to direct one's course, tend, make towards; to be in- clined, aim at, strive after; with infin. to try, attempt; milit. to pitch one's tent, encamp.

tenebrae -arum, f. pl. darkness; night; blindness; obscurity.

tenebricosus -a -um, dark, gloomy, obscure.

tenebrosus -a -um, dark, gloomy.

teneo tenere tenui tentum, to hold; to possess, keep, preserve, maintain; to understand, grasp, know, remember; to contain, comprise; milit. to occupy, garrison; to master, restrain, keep back; to charm, delight, amuse; intransit. to keep on, persevere, persist, endure.

tener -era -erum, tender, delicate, soft; young; adv. tenere.

tenerasco -ere, to grow tender.

teneritas -atis, f. tenderness, softness.

tenor -oris, m. course, continued movement; duration, career.

tensa -ae, f. a car on which images of the gods were carried.

tento; see tempto.

tentigo -inis, f. lecherousness.

tentorium -i, n. a tent.

tentus -a -um, partic. from tendo and teneo; q.v.

tenuiculus -a -um, very mean, slight.

tenuis -e, thin, slight, slender; refined, subtle; little, trivial, feeble; mean, low. Adv. tenuiter, thinly; subtly; slightly, poorly.

tenuitas -atis, f. thinness; refinement, subtlety; slightness, poverty.

tenuo -are, to make thin, attenuate; to weaken, diminish.

tenus, prep. after noun or pronoun in abl. or genit. up to, down to, as far as.

tepefacio -facere -feci -factum, to make warm.

tepeo -ere, to be warm, or lukewarm.

tepesco tepescere tepui, to grow warm or lukewarm.

tepidus -a -um, warm, lukewarm, tepid; compar. adv. tepidius.

tepor -oris, m. lukewarmness, moderate heat.

ter, three times, thrice.

terdecies (-iens), thirteen times.

terebinthus -i, f. the terebinth tree.

terebro -are, to bore through, pierce, perforate.

teredo -inis, f. a worm that gnaws wood.

Terentius -a -um, the name of a Roman gens; esp. of M. Terentius Afer, the comic dramatist.

teres -retis, rounded, polished, well-turned, smooth; refined, elegant.

tergeminus; = trigeminus; q.v.

tergeo -ere and tergo -ere -tersi -tersum, to wipe, scour, clean; partic. tersus -a -um, clean, neat, correct.

tergiversatio -onis, f. backwardness, reluctance, evasion.

tergiversor -ari, dep. to be backward and reluctant, shuffle, find excuses, evade.

tergo; = tergeo; q.v.

tergum -i, n. the back; 'terga dare', to flee; 'a tergo', in the rear; a hide, skin; meton. a thing made out of hide.

tergus -oris, n. the back; skin, hide, leather.

termes -itis, m. a branch, esp. of olive.

Terminalia -ium and -iorum, n. pl. the Festival of Terminus (god of boundaries).

terminatio -onis, f. limiting, determination, termination.

termino -are, to limit, set bounds to, restrict, define, close.

terminus -i, m. a boundary-mark, limit, end; personif. the god of boundaries.

terni -ae -a, three at a time, or three each.

tero terere trivi tritum, to rub; to whet, smooth; to grind, thresh; to wear out, use up, spend. Hence partic. as adj. tritus -a -um, worn; frequented; practiced; of words, etc. trite, well-known.

Terpsichore -es, f. the Muse of dancing; in gen. poetry.

terra -ae, f. earth, land, ground, soil; a country, land, region; 'orbis terrarum', the whole world.

terrenus -a -um, belonging to the earth, terrestrial; made of earth, earthen; n. as subst. land, ground.

terreo terrere, to frighten, terrify; scare away; to deter.

terrestris -e, of the earth, terrestrial.

terreus -a -um, of the earth, earthly.

terribilis -e, terrible, dreadful.

terricula -orum, n. pl. a bogey.

terrifico -are, to frighten, terrify.

terrificus -a -um, frightful, terrible.

terrigena -ae, m. and f. earth-born.

terriloquus -a -um, terror-speaking.

territo -are, to frighten, intimidate, scare.

territorium -i, n. land belonging to a town, district, territory.

terror -oris, m. fright, fear, terror; a frightening object.

tersus -a -um, partic. from tergeo; q.v.

tertiadecimani -orum, m. pl. soldiers of the thirteenth legion.

tertianus -a -um. (1) of the third day; f. as subst. a tertian fever. (2) belonging to the third legion; m. pl. as subst. soldiers of the third legion.

tertius -a -um, third; acc. n. sing. tertium, for the third time; abl. tertio, for the third time, thirdly.

tertiusdecimus -a -um, thirteenth.

teruncius -i, m. one quarter; 'ne teruncius quidem', not a farthing.

tesqua (tesca) -orum, n. pl. wastes, deserts.

tesella -ae, f. a small cube of stone.

tessera -ae, f. a cube; a piece of mosaic paving; a die (with numbers on all six sides); a token; a watchword.

tesserarius -i, m. the officer who received the watchword.

testa -ae, f. an earthen vessel, pot, jug, urn, etc.; a potsherd; a brick or tile; the shell of a shellfish; any shell, covering.

testamentarius -a -um, relating to a will; m. as subst. a forger of wills.

testamentum -i, n. a last will, testament.

testatio -onis, f. calling to witness, or bearing witness.

testificatio -onis, f. bearing witness, testifying; evidence, proof.

testificor -ari, dep. to bear witness to, give evidence of; to show, bring to light; to call to witness.

testimonium -i, n. witness, evidence; proof, indication.

testis (1) -is, c. one who gives evidence, a witness; an eye-witness, a spectator.

testis (2) -is, m. a testicle.

testor -ari, dep. (1) to bear witness to, give evidence of; to make known, publish, declare; as pass. to be attested, declared. (2) to make a will. (3) to call to witness.

testudineus -a -um, of a tortoise; of tortoise-shell.

testudo -inis, f. a tortoise; tortoise-shell; a lyre, cithara, etc.; an arch or vault; milit. a shed, to protect soldiers while attacking fortifica- tions, also a formation with shields held over the soldiers' heads and interlocking.

testula -ae, f. a potsherd.

testum -i, n. with abl. testo and testu, an earthen pot.

teter; see taeter.

Tethys -thyos; acc. -thyn; f. a marine goddess.

tetrachmum or tetradachmum -i, n. a Greek coin of four drachmae.

tetrarches -ae, m. ruler over one-fourth of a country, a tetrarch.

tetrarchia -ae, f. a tetrarchy.

tetricus -a -um, harsh, gloomy, severe.

Teucer -cri and Teucrus -i, m. (1) son of Telamon, and brother of Ajax. (2) first king of Troy; hence adj. Teucrus -a -um, Trojan; m. pl. as subst. the Trojans; Teucria -ae, f. Troy.

Teutoni -orum and Teutones -um, m. pl. the Teutons, a Germanic people.

texo texere texui textum, to weave; to twine together, plait; to put together, construct, build; of speech and writing, to compose. N. of partic. as subst. textum -i, woven cloth, a web; fabric; of composition, style.

textilis -e, woven, textile, plaited. N. as subst. a woven fabric, piece of cloth.

textor -oris, m. a weaver.

textrix -tricis, f. a weaver.

textrinum -i, n. weaving.

textum -i, n. subst. from texo; q.v.

textura -ae, f. a web, textuæ§0Öpˆñ@ther, constrùîýon.

textus -us, m. a web; texture, structure; of speech or writing, connection.

thalamus -i, m. a room, esp. a woman's bedroom; a marriage-bed; any abode, dwelling.

thalassinus -a -um, sea-green.

Thalia -ae, f. the Muse of comic poetry.

thallus -i, m. a green branch.

Thapsus (-os) -i, f. a town in Africa, where Caesar conquered the Pompeians

theatralis -e, of a theater, theatrical.

theatrum -i, n. a theater.

Thebae -arum, f. pl. Thebes. (1) a city of Upper Egypt. (2) the chief city of Boeotia. Adj. Thebanus -a -um, belonging to Thebes.

theca -ae, f. a case, envelope, covering.

thema -atis, m. a topic, subject.

theologus -i, m. a theologian.

thermae -arum, f. pl. warm springs, warm baths.

thesaurus -i, m. a treasure, store, hoard; a treasury, store-house.

Theseus -ei and -eos, m. a king of Athens, conqueror of the Minotaur; adj. Theseus and Theseius -a -um, of Theseus.

thesis -is, f. a proposition, thesis.

Thessalia -ae, f. Thessaly, a region in the north of Greece; adj. Thessalicus and Thessalus -a -um, Thessalian; f. adj. Thessalis -idis, Thessalian.

Thetis -idis of -idos, f. a sea-nymph, mother of Achilles; poet. the sea.

thiasus -i, m. a Bacchic rout, band of revellers.

Thisbe -es, f. a Babylonian maiden, loved by Pyramus.

tholus -i, m. a cupola, dome.

thorax -acis, m. a breastplate, cuirass.

Thracia -ae; also Thraca -ae and Thrace -es; f. the country of Thrace; adj. Thracius and Threicius -a -um, Thracian; Thrax -acis and Threx -ecis, m. Thracian, a Thracian.

Thucydides -is, m. the Athenian historian of the Peloponnesian war.

Thule (Thyle) -es, f. an island in the extreme north of Europe.

thunnus (thynnus) -i, m. a tunny-fish.

thus; = tus; q.v.

thurarius; =turarius; q.v.

Thyestes -ae and -is, m. son of Pelops, brother of Atreus.

Thyias and Thyas -adis, f. a Bacchante. 1

Thyle; = Thule; q.v. 1

thymbra -ae, f. the herb savory.

thymum -i, n. the herb thyme.

thynnus; = thunnus; q.v.

thyrsus -i, m. the stalk of a plant; a wand, as carried by Bacchus and his attendants.

tiara -ae, f. and tiarus -i, m. a turban.

Tiberis -beris, m.; also poet. Tibris or Thibris -bridis, m. the river Tiber; adj. Tiberinus -a -um, of the river Tiber; m. as subst., the river-god of the Tiber.

Tiberius -i, m. a Roman praenomen (abbrev. T.).

tibia -ae, f. the shin-bone, tibia; a pipe, flute (originally made of a hollow bone).

tibicen -inis, m. a flute-player, piper; a pillar, prop.

tibicina -ae, f. a female flute-player.

tibicinium -i, n. playing on the flute.

Tibris; = Tiberis; q.v.

Tibullus -i, m.; Albius, a Roman elegiac poet.

Tibur -buris, n. an old town in Latium; adj. Tiburs -burtis, Tiburtinus and Tiburnus -a -um.

tigillum -i, n. a small beam.

tignarius -a -um, of beams; 'faber', a carpenter.

tignum -i, n. a beam.

Tigranes -is, m. a king of Armenia.

tigris -idis and -is, c. a tiger.

tilia -ae, f. linden or lime-tree.

timefactus -a -um, frightened, alarmed.

timeo -ere, to be afraid, fear, dread; partic. timens -entis, fearing, fearful.

timiditas -atis, f. fearfulness, timidity.

timidus -a -um, fearful, timid; adv. timide.

timor -oris, m. fear, dread; an object exciting fear.

tinctilis -e, in which something is dipped.

tinea -ae, f. a grub, larva, worm.

tingo tingere tinxi tinctum, to wet, moisten; to dye, color, imbue.

tinnio -ire, to ring, tinkle; to talk shrilly; to make to chink; hence to pay money.

tinnitus -us, m. ringing, tinkling, jingling.

tinnulus -a -um, ringing, tinkling, jingling.

tintinnabulum -i, n. a bell.

tintinno (tintino) -are, to ring, tinkle.

tinus -i, f. a shrub, the laurustinus.

Tiridates -datis, m. name of several kings of Armenia.

tiro -onis, m. a young soldier; a recruit, beginner, learner.

tirocinium -i, n. the state of a recruit, rawness, inexperience; beginning, apprenticeship; concr. a body of recruits.

tirunculus -i, m. a young beginner.

Tiryns -nthis or -nthos, f. an Argive town where Hercules was brought up; adj. Tirynthius -a -um.

Tisiphone -es, f. one of the Furies.

Titan -tanis and Titanus -i, m.: usually plur. Titanes -um and Titani -orum, the Titans, who warred against Jupiter and were cast into Hades.

Tithonus -i, m. husband of Aurora.

Tities -ium and Titienses -ium, m. pl. one of the three original tribes at Rome.

titillatio -onis, f. a tickling.

titillo -are, to tickle.

titubatio -onis, f. a staggering, reeling; uncertainty.

titubo -are, to totter, stagger; to stammer; to falter, waver, hesitate; adv. from partic. titubanter, hesitatingly, uncertainly.

titulus -i, m. an inscription, label, notice; a title, honor; pretence, pretext.

Titus -i, m. a Roman praenomen (abbrev. T.).

toculio -onis, m. a usurer.

tofus (tophus) -i, m. tufa.

toga -ae, f. the white woolen upper garment worn by Roman citizens.

togatulus -i, m. a little client.

togatus -a -um, wearing the toga; m. as subst. a Roman citizen; f. as subst. the national drama of the Romans.

togula -ae, f. a little toga.

tolerabilis -e: pass. bearable; act. tolerant, patient; compar. adv. tolerabilius, rather patiently.

tolerantia -ae, f. bearing, endurance.

toleratio -onis, f. bearing, endurance.

tolero -are, to carry, bear, endure, sustain; to support, keep up, main- tain. Hence pres. partic. tolerans -antis, enduring, patient; adv. toleranter; perf. partic. toleratus -a -um, endurable.

tolleno -onis, m. a machine for raising weights, a crane.

tollo tollere sustuli sublatum. (1) to lift up, raise, elevate;'in crucem', to crucify; 'tollere ancoras', to weigh anchor; 'laudibus', to extol; of children, to acknowledge as one's own, to bring up. (2) to take away, remove, carry off, steal; to destroy, abolish.

tomaculum (-aclum) -i, n. a kind of sausage.

tomentum -i, n. the stuffing of a pillow, mattress, etc..

Tomi -orum, m. pl. and Tomis -is, f. a town on the Black Sea, Ovid's place of exile.

tomus -i, m. a cutting, chip, shred.

tondeo tondere totondi tonsum, to shave, shear, clip; to mow, reap, prune; to browse on, crop; to fleece a person.

tonitrus -us, m. and tonitrum -i, n. thunder.

tono -are -ui -itum, to thunder. Transf.: intransit. to make a loud noise; transit. to thunder forth.

tonsa -ae, f. an oar.

tonsilis -e, shorn, clipped, cut.

tonsillae -arum, f. pl. the tonsils.

tonsor -oris, m. a hair-cutter, barber.

tonsorius -a -um, of or for clipping.

tonstricula -ae, f. a little female barber.

tonstrina -ae, f. a barber's shop.

tonstrix -icis, f. a female barber.

tonsura -ae, f. clipping, shearing, shaving.

tophus; = tofus; q.v.

topiarius -a -um, of ornamental gardening; m. as subst. a landscape gardener; f. as subst. the art of landscape gardening.

toral -alis, n. the valance of a couch.

toreuma -atis, n. carved or embossed work.

tormentum -i, n. an instrument for twisting or pressing; a windlass; the rack; any instrument of torture; hence suasion, pressure; torture, torment; milit. a piece of artillery, or missile.

tormina -ium, n. pl. the colic, gripes.

torminosus -a -um, suffering from colic.

torno -are, to turn in a lathe; to round, make round.

tornus -i, m. a lathe.

torosus -a -um, muscular, brawny.

torpedo -inis, f. (1) lethargy, sluggishness. (2) a fish, the electric ray.

torpeo -ere, to be sluggish, numb, inert, inactive.

torpesco -pescere -pui, to become sluggish or numb.

torpidus -a -um, numb, sluggish.

torpor -oris, m. numbness, sluggishness, dullness, inactivity.

torquatus -a -um, wearing a twisted collar or necklace.

torqueo torquere torsi tortum, to twist, wind, curl, wrench; to distort; to hurl violently, whirl; to rack, torture, torment, plague, try, test. Hence partic. tortus -a -um, twisted, crooked, intricate; adv. torte.

torquis (torques) -is, m. and f. a twisted collar or necklace; a ring, wreath, chaplet.

torreo torrere torrui tostum, to burn, parch, dry up. Hence partic. torrens -entis, burning, hot, parched; rushing, seething. M. as subst. a torrent.

torresco -ere, to become parched.

torridus -a -um, parched, burnt, dry. Transf. pinched, nipped with cold

torris -is, m. a firebrand.

tortilis -e, twisted, twined.

torto -are, to torment, torture.

tortor -oris, m. a torturer, tormentor; a wielder.

tortuosus -a -um, tortuous, intricate, involved.

tortus (1) -a -um, partic. from torqueo; q.v.

tortus (2) -us, m. a twisting, curve.

torus -i, m. any round protuberance; a muscle; a bed, sofa; a marriage couch; a bier; a mound; fig. an ornament.

torvitas -atis, f. savageness, wildness.

torvus -a -um, savage, grim, fierce.

tot, indecl. so many.

totidem, indecl. just as many.

toties (-iens), so often, so many times.

totus -a -um, genit. totius, dat. toti; whole, complete, entire; whole- hearted, absorbed. N. as subst. totum -i, the whole; 'ex toto, in toto', on the whole.

toxicum -i, n. poison (for arrows).

trabalis -e, of beams of wood; like a beam.

trabea -ae, f. a white robe with scarlet stripes and a purple seam, worn by kings and knights.

trabeatus -a -um, clad in the trabea; q.v..

trabs trabis, f. a beam of wood; a tree-trunk; a ship; a roof; a table.

tractabilis -e, that can be handled, manageable; yielding, compliant.

tractatio -onis, f. handling, management.

tractator -oris, m. a masseur.

tractatrix -icis, f. a masseuse.

tractatus -us, m. handling, management, treatment.

tractim, gradually, by degrees.

tracto -are, to drag along, haul, pull about; to handle, manage, treat; to behave towards a person.

tractus (1) -a -um, partic. from traho; q.v.

tractus (2) -us, m. a dragging process; 'verborum', drawling; 'belli', extension; concr. a track, trail; extent, position; a tract, district

traditio -onis, f. giving up, surrender; instruction, relation.

traditor -oris, m. traitor.

trado (transdo) -dere -didi -ditum, to hand over, give up, surrender, betray; to hand down to posterity; esp. to hand down an account of an event, to report, relate, teach; with reflex. to commit, surrender, devote one- self.

traduco (transduco) -ducere -duxi -ductum, to lead over, bring over or across; to lead past in front of others; to transpose, transfer; of time, to pass, spend, lead; to show, display; to expose to ridi- cule, 'show up'.

traductio -onis, f. transferring; rhet. metonomy; 'temporis', passage or lapse of time.

traductor -oris, m. a transferrer.

tradux -ucis, m. vine-layer.

tragicus -a -um, tragic; lofty, sublime; awful, fearful. M. as subst., a tragic poet. Adv. tragice, tragically.

tragoedia -ae, f. tragedy; a dramatic scene.

tragoedus -i, m. tragic actor, tragedian.

tragula -ae, f. a species of javelin.

trahea -ae, f. sledge, drag.

traho trahere traxi tractum, to trail, pull along; to drag, pull violently; to draw in, take up; of air, to breathe; to draw out, hence to leng- then; to draw together, contract. Transf. to draw, attract; to take in or on, assume, derive; to prolong, spin out; to ascribe, refer, inter- pret. Hence partic. tractus -a -um, of speech, fluent, flowing. N. as subst. a flock of wool.

traicio (transicio) -icere -ieci -iectum. (1) to throw a thing (or person) across something; to convey over, transport. (2) to pass through or across a thing (or person); to cross, penetrate, pierce.

traiectio -onis, f. a passing over, crossing over; transferring, transpo- sition; hyperbole.

traiectus -us, m. crossing over, passage.

tralat-; = translat-; q.v.

traluceo; = transluceo; q.v.

trama -ae, f. the woof in weaving.

trameo; = transmeo; q.v.

trames -itis, m. by-way, foot-path.

tramigro; = transmigro; q.v.

tramitto; = transmitto; q.v.

tranato (transnato) -are, to swim across, pass through.

tranquillitas -atis, f. quiet, calm.

tranquillus -a -um, quiet, calm. N. as subst. a calm, quietness. Adv. tranquille.

trans, prep. with acc. over, across, on or to the other side of.

transabeo -ire -ii, to go through or past.

transactor -oris, m. manager, accomplisher.

transadigo -igere -egi -actum, to drive a thing through something else; also to pierce, penetrate.

Transalpinus -a -um, beyond the Alps, transalpine.

transcendo (transscendo) -scendere -scendi -scensum, to climb over, pass over; to step over, transgress.

transcribo (transscribo) -scribere -scripsi -scriptum, to copy, transcribe. Transf. to transfer, convey, assign.

transcurro -currere -cucurri -cursum, to run across or over, hasten past.

transcursus -us, m. a running past, hastening through.

transdo; = trado; q.v.

transduco; = traduco; q.v.

transenna -ae, f. lattice-work, grating.

transeo -ire -ii -itum, to go over, cross, pass over, go past. Transf., to be changed; to pass time; to pass beyond, transgress; to pass over, ignore, or touch lightly on.

transfero transferre transtuli translatum and tralatum, to carry over or across; to transfer, transport, convey. Transf. to put off, defer; to change; in writing, to copy; to translate into another language; to use a word figuratively or metaphorically.

transfigo -figere -fixi -fixum, to pierce through, or thrust through.

transfodio -fodere -fodi -fossum, to stab through, transfix.

transformis -e, changed, transformed.

transformo -are, to change, transform.

transfuga -ae, m. deserter.

transfugio -fugere -fugi -fugitum, to desert to the enemy.

transfugium -i, n. desertion.

transfundo -fundere -fudi -fusum, to pour over from one vessel into another, to transfer.

transfusio -onis, f. a pouring out, pouring off.

transgredior -gredi -gressus, dep. to go across, pass over.

transgressio -onis, f. going over, passage; transposition of words.

transgressus -us, m. going over, passage.

transigo -igere -egi -actum, to stab, pierce through; of time, to pass, spend; of business, to finish, complete, accomplish, transact; of a difference or dispute, to settle.

transilio (transsilio) -silire -silui, to spring over, leap across; to pass over a thing, or to pass beyond, transgress.

transitio -onis, f. going across, passing over; communication, infection, contagion; concr. a passage.

transitus -us, m. a passing over or across, transit; changing over, transition.

translaticius (tralaticius) -a -um, customary, prescriptive; common, usual.

translatio (tralatio) -onis, f. transferring, handing over; of plants, grafting; a translation; a metaphor, trope.

translativus -a -um, transferable.

translator -oris, m. a transferrer.

transluceo (traluceo) -ere, to shine through or across.

transmarinus -a -um, from beyond the sea, foreign.

transmeo (trameo) -meare, to go over or through.

transmigro -are, to migrate.

transmissio -onis, f. passage.

transmissus -us, m. passage.

transmitto (tramitto) -mittere -misi -missum. (1) to send across, send over, transmit; to convey, make over, entrust; of time, to let pass. (2) to go across, pass through or over; to leave unnoticed.

transmontani -orum, m. pl. dwellers beyond the mountains.

transmoveo -movere -movi -motum, to remove, transfer.

transmuto -are, to change, transmute.

transnato; = tranato; q.v.

transpadanus -a -um, beyond (i.e. north of) the Po, transpadane.

transpectus -us, m. a looking through, seeing through.

transpicio (transspicio) -spicere, to look through, see through.

transpono -ponere -posui -positum, to put over, remove, transfer.

transporto -are, to convey across, transport.

transrhenanus -a -um, beyond the Rhine.

transtiberinus -a -um, beyond the Tiber.

transtrum -i, n. cross-beam; thwart.

transulto (transsulto) -are, to spring across.

transuo (transsuo) -suere, to sew through; hence to pierce through.

transvectio (travectio) -onis, f. a carrying across or past; esp. the riding of a Roman knight past the censor at the periodical muster.

transveho (traveho) -vehere -vexi -vectum, to carry over or past; pass., to ride, sail, etc., across; of a knight, to ride past the censor at a muster; of time, to pass by.

transverbero -are, to pierce through, transfix.

transversarius -a -um, lying across, transverse.

transversus, traversus and transvorsus -a -um, transverse, oblique, athwart; 'tranverso itinere', obliquely; 'transversum digitum', a finger's breadth; 'de transverso', unexpectedly.

transvolito -are, to fly across.

transvolo (travolo) -are, to fly over or across; to hasten through or past.

trapetus -i, m. trapetum -i, n. and plur. trapetes -um, m. an oil-press.

Trasumenus (also Trasy- and Trasi-; also with double n) -i, m. the Trasimene lake, where Hannibal conquered the Romans under Flaminius (217 B.C.).

trav-; = transv-; q.v.

treceni -ae -a, three hundred at a time or each.

trecentesimus -a -um, three-hundredth.

trecenti -ae -a, three hundred.

trecenties (-iens), three hundred times.

trechedipnum -i, n. light garment worn at table.

tredecim, indecl. num. thirteen.

tremebundus -a -um, trembling.

tremefacio -facere -feci -factum, to cause to tremble.

tremesco (tremisco) -ere, to tremble, quake; with acc. to tremble at.

tremi-; see treme-.

tremo -ere -ui, to tremble, quake; with acc. to tremble at; gerundive as adj. tremendus -a -um, fearful, terrible.

tremor -oris, m. a trembling, quaking.

tremulus -a -um, trembling, quaking; poet. that causes trembling.

trepidatio -onis, f. agitation, anxiety.

trepido -are, to be agitated, be busy, bustle about; with acc. to be anxious about; with infin. to be in a hurry to do a thing; of flame, to flicker. Adv. from partic. trepidanter, anxiously, hurriedly.

trepidus -a -um, agitated, restless, disturbed, in an emergency; adv. trepide.

tres tria, num. three.

tresviri; = triumviri; q.v.

Treveri (Treviri) -orum, m. pl. a Germanic people.

triangulus -a -um, three-cornered, triangular. N. as subst. a triangle.

triarii -orum, m. pl. experienced Roman soldiers, drawn up in the third rank, behind the others.

tribuarius -a -um, relating to a tribe.

tribulis -is, m. a fellow-tribesman.

tribulum -i, n. threshing machine.

tribulus -i, m. a thorny plant, the caltrop.

tribunal -alis, n. the tribunal, a raised platform used by magistrates and generals.

tribunatus -us, m. tribuneship.

tribunicius -a -um, of a tribune, tribunicial; m. as subst. an ex- tribune.

tribunus -i, m. a tribune; 'tribuni aerarii', paymasters who assisted the quaestors; 'tribuni militum', or 'militares', military officers, of whom there were six to every legion; 'tribuni plebis', tribunes of the people, magistrates who protected the plebeians.

tribuo -uere -ui -utum, to divide out, allot, assign; to grant, give, allow, yield, ascribe, attribute.

tribus -us, f. a tribe, a division of the Roman people.

tributarius -a -um, relating to tribute.

tributim, tribe by tribe.

tributio -onis, f. a distribution.

tributum -i, n. tax, tribute. Transf. a gift, present.

tributus -a -um, arranged according to tribes.

tricae -arum, f. pl. trifles, nonsense; vexation, troubles.

triceni -ae -a, thirty at a time or each.

triceps -cipitis, three-headed.

tricesimus (-ensimus), thirtieth.

trichila -ae, f. summer-house, arbor.

tricies (-iens), thirty times.

triclinium -i, n. dining-couch; hence dining-room.

tricor -ari, dep. to make difficulties, shuffle, trifle.

tricorpor -poris, having three bodies.

tricuspis -idis, having three points.

tridens -entis, having three teeth or prongs. M. as subst. a trident, a three-pronged spear.

tridentifer -fera -ferum, the trident-bearer (of Neptune).

tridentiger -gera -gerum, the trident-bearer (of Neptune).

triduum -i, n. a space of three days.

triennia -ium, n. pl. a festival celebrated every three years.

triennium -i, n. the space of three years.

triens -entis, m. a third part, one-third.

trientabulum -i, n. the equivalent in land for the third part of a sum of money.

trierarchus -i, m. the commander of a trireme.

trietericus -a -um, recurring every three years, triennial.

trieteris -idis, f. a space of three years or a triennial festival.

trifariam, in three places, on three sides.

trifaux -faucis, having three throats.

trifidus -a -um, split into three parts, three-forked.

triformis -e, having three forms.

trigeminus (tergeminus) -a -um, threefold, triple.

triginta, indecl. num. thirty.

trigon -onis, m. ball for playing.

trilibris -e, of three pounds' weight.

trilinguis -e, having three tongues.

trilix -icis, having three threads.

trimetros (-us) -a -um, containing three double feet. M. as subst. a trimeter.

trimus -a -um, three years old.

Trinacria -ae, f. the triangular land, i.e. Sicily; adj. Trinacrius -a -um, and f. Trinacris -idis, Sicilian.

trini -ae -a, three at a time, three together.

Trinobantes -um, m. a people in East Britain.

trinodis -e, having three knots.

triones -um, m. pl. the plowing oxen; the constellation Great Bear and Little Bear.

tripart-; see tripert-.

tripectorus -a -um, having three breasts.

tripedalis -e, of three feet in measure.

tripertitus (-partitus) -a -um, threefold, triple. N. abl. sing. tripertito (-partito), in three parts.

tripes -pedis, having three feet.

triplex -licis, threefold, triple. M. pl. as subst. a writing tablet with three leaves.

triplus -a -um, threefold, triple.

tripudio -are, to beat the ground with the feet, to dance, esp. as a religious rite.

tripudium -i, n. (1) a religious dance. (2) a favorable omen, when the sacred chickens ate fast.

tripus -podis, m. three-legged seat, tripod, esp. that at Delphi.

triquetrus -a -um, three-cornered, triangular.

triremis -e, having three banks of oars; f. as subst. a trireme.

triscurria -orum, n. pl. gross buffooneries.

tristiculus -a -um, somewhat sorrowful.

tristis -e, sad, gloomy, dismal, forbidding, harsh; of taste or smell, harsh, bitter. N. acc. triste used like adv. harshly.

tristitia -ae, f. sadness, gloom, harshness.

tristities -ei, f. sadness, gloom, harshness.

trisulcus -a -um, three-pointed, three-pronged.

triticeus -a -um, wheaten.

triticum -i, n. wheat.

Triton -onis or -onos, m. (1) Triton, son of Neptune, a god of the sea. (2) a lake in Africa, supposed birthplace of Minerva; adj. Tritoniacus, Tritonius -a -um, and f. Tritonis -idis and -idos, esp. in connection with Minerva.

tritura -ae, f. threshing.

triumphalis -e, triumphal. N. pl. as subst. the distinctions of a triumphing general.

triumpho -are, to triumph, to have a triumph; hence, fig. to exult; pass. to be triumphed over, be completely conquered.

triumphus (old form triumpus) -i, m. triumphal procession, triumph.

triumvir -viri, m. a triumvir; usually plur. triumviri (also tresviri), a board or commission of three.

triumviralis -e, of a triumvir.

triumviratus -us, m. the office of triumvir.

trivialis -e, ordinary, trivial.

trivium -i, n. a place where three roads meet, crossroads, public place.

trivius -a -um, of three ways, of crossroads; esp. of deities worshipped at crossroads; f. as subst. Trivia -ae, Diana or Hecate.

Troas -adis; see Tros.

trochaeus -i, m. a trochee, a metrical foot.

trochlea -ae, f. a set of blocks and pulleys for raising weights.

trochus -i, m. a child's hoop.

Troes; see Tros.

Troia; see Tros.

Troiades; see Tros.

Troicus; see Tros.

Troiugena -ae, born in Troy, Trojan.

tropaeum -i, n. trophy, monument of victory.

Tros Trois, m. a king of Phrygia, after whom Troy was named; Troia -ae, f. the town of Troy, besieged and finally captured by the Greeks; adj. Trous Troius, Troicus, Troianus -a -um, Trojan; subst. Tros Trois, m. a Tro- jan; f. adj. and subst. Troas -ados, Trojan, a Trojan woman.

trucidatio -onis, f. slaughtering, massacre.

trucido -are, to slaughter, massacre; to demolish, destroy.

truculentia -ae, f. roughness, ferocity.

truculentus -a -um, rough, ferocious, cruel, wild; compar. adv. truculentius.

trudis -is, f. pointed staff, stake.

trudo trudere trusi trusum, to push, thrust; to press, urge on, force.

trulla -ae, f. ladle, pan or basin.

trunco -are, to shorten, maim, mutilate.

truncus -a -um, maimed, mutilated, cut short. M. as subst. truncus -i, a lopped tree, the trunk of a tree; the trunk of a human body. Transf. a dolt, blockhead.

trutina -ae, f. a balance, pair of scales.

trux trucis, savage, fierce, grim.

tu, pron. of the 2nd person; strengthened forms in -te, -met, temet; thou, you; plur. vos, etc. ye, you.

tuba -ae, f. the straight war-trumpet of the Romans.

tuber (1) -eris, n. swelling, hump. Transf. truffle.

tuber (2) -eris, m. a kind of apple tree; f. the fruit of this tree.

tubicen -inis, m. a trumpeter.

tubilustrium -i, n. a feast of trumpets.

tudito -are, to strike often.

tueor (or tuor) tueri tuitus and tutus, dep., and tueo -ere, to look at, regard; esp. to look after, watch over, guard. Perf. partic. as pass. adj. tutus -a -um, watched over; hence safe, secure, out of danger; watchful, cautious. N. as subst. tutum -i, a safe place, safety. N. abl. tuto and adv. tute, safely.

tugurium -i, n. a peasant's hut, cottage.

tuitio -onis, f. a protecting, preservation.

Tullius -a -um, the name of a Roman gens; esp. of Servius Tullius, sixth king of Rome, and of M. Tullius Cicero, the Roman orator and statesman. Hence adj. Tullianus -a -um, Tullian; n. as subst. Tullianum -i, part of a Roman state prison.

tum, then, at that time; next, thereupon, afterwards; 'cum...tum', both ...and especially, or not only...but also.

tumefacio -facere -feci -factum, to cause to swell; to puff up with pride.

tumeo -ere, to swell, be swollen, be puffed up; to swell with pride, anger or excitement; of style, to be pompous, tumid.

tumesco tumescere tumui, to begin to swell; to swell with anger or excite- ment.

tumidus -a -um, adj. swollen, puffed up; swollen with pride, anger or excitement; of style, pompous, tumid, bombastic.

tumor -oris, m. swelling, protuberance; excitement of the mind, esp. in pride or anger; in gen. ferment, commotion; of style, turgidity, bombast.

tumulo -are, to bury.

tumulosus -a -um, full of mounds, hilly.

tumultuarius -a -um: of troops, hastily brought together, suddenly levied; in gen. sudden, hasty, improvised.

tumultuatio -onis, f. confusion, bustle.

tumultuor -ari, dep. and tumultuo -are, to be confused, be in an uproar.

tumultuosus -a -um, adj. alarmed, disturbed, confused; disquieting, turbulent; adv. tumultuose, confusedly, tumultuously.

tumultus -us, m. confusion, uproar, bustle; esp. political commotion, insurrection, rebellion. Transf. confusedly, tumultuously.

tumulus -i, m. mound of earth, hillock, hill; esp. a sepulchral mound.

tunc, then, at that time, next.

tundo tundere tutudi tunsum and tusum, to thump, pound, strike repeatedly; to deafen, importune.

tunica -ae, f. a sleeved garment, tunic; a jacket, coat, covering.

tunicatus -a -um, clothed in a tunic.

tuor; = tueor; q.v.

turba -ae, f. tumult, disturbance; hence a mob, throng, crowd.

turbamentum -i, n. means of disturbance.

turbatio -onis, f. disturbance, confusion.

turbator -oris, m. disturber, troubler.

turben -inis, n. = turbo; q.v.

turbidus -a -um, confused, disordered, wild; adv. turbide.

turbineus -a -um, shaped like a top.

turbo (1) -are, to disturb, throw into disorder or confusion; to upset; esp. to cause political disturbance, to unsettle. Hence partic. as adj. turbatus -a -um, disturbed, disordered, restless, troubled; sometimes angered, exasperated; adv. turbate.

turbo (2) -inis, m. an eddy, whirling round; a mental or political disturbance; a child's top; a reel; a spindle.

turbulentus -a -um: pass. confused, restless, stormy, boisterous; act. turbulent, causing disturbance; adv. turbulente and turbulenter, in confusion, tumultuously.

turdus -i, m. and turda -ae, f. a thrush.

tureus -a -um, of incense.

turgeo turgere tursi, to swell up, be swollen; of style, to be pompous, turgid.

turgesco -ere, to begin to swell, swell up; to swell with passion; of style, to be pompous.

turgidus -a -um, swollen; of style, turgid, bombastic.

turibulum -i, n. a censer for burning incense.

turicremus -a -um, burning incense.

turifer -fera -ferum, producing incense.

turilegus -a -um, collecting incense.

turma -ae, f. a troop of cavalry, a squadron; any troop, throng.

turmalis -e, of a troop or squadron.

turmatim, troop by troop, in troops.

Turnus -i, m. a king of the Rutuli, killed by Aeneas.

turpiculus -a -um, somewhat ugly or deformed.

turpificatus -a -um, corrupted.

turpis -e, ugly, foul; morally, foul, disgraceful; n. as subst. turpe, a disgrace; adv. turpiter, foully, disgracefully.

turpitudo -inis, f. ugliness; moral baseness, disgrace.

turpo -are, to make ugly, befoul; to disgrace, dishonor.

turriger -gera -gerum, tower-bearing.

turris -is, f. tower; esp. as used in military operations; sometimes, howdah. Transf. dovecote.

turritus -a -um, turreted, furnished with towers; towering.

turtur -uris, m. turtle dove.

tus (thus) turis, n. incense, frankincense.

Tuscus -orum, m. pl. the Tuscans, Etruscans, inhabitants of Etruria; adj. Tuscus -a -um, Etruscan.

tussio -ire, to have a cough, to cough.

tussis -is, f. a cough.

tutamen -inis, n. a defence, protection.

tutamentum -i, n. a defence, protection.

tutela -ae, f. protection, guard, charge; esp. of wards, etc. guardian- ship, tutelage; concr., act. protector, guardian; pass. the person or thing protected.

tutor (1) -oris, m. a watcher, protector; esp. the guardian of a woman, minor, or imbecile.

tutor (2) -ari, dep.: also tuto -are: to protect, watch, keep. Transf., guard against.

tutus -a -um; partic. from tueor; q.v.

tuus -a -um, possess. pron. of the 2nd pers. sing. thy, thine, your.

Tydeus -ei and -eos, m. the son of Oeneus; hence Tydides -ae, m. son of Tydeus, i.e. Diomedes. 1

tympanum (typanum) -i, n. a tambourine, kettle-drum; a drum or wheel for raising weights.

Tyndareus -ei and Tyndarus -i, m. king of Sparta, father of Castor and Pollux, Helen and Clytemnestra; adj. Tyndarius -a -um; subst. m. Tyn- darides -ae, a male descendant of Tyndareus; f. Tyndaris -idis, a female descendant of Tyndareus.

typus -i, m. a figure on a wall.

tyrannicida -ae, m. the slayer of a tyrant.

tyrannicus -a -um, tyrannical; adv. tyrannice.

tyrannis -idis, f. despotism, tyranny.

tyrannoctonus -i, m. the slayer of a tyrant.

tyrannus -i, m. an absolute ruler, prince, lord; a usurper, despot, tyrant.

Tyrius; see Tyrus.

tyrotarichos -i, m. a dish of cheese and salt-fish. 1

Tyrrheni -orum, m. pl. a Pelasgian people; subst. Tyrrhenia -ae, f. their country, Etruria; adj. Tyrrhenus -a -um, Etruscan.

Tyrus (-os) -i, f. Tyre, a city of Phoenicia, famous for its purple; adj. Tyrius -a -um.