Upper Agora

The Upper Agora - First Century Jerusalem

Photo of The Upper City Agora marketplace in the Second Temple Model.

The area east of Herod's Palace was known as the Upper City, this is where the wealthy Jews lived. In front of the Palace was the Upper Agora which was a marketplace, a market square or forum).


MARKET (Heb. ma`arab). In the NT the Gk. word 'agora is rendered "market place" and generally denotes any place of public resort in towns or cities where trials are held (Acts 16:19), where citizens resort (17:17), and where commodities are displayed for sale (Mark 7:4). From this is derived 'agoraios, "relating to the market place," and rendered "wicked men from the market place" (Acts 17:5). It is rendered "courts" in Acts 19:38, where it refers to judicial days or assemblies. Agoras in the cities of Greece or Greek cities of Asia Minor were more than markets; they were centers of life. There one might find temples, law courts, and government offices, as well as commercial facilities. Markets in the East were held at or near the gates of cities, where goods were displayed either in tents or the open air (2 Kings 7:18).