• Jerusalem, Israel

    Fifteen feet underneath the City of David a man discovers several Roman missles or catapult stones also known as "Ballista" which were used by the Romans in the destruction of Jerusalem. The man returned them to the Israeli antiquities Authority and they were verified as authentic. They were found along the Pilgrim's Road in the City of David, Jerusalem.

  • Lachish, Israel

    Archaeologists Discover a limestone carving of Assyrian gods leading the inhabitants of ancient Lachish, where the city was decimated by the Assyrian army and led away into captivity. It was actually discovered at the site of a 12 century BC Canaanite temple at ancient Lachish. Among the ruins were also columns and towers, bronze cauldrons, daggers, ax heads, and an inscription by Ramsses II, one of the powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt. There was also a pair of small smiting God's in one of the inner sanctuaries of the temple, and much more. There is much more to be discovered.

  • City Of David, Israel

    Archaeologists Unearth A 2,000 Year Old Stone Table Used For Measuring Various Currencies For Making Purchases. The Measuring Table From the Time Of Jesus Was Discovered Along A Large Paved Street In The City Of David, And Indicated That This Thoroughfare Between The Pool Of Siloam And The Temple Mount Contained A Marketplace Where There Was Buying And Selling With Weights And Measures. Experts Believe That This Table Belong To A Manager In The Marketplace. It Was Buried By The Romans In 70 Ad.

  • Shiloh, Israel

    During excavations at the site of ancient Shiloh in the city of David archaeologists uncovered a rare seal bearing the inscription, "[belonging] to Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King," This seal been from the kingdom of Judah. It is interesting that the both the name "Nathan Melech and his title "servant of the King" appear in the Bible, in the book of second Kings were he is described as an official in the court of King Josiah of Judah.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Archaeologists Uncover Over 100 Coins Trapped Beneath The Paving Stones Under The Ancient Street In The City Of David Which Gives A Precise Date To The Street. The 2,000 Foot Long 26 Foot Wide Street Which Ran From The Pool Of Siloam Through The City Of David Up To The Temple Mount Has Been Positively Dated To Around 31 Ad, The Time When Pontius Pilate Was Prefect Of Judaea. It Was A Monumental Achievement By Pontius Pilate Who Constructed The Street Using Over 10,000 Tons Of Quarried Limestone. The Slabs Were Originally Discovered In 1894 And Until Recently Archaeologists Thought Them To Be From The Time Of The Destruction Of Jerusalem By The Romans.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Scythian Arrowheads As Well As Gold And Silver Jewelry Dating To The 7th And 6th Centuries BC Have Been Excavated At Mount Zion In Jerusalem. These Arrowheads Are The Same As Those Used By Babylonian Warriors Of The Same Time Period. Similar Arrowheads Have Been Found At Other Sites That Were Destroyed By The Babylonians. The Discovery Brings Archaeological Evidence Of A Babylon Siege And Conquest Of Jerusalem As Mentioned In The Bible.

  • El-araj, Israel

    Byzantine Era Church Discovered On The Sea Of Galilee Which Is Likely To Be The Same Church That Was Identified In The Journals Of A Pilgrim Named Willibald In 725 AD Who Mentioned That A Church Was Built At Bethsaida Over The Home Of Andrew And Peter. Josephus Also Wrote Of Bethsaida At This Location.

  • Khirbet Al-rai, Israel

    Excavations Reveal A Philistine Settlement Dating To The Time Of David According To Carbon-14 Tests. Some Believe That It Could Be The Site Of Ancient Ziklag Where David Sought Refuge From King Saul Although Most Biblical Experts Believe That Ziglath Would Have Been Further South According To Joshua 15.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    First Temple Period Burnt Clay Seal Discovered In The City Of David Bearing The Name Nathan-Melech Who Is Mentioned In The Bible In The Book Of 2 Kings 23:11. He Was An Official In The House Of King Josiah And This Seal Could Very Well Have Belonged To The Same Nathan- Melech Who Is Mentioned In Connection With The Reforms Set By King Josiah. This Is A Significant Discovery Because It Is The First Discovery Connected To The Biblical King Josiah From The Time Of The First Temple, The Temple Of Solomon.

  • Abydos, Egypt

    Large Hall From The Temple Palace Of Pharaoh Rameses II Was Unearthed In Abydos Egypt. He Was The Son Of The Great Seti I, And One Of His Sons Was Pharaoh Merneptah Who Wrote On His War Diary About His Victories Over Libya And Boasted of His Victory Over "Israel" In The Land Of Canaan, Which Would Have Been During The Period Of The Judges Of Israel.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    In A Tunnel Underground In East Jerusalem A Large Roman Walkway 700 Yards In Length Has Been Dug-Through From The Time Of Jesus Which Could Be The Same Walkway That Jesus Told The Blind Man To Go From The Temple And Wash At The Pool Of Siloam Which Was Located At The Southern Corner Of The City Of David. The Excavation Reveals What Could Be The Main Thoroughfare From The Poor City Of David To The Temple Of Herod.

  • Black Sea

    Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Dating Back To The Time Of Ezra And Nehemiah Was Discovered In The Black Sea Near Bulgaria. The Ship Was Over One Mile Deep and Very Well Preserved Measuring Over 70 Feet In Length.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    The Word "Jerusalem" Was Excavated On A Stone Column In a Potters Quarter Of The City Of Jeruslalem By Israeli Archaeologists. It Dates To The Time Of Jesus And The Temple Of Herod The Great. The Stone Is The First Full Spelling Of Jerusalem From The Second Temple Period According To The Israeli Antiquities Authority. The Jerusalem Stone Is On Display At The Israel Museum.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Archaeological Excavations At Jerusalem's Temple Mount In First Temple Remains Dr. Mazar Says "We Have Discovered a Seal Impression Which May Have Belonged To The Prophet Isaiah."

  • Caesarea, Israel

    Archaeologists Discover A Roman Era Mosaic At The Site Of Ancient Caesarea Dating Back To The 2nd or 3rd Century. The Colorfully Detailed Mosaic Has Small Stones Placed At About 12,000 Stones Per Square Meter.

  • Amarna, Egypt

    Archaeologists Uncover An Ancient Graveyard of Young Slaves Dating Back To The Time Of The Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt At Akhenaten's Capital City, Amarna.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Archaeological Excavations At A First Century Garbage Heap In Jerusalem Reveals A Kosher Diet During The Time Of Jesus.

  • Rome, Italy

    Another Arch Of Titus Uncovered At The Ruins Of Domitian's Circus Maximus In Rome, Boasting Of His Brother Titus' Famous Victory Over The Distraught Jews.

  • Tel Dor, Israel

    An Ancient Stone Block Was Discovered In The Mediterranean Sea At Tel Dor In Israel Which Revealed The Name Of The Roman Governor Of "Judea" as Gargilius Antiquus. The Stone Dates to Around 135 AD. Soon After the Name of Judea Was Changed By The Romans To Syria/Palestina.

  • Lachish, Israel

    Archaeologists Uncovered Another Portion Of The City Gate Of Ancient Lachish Destroyed By King Sennacherib of Assyria Who Made The Site His Headquarters In The Campaign Against Hezekiah, King Of Jerusalem.

  • Gezer, Israel

    A Palace Was Unearthed By Archaeologists At The Site Of Ancient Gezer With Philistine Remains, Dating Back 3,000 Years To The Time That King David Had Expelled The Philistines From Gezer.

  • Ashkelon, Israel

    Archaeologists Discover An Ancient Philistine Burial Site At The City of Ashkelon In Israel Dating Back To The Period Of David And The Kings.

  • Nahariya, Israel

    Ancient Canaanite Fortress Dating Back To The Time Of Joshua And The Conquest Of Canaan Was Discovered, Among The Ruins Were Pottery, Bronze Weaponry, And A Large Wine Cellar.

  • Kursi, Israel

    Roman Era Hebrew Inscriptions Discovered On A Marble Stone At The Site Of Kursi Where It Was Believed That Jesus Cast The Demons Into A Herd Of Swine.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Rare Ancient Seal Excavated At The Temple Mount, Dating Back To The Time Of The Jebusites And King David. The Seal Belonged To A High Ranking Person From The First Temple Era.

  • Valley Of Elah, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Unearthed A Large Number Of Pottery Fragments Including A Ceramic Jar With The Biblical Name Of Eshbaal (Ishboseth) Inscribed In Ancient Canaanite Script. Although This Was Not Referring To The Biblical Ishboseth, Son Of King David, It Has Been Dated To The Same Time Period (10Th Century BC). The Valley Of Elah Where It Was Discovered Was The Location Of The Battle Between David And Goliath.

  • Golan Heights, Israel

    Ancient Bronze Mask With Long Ears and Goat Horns of the Greek God Pan Was Discovered At The Site Of Ancient Sussita, Which Is In The Golan Heights. The Mask Was Identified Immediately As Representing The God Pan And His Dual Nature, Half Goat and Half Human.

  • Jezreel Valley, Israel

    Ancient Canaanite Gold Ring Bearing The Name Of The Egyptian Pharaoh Seti ! Was Discovered In The Valley Of Jezreel In An Egyptian Coffin Dating Back Near To The Time Of Moses.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    More 11 Ancient Burial Boxes (Ossuaries) With Elaborate Engravings Were Found In Jerusalem Dating Back To The Time Of Jesus and The Second Temple. There Were 4 People Arrested Who Were Suspected Of Stealing The Find.

  • City Of David, Israel

    Recent Excavations Uncovered Ancient Pottery, Lamps, And Figurines Including Part Of A Bowl With An Inscription Bearing A Hebrew Name Dating Back To The Time Of King Hezekiah.

  • Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel

    Among The Byzantine Ruins At The Foothills Of Judaea Israeli Archaeologists Uncovered Ruins of What They Believe To Be The Palace Of King David Dating Back To The Tenth Century BC.

  • Shiloh, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Discovered An Ancient Burned Clay Pitcher That Confirms The Destruction Of The Biblical Shiloh. Shiloh was An Important City In Biblical Times Because The Ark Of The Covenant Was Kept There And The Prophet Samuel Ministered There.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Cistern Discovered Near The Site Of The Ancient Temple In Jerusalem Bearing Three Clay Pots And An Oil Lamp Dating Back To The Time Of Paul The Apostle And The New Testament And The Destruction Of The Second Temple

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Massive Herodian Quarry Discovered In North East Jerusalem While Building A Highway. The Site Dates Back To The Time Of Herod and The Second Temple And The Rock Cut Craters Would Suggest That The Quarry Would Have Been Used To Produce High Quality Limestone Blocks For The Temple And Other Public Buildings.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Ritual Immersion Bath Known As The Migveh From The First Century AD Was Discovered In Southwest Jerusalem Unearthed By Israeli Archaeologists. Wealthy Jews Living Near This Sector In The Time Of Jesus Would Have Had Access to Ceremonial Cleansing.

  • Rome, Italy

    Archaeologists Discover A Concrete Slab Revealing The Exact Spot Of Julius Caesar's Assassination They Claim That After Taking Power Himself, Augustus Ordered The Structure Be Placed Exactly Over The Place Where The Attack Happened So As To Condemn The Slaying Of His Father And That The General And First Dictator Of The Bible Predicted Roman Empire Was Stabbed Right At The Bottom Of The Curia Of Pompey While He Was Presiding, Sitting On A Chair, Over A Meeting Of The Senator

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Confirm the Authenticity Of A Bethlehem Seal Dating Back To 700 BC Excavated Outside Jerusalem's Old City. The Inscribed Hebrew Script Bears The Name Of "Bethlehem" Which Is The First Time The City Of Bethlehem Is Mentioned In Any Ancient Artifact Apart From Biblical Manuscripts, According To The Israel Antiquities Authority. Bethlehem Is Known In History As The Birthplace Of Jesus, And The City Where The Prophet Samuel Anointed David To Be King Over Israel 1000 Years Before Christ.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    First Temple Period Seal Discovered Bearing This Inscription; "Lematanyahu Ben Ho?" which means: "Belonging to Matanyahu Ben Ho?" And This Seal Was Discovered At The Base Of The Walls Of The Temple Mount.

  • Larnaca, Cyprus

    Ancient Phoenician Tombs Discovered Dating Back To The Time Of Alexander The Great of Macedon and Darius the Great of Persia, Both Mentioned In The Bible, Excavation Reveals The Existence Of The Biblical Phoenicians Who Flourished Above The Coast Of Ancient Israel.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    More Hideouts Within A Labyrinth Of Jewish Rebel Caves Have Been Discovered In The Foothills Of Jerusalem. These Endless Tunnel Systems Were Used To Hide From Roman Legions During Two Jewish Revolts And Have Kept Israeli Archaeologists Busy For Decades.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    More Hideouts Within A Labyrinth Of Jewish Rebel Caves Have Been Discovered In The Foothills Of Jerusalem. These Endless Tunnel Systems Were Used To Hide From Roman Legions During Two Jewish Revolts And Have Kept Israeli Archaeologists Busy For Decades.

  • Tanis, Egypt

    Hundreds Of Limestone Blocks Used In A Temple Thousands Of Years Old Were Discovered At San El-Hagar or Tanis In The Egyptian Nile Delta. This Was The Same Location For The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Movie. The Inscriptions Were From The Time Of Osorkon II Who Was A Pharaoh Of The 22nd Dynasty of Ancient Egypt Who Ruled From 872?837 BC. During This Time Ahab And Jehoshaphat Were Kings In Israel And Judah.

  • Ostia, Antica

    Well Preserved 36 foot long Roman Ship Dating Back To The Time Of Imperial Rome Discovered by Archaeologists Near Ostia, A Harbor City of Ancient Rome.

  • West Bank, Israel

    Wall Paintings Uncovered At The West Bank In Israel Shed More Convincing Evidence Of The Tomb Of The Biblical King Herod, Who Was Famous For His Construction Of The Second Temple In Jerusalem.

  • Tel Hazor, Israel

    18th Century BC Cuneiform Tablet Discovered At Tel Hazor In Israel That Is Similar To Hammurabi's Law Code. The Clay Tablet Was Written In Akkadian Cuneiform. Its Recorded Laws Are Similar to the Biblical "Eye For An Eye...Tooth For A Tooth"

  • Cairo, Egypt

    Egyptian Archaeologists Uncover The Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut's Vizier (High Official) At Karnak. Queen Hatshepsut Ruled Upper and Lower Egypt During The Time Of The New Kingdom (18th Dynasty) 15th Century BC And Some Scholars Believe She Was The Princess Who Drew Moses From The Nile River.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    A Team Of Israeli Archaeologists Discover A Wall Nearly 35 Feet Tall And 230 Feet Long In Israel From The Period Of King Solomon And The First Temple Confirming The Bible Verse In 1 Kings 3:1. Israeli Archaeologist Dr Eilat Mazar Said "This is the first time a structure has been found that could conform to descriptions of King Solomon's construction in Jerusalem."

  • Tell Tayinat, Turkey

    Archaeologists Discover An Ancient Temple In Turkey That Is Mentioned In The Bible. The Temple was Destroyed By The Assyrians In 738 BC. The Prophet Isaiah Warned The Israelites That This Would Be Their Fate As Well If They Did Not Turn Back And Follow The Lord.

  • Tell Al-muqayyar, Iraq

    Treasures At The Site Of Ancient Ur Could Outshine The Wondrous Treasures Of Egypt. Ur Was The Original Home Of Abraham The First Hebrew. But Will Iraq Spend The Money To Excavate Such Findings?

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Archaeological Discoveries In Jerusalem Are Stirring Up Hostility More Than Ever Before, Especially Since The Discoveries Clearly Point To An Accurate Account Of The History Of Israel As Described In The Bible.

  • Tel Bet Yerah, Israel

    Part Of A Royal Carved Stone Plaque From The First Dynasty Of Egypt Dating Back To 3000 BC Was Unearthed On An Ancient Trade Highway That Connected Egypt To The Rest Of The World. Over 1000 Years Before Abraham, The First Hebrew, The Discovery Was Found At The Northern Portion Of The Jordan River Above Lake Kinneret. First Dynasty Egyptian Artifacts Are Nearly Impossible To Find This Far North.

  • Cairo, Egypt

    New 4000 Year Old Burial Cave Reveals That The Great Egyptian Pyramids At Giza Were Built By Paid Laborers And Not Slaves As Was Previously Believed.

  • Nazareth, Israel

    Archaeologists Discover Artifacts And The Remains Of A Home In Nazareth That Existed During The Time Of Jesus' Childhood. Yardena Alexandre, Excavations Director At The Israel Antiquities Authority Makes Some Interesting Observations.

  • Tel Kabri, Israel

    A Minoan Wall Painting Fron The Time Of Abraham was Excavated Among the Ruins of A Canaanite Palace Located At Tell Kabri In The Galilee Region Of Ancient Israel. The Design Of The Aegean-Style Fresco Reveals That The Ancient Canaanites Were Familiar With Euro-Mediterranean Culture.

  • Tall Qabr, Syria

    Spanish Archaeologists Discover The Ruins Of A 4500 Year Old "Circular" City Located On The Banks Of The Euphrates River At Tall Qabr, Near The Center of The Northernmost Section Of The Fertile Crescent. The Trade City Was Part Of The Semitic Kingdom Of Mari Where Over 25,000 Akkadian Tablets Have Been Discovered Shedding Light On Hundreds of Ancient Cities. The Inhabitants of Mari Worshipped Sumerian Deities Like Dagon, Ishtar, and Shamash.

  • Tell El-dab'a, Egypt

    Austrian Archaeologists Discover A Babylonian Seal Which Confirms A Clear Link Between Babylonia And The Kingdom of Hyskos In Egypt Around 1600 BC, The Time Of Moses And The Exodus. This Discovery Brings Archaeologists Closer To Answering The Big Question Of How A Weak Semitic Group Of "Wanderers" Known As The Hyskos Could Have Conquered Egypt Unless The Biblical Exodus Had Actually Happened.

  • Portus, Italy

    Italian and British Archaeologists Excavate An Ancient "Mini" Colosseum Near Rome At A Harbor Originally Built By The Emperor Nero On The Tiber River. It Seated 2000 People, Compared to The Colosseum In Rome (Flavian Amphitheatre) Which Could Seat 50,000 People. The Amphitheatre Was Thought To Have Been Used For Entertainment By The More Elite "High Official" Bloodthirsty Crowds. Many Christians Were Martyred In Similar Colosseum's.

  • Rome, Italy

    Nero's Rotating Banqueting Hall Was Discovered Among The Ancient Ruins Of His Golden Palace In Rome. The Palace Was Completed In 68 AD, The Same Year That The Deranged Nero Committed Suicide. Nero Slaughtered Hundreds Of Christians, Whom He Had Falsely Blamed For The Great Fire Of Rome In 64 AD, According to Tacitus.

  • Egypt

    Archaeologists Discover Ancient Egyptian Coins Bearing The Name And Portrait Of The Biblical Joseph. The Discovery Also Sheds New Light On How Coins Were Used In Ancient Egypt.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    A 2000 Year Old Ritual Immersion Bath Was Uncovered By Archaeologists in Jerusalem. According to Experts The Bath (Mikveh) was Used By Jewish Pilgrims Coming To Jerusalem To Purify Themselves Before Entering The Temple In Jerusalem.

  • Tel Dor, Israel

    Excavations at Tel Dor The famous Port City In Ancient Israel Reveal An Amazing Discovery, A Gemstone From The Hellenistic Period With The Portrait of Alexander The Great Carved In Remarkable Detail.

  • Judean Hills, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Discover Coins In A Cave Dating Back To The Time Of The Jewish Revolt Against Rome Nearly 2000 Years Ago. The Cave Was A Hiding Place For Jewish Rebels Resisting Roman Rule In Israel.

  • Ancient Calno, Turkey

    Archaeologists Discover Ancient Assyrian Tablets In The Holy of Holies Of A 2,700-year Old Temple In Turkey Located At The Ancient City of Calno Which Was Destroyed by Tiglath-pileser III, The Same Assyrian King Who Ordered the Destruction Of Israel Which Happened In 722 BC. Calno Was A Hittite City Mentioned In The Bible (Isaiah 10:9) By The Prophet Isaiah Who Prophesied Against The Assyrians And Their Boasting of Having Destroyed Calno. Scholar's Conclude "The destruction of the Luwian monuments and conversion of the sacred precinct into an Assyrian religious complex may represent the physical manifestation of this historic event (Mentioned In Isaiah 10:9).?

  • Falacrine, Italy

    Archaeologists Discover the Birthplace of Emperor Titus Vespasian in Rome. Titus Was the Able General That Nero Chose to Put Down the Jewish Revolt in Jerusalem That Ended with The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD. The Triumphant Scene was Carved on the Arch of Titus and is There to This Day. Titus Vespasian Also Began the Building of The Great Colosseum Also Known as The Flavian Amphitheatre.

  • Ventotene Island, Italy

    A 65 Foot Roman Ship Dating From The First Century Was Discovered Along With 4 Other Large Ancient Roman Trading Vessels Who All Sank During Violent Storms While Heading For Safety At The Remote Island of Pandataria in the Bay of Naples Near Rome. The Ships Were Found Using Sonar Technology and Are "Well Preserved Lying In Their Original Positions."

  • Elah Valley, Israel

    Archaeologists Have Unearthed The Site In The Elah Valley Where The Famous Battle Took Place Between David And Goliath. The Findings Conclude That They Have Found The 10th Century BC Biblical City of Sha'arayim, Hebrew for "Two Gates.? The Findings Also Provide Evidence That David Ruled From Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Massive Limestone Quarry Discovered in Jerusalem Positively Identified with Herod's Famous First Century BC Herculean Building Projects Including the Second Temple. Many of the Thousands of Stones Gathered from this Quarry Were Higher than a 6-Foot Tall Man & Weighing Over 5-Tons Each.

  • Jordan Valley, Israel

    "Wolves and Hyenas" Guard the Entrance to the largest Artificial Cave Ever Discovered in Israel. The Giant Underground Quarry Was Found In the Jordan Valley Near the Site of Ancient Jericho and is Believed to Have Been A Secret Gathering Place for First Century Christians

  • Bethlehem, Israel

    Workers Accidently Uncover A 4,000 Year Old Tomb Near Jerusalem Dating Over a Century Earlier than Abraham, The First Hebrew. The Find Reveals Burial Customs and Life In Ancient Canaan Before the Migration of the Hebrews.

  • Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

    Archaeologists Discover An Impressive Egyptian Temple in Northern Sinai Which Once Guarded the Entrance Into Egypt From Canaan and the East. Egyptian Authorities Date the Find to the Period of Thutmose II who Reigned Close to a Century Before the Time of the Biblical Moses and While the Hebrews Were Slaves In Egypt. The Once Colorful 30 x 40 Meter Temple Was Made of Mud and Brick.

  • Beth-shemesh, Israel

    A Decorative Plaque Was Discovered in Israel Which Some Scholars Believe to Be That of a Female Canaanite King and Possibly the Mysterious Mistress of the Lionesses. Around 1350 BC Several Canaanite Kings Sent Clay Tablets to the Egyptian Pharaoh Requesting Military Help From Nomadic Marauders Known as the Habiru. Of the 382 Tablets That Have Been Found, Two Were Signed With the Feminine Epithet "Mistress of the Lionesses." According to Israeli Archaeologist Zvi Lederman, "The Mistress Complained to the Egyptian Court That the Habiru Were Around and that her City was in Danger."

  • Jordan Valley, Israel

    Archaeologists Discover What They Believe to Be the Site of Gilgal, A City in Ancient Israel Mentioned often in The Bible. There are Also Indications That it Was "built by the Israelites when they first entered the Land of Canaan."

  • Cyprus, Greece

    Archaeologist Claims that Her Excavations on the Island of Cyprus are the Ruins of an Ancient Monotheistic Canaanite Temple With a Peculiar Shape, Dating Back to the Time of the Biblical Abraham

  • Kelar Mound, N. Iran

    Archaeologists Detect A New Substance In This Ancient Pottery Discovery In Iran Dating To The Iron Age (1000 BC), The Clay Pots Contained 95% Lead

  • Al Gharbia, Arabian Peninsula

    A Cylinder Seal From Early Mesopotamia Was Found Far Away In The Arabian Desert. The Find Dates Back To What Scholars Call "The Jemdet Nasr Period" and What Biblical Archaeologists Call "The Period of the Flood"

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Another Jerusalem Temple Proof Unearthed Though The Palestinian Authority 'Steadfastly" Denies That Any Jerusalem Temples Ever Existed

  • Israel

    In Israel All Residential Construction Requires Approval by Israeli Archaeologists So No Stone Goes Unturned, But Underneath This Home Inspectors Found Seal Impressions From The Reign Of King Hezekiah

  • Aegean Sea, Turkey

    50 Tons of Marble Was Discovered On This 2000 Year Old Shipwreck Destined For Rome's First Emperor Augustus's Sacred Project, The Temple of Apollo. Augustus Was The Emperor of Rome Mentioned In The Bible Who Ordered the Census That Brought Joseph And Mary To Their Ancestral Birthplaces, They Were Both From The City Of Bethlehem.

  • Egypt

    "Best Preserved Mummy" Discovered 15 Miles South of Cairo, Egypt, The Storeroom of Mummies Date Back to the 26th Dynasty (640 BC), The Last Native Dynasty of Egypt Before Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon and Cambyses II of Persia Sent The Kingdom of Egypt Into A Permanent Decline

  • Egypt

    Archaeologists Uncover in Egypt The Bust of Amenhotep III Who Lived Shortly After The Hebrew Exodus, He Was The Father Of Akhenaten Who Was A Chief Proponent Of Monotheism In Ancient Egypt.

  • Herodium Mound, Israel

    Further Excavations At The Herodium Mound Indicate King Herod's Love For Theatre, Among The New Finds are A "Balcony And Viewing Box." Herod The Great Was Mentioned In The Bible As A Psycotic Ruler Who Heard of The Birth of A Jewish Messiah and Ordered The Death Of All Infants In Bethlehem, He was known in History as One of The Greatest Architects In The Roman Empire Period."

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    2000 Year Old Gold Pearl Earring Sheds Light and Life To Women in Ancient Jerusalem

  • Elah Fortress, Israel

    3000 Year Old Piece of Pottery Discovered Dating Back to The Kingdom Of David and With Oldest Hebrew Text To Confirm. The Pot Shard Was Found Above The Hillside Where David Was Said To Have Fought Goliath

  • Israel

    Diggers in Israel Find Part of The Wall Of Ancient Jerusalem

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    A Seal Was Discovered Dating From Old Testament Times of Jeremiah The Prophet. Ancient Seals Were Used to Make Impressions In Clay, They Usually Contained Symbols or Figures Which Were Engraved On The Seal.

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Uncover The Mansion Of Queen Helena In An Unexpected Place For A Wealthy Woman Living In Jerusalem 2000 Years Ago, She Was Also A Contemporary Of Jesus

  • Jerusalem, Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Locate A Tunnel Of Terror For Fleeing From The Bloodthirsty Roman Legions In 70 AD

  • Israel

    Israeli Archaeologists Discover the Tomb of Herod the Great Whom Caesar and The Roman Senate Called "King of the Jews", He Was In Power When Jesus Was Born