Conclusion - The High Priests

Jewish Spiritual Leaders

The Paradox of the Priesthood

The priesthood under Annas and Caiphas was part of the fullness of times (Gal. 4.4) and it's pride, power and false piety reached complete fruition in their phony trial of the Son of God. Yet what they meant for evil, God the Father meant for good. The high priest tore his garments and fulfilled the calling of his office, as the Aaronic priesthood functioned for the last time in offering up the Sacrifice that would end all offerings.

Caiphas, declared by the Holy Spirit the great intercession that one man should die for the nation. Christ was then made the scapegoat, and carried sin outside the city gates. The blemishless Passover Lamb was placed on the altar of the cross and His precious blood was shed, that the spirit of death would pass over all who spiritually placed that blood on the doorpost of their own hearts.

Sunday morning, on the feast of Firstfruits, Christ became the Firstfruits back from the dead in the most stunning defeat of evil ever accomplished. The veil in the in the temple was rent from top to bottom, declaring that God would no longer be restricted to the temple and priestly system that He Himself instituted through Moses and Aaron. From now on, the temple of God would be the bodies of those who accept this once for all Sacrifice and the most holy place would be their hearts where He would intimately commune with them. The condemning power of the law was replaced by grace and truth that would be administered by a new priesthood handed to all believers, the very common folk that Annas and Caiphas despised. Christ the true High Priest, according to a new order, would make true intercession in compassion, rather than judgment, as God always intended.

God actuated His redemptive plan for Israel and the world through His priesthood that day in Jerusalem, shining His grace and true love for all of mankind - including the priests and all the religious leaders who conspired against Him.