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- Added an interesting group of cuneiform inscriptions mentioning the names of certain kings of Assyria, Babylon, and Persia. All named in the Bible.

- Working on new resources for a Harmony of the Life of Jesus

- Adding new sections to Kid's Study Bible

- Creating a new image database, should be ready to release anyday.

- Working on stories for Biblical Archaeology News

- I just found out that Windows Vista is not compatible with my BKA programs. I am going to have to figure that one out.

- Adding and updating links in the directory.

- Fixed some of the forms that were getting a lot of bot spam. I am currently working on a way to resolve it so that people can continue posting comments.

- Updated the clickable First Century Israel Map.

- Working on Topographical Maps of the ancient world. made in gypsum plasters and resins.

- Added many new paintings and illustrations of important archaeological studies in the Fallen Empires section.

- Created a new Bible Study Tool with a search feature for use on people's websites.

- Working on the Ancient Sketches section, will eventually become an Illustrated Bible History Dictionary or Encyclopedia.

- Moved BHO to a new server, reorganized many files from cfm to php. Sorry about any broken links.

- Added some audio commentary by Shahar in the Messianic Prophecy section.

- Working on Video Documentaries. These will also be available on the website in Shockwave Flash very soon.

- Put up some Google Adwords on the left to help pay for this website.

- Bible History Online had a face lift (New sections added).

- Bible programs have been edited. Fixing broken links.

- More Images of the Past (ancient Rome) and maps have been added.

- Upgraded this server (sorry for any dead links during that time:).

- I added some images of ancient Coins from Greece, Rome and Judea.

- I also added a New Section to the BBoard for posting thoughts about the Bible. This area does not require you to login.

- Check out the new Feedback area called the BBoard Forum where you can post your questions or comments about the Bible and history, and your thoughts about this website.

- Color Maps have been added to the Bible Maps section available free from Bible History Online. Give me your feedback and let me know which maps you need :)

- Cleopatra's Children - Part 3 has been updated. This series taught by Dr. Craig Johnson is very interesting and will lead into the lives of King Herod I (the Great) of ancient Judea and the Herodian dynasty as well as various Roman Emperors.

- The SiteMap has been updated with links to the static pages within this site.

- LifeSkills for American Families Association asked me to create a website for their non-profit organization. Check it out at 40 Days for the Family when you have a moment and be sure to sign their Guestbook.

- Contributions - I am taking contributions to help purchase tools for this site.

- Working on converting Bible Knowledge Accelerator (BKA) software from Windows Help format to html. The programs contain rich graphics, archaeological photos, maps, timelines, charts, glossaries, popup descriptions, illustrations and detailed historical information. BKA Software available here still.

- More maps, links, articles and quotes. I also added a random Scripture tool on the left side of the main page. If you would like to be added to the Bible History Online Newsletter please sign my Guestbook. It goes out twice per month.

- A Harmony of the Life of Jesus - This new section contains general information about the Life of Jesus and the background of the time period. I wrote the program a few years ago but I am adding historical notes to each comparative Gospel section. You can also download the full helpfile program. I also included a fun Quiz to help remember some of these important topics. I would appreciate any feedback.

- I recently updated every link in ZSearch, Sitemap, and the database output categories on the left side of the main page.

Images of the Past now features ancient art and browsing directories of images. The Bible Maps section contains printable maps, reconstructions and sketches of the ancient world.

The Tabernacle of Ancient Israel. HTML version of BKA 14.

- The Romans - This new section contains general introduction about ancient Rome and her culture. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. You can also download the full helpfile program.

- The Babylonians - This new section contains a general introduction to ancient Babylonia and its culture. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. You can also download the whole program.

- Contributions - I am now taking contributions so that hopefully I can someday quit my "normal" job and put more time into this website. My desire is to eventually travel Europe and the Near East and take thousands of photos of Bible lands and Museums and include virtual video/audio and image tours. If you would like to help support this ministry please follow this secure link.

- I have been working on several projects including Flash, Authorware and Lightwave 3d. Stay tuned for more info.

- A new Search Tool for the map of New Testament Palestine. You can check it out in the Geography section.

- A new section on this site called Fallen Empires covering discoveries in Archaeology since the 19th century with images and articles.

- I added a new scroller to the main page which will include updates. Also there have been updates to BKA 50 Map program of New Testament Palestine, and new articles in Backdrops, Quotes, and Geography sections.

- If you don't see anything new on this page for a few weeks it is because I don't always add the newest items here especially the links which are added almost daily.

- Testing out a new Ancient World Slide Show feature. I haven't decided if I like this method better maybe you could let me know which you prefer. If I can find the time I will add many of these with more images, maps and photos of various ancient civilizations. Drop me a message if you have any comments or suggestions.

- I am presently working on a Bible and History site for kids. Be looking for it very soon. It will include lots of information, maps, images, and fun tools for kids ages 8 and up. There will also be a section for people to add as many kids links as they want.

- BKA #50 New Testament Israel Map Program

This BKA program contains a detailed map of New Testament Palestine with pop-up definitions of detailed information about the New Testament cities, mountains, rivers, regions, and more. The registered version has many features including more maps, charts, timelines and articles. View detailed information about the locations mentioned in the Bible as well as those not mentioned in the Bible concerning 1st century Palestine.

Click on the map to see the actual size of the main map included in the program. Layered map images created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are available.

Click here to see a functional demo program including a detailed map.

- Part 2 of the Real audio series by Dr. Craig Johnson - Click Here

- BKA #45 "The Hebrew Torah - Part 1" Windows Help Program

- This new BKA series called "Hebrew Torah" was designed to help the student to understand how to properly pronounce the Hebrew books of the Bible. They also include a brief synopsis of each book, and some other topics. Instructions are very self explanatory. Just click on the links and listen to the pronunciation.

- BKA #40 "The History of Rome - Part 1" Windows Help Program

- This new BKA series called "The History of Rome" contains a four part series spanning Roman history from 1000 BC to 400 AD. These programs will include a general overview of Roman history with maps, timelines, photos, illustrations and a glossary. They will assist the student of Biblical history in understanding the Roman era, with an emphasis on God working in this time period, as well as the triumph of Christianity.

Rusty Russell

Bible History Online