Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to publish online historical and archaeological information and discoveries relating to the written history and inspired revelation contained in the old and new testaments of the Bible.

Thanks to Archaeology, our certainty of the accuracy of the Bible in the light of historical evidence has been immeasurably enhanced. Ever since the American scholar Edward Robinson laid the foundations of Biblical archaeology with his work in Israel in the nineteenth century, the study of Biblical history and ancient studies has seen extraordinary success.

After thousands of years, the forgotten world of the near east has come alive to us again. The rulers and peoples of the lands that stretched from Mesopotamia to Asia Minor to the Nile are speaking to our modern world through their unearthed writings and the very stuff of their lives.

One can learn about recent excavations in Mesopotamia uncovering the dynasties of Ur, the Biblical hometown of Abraham, who is the central figure in the Old Testament. Abraham is still today celebrated as both the father of Arab and Jewish people and the first patriarch of the nation Israel.

Israel's history recorded in the Bible touched the greatest empires in the history of the world including Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and even Rome. Cities referred to in the Scriptures, like Nineveh, Ashur and Babylon, along with their monarchs, palaces, and royal homes, their city gates and walls, their sanctuaries and temple towers, have been discovered and excavated.

The annals of the warrior kings of Assyria and Babylon, written on cuneiform tablets, have been found in the thousands confirming what has been handed down to us in the Hebrew Scriptures in the books of the Kings and the Chronicles. Archaeology has brought us closer to the Elamites, Horites, and the Hittites of Scripture. The Philistines can be seen in living shapes imprinted on Egyptian temple walls. What an opportunity for us today! We are alive in a time where modern archaeology has illuminated for us as with a powerful searchlight, the scenes of the ancient world, helping us to understand what the Bible has to say in its historical and cultural setting.

Ultimately we pursue our mission to aid students, parents and teachers of the Scriptures with Biblical and historical information for the purpose of furthering the gospel, the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

"The Bible was written in an environment that is now unfamiliar to most of its readers. The individual realization of the modern world with its new facilities, products, and problems is quite different from the social and economic conditions described in the Bible. Some of its language is puzzling, and can easily be misconstrued if one does not have some explanation of the ancient background."
- Merrill C. Tenney