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Bible History Online has been providing information and insights into biblical history since 1995. We affirm that the Bible is about God's activities in history. It deals with actual people in an actual geographical area during actual specified historical times who had contact with other actual peoples and empires whom we know of from historical sources outside the Bible. We believe that knowledge of the historical background of the Bible is essential to a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures.

Recent archaeological discoveries as well as comparative historical research and philological studies, along with an analysis and interpretation of the Old Testament text have made possible a fuller and more reliable picture of Biblical history than in previous eras. With the advent of the computer and Internet age, the Lord has allowed the study of the Bible to be greatly enhanced, bringing the images of the past as well as the work of devoted teachers and scholars right into our homes. Bible History Online hopes to assist and encourage all those who humbly pursue and correctly handle the word of truth. (2 Tim 2:15).

About the Founder

"Bible History Online represents a body of work produced from a lifetime of passion for Bible history. I started this website in 1995 to provide an online resource for students of the Bible and history. This site is not meant to be a complete examination of subjects but a place to find maps, images, helpful tools, and basic information about people, places, and events in the ancient world. If Bible History Online serves to help anyone in their passion and conviction that the Bible is the written Word of God, and Jesus is the Word of God "made flesh", then I will rejoice." - Rusty Russell


This site is updated constantly and the revenue generated from the Google Ads help pay for the help of print artists, musicians, voice artists, admin support and programmers. New contributions are being added routinely so check back often and refresh your screen to see the latest updates. If you have any questions or comments please use email.

Sourcing this Site

Over the years the information on Bible History Online has been sought out, reviewed, and verified by major educational institutions throughout the United States, and abroad. It is found to be accurate, evidenced by its inclusion in the curriculum of universities, academic publications, and referenced by many scholars, pastors, and authors.

Use of Images and Maps

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This site provides images and maps for the study of the Bible and history. Please feel free to use them for personal study, classroom, or church use. Modification for website use or removing ownership copyright is not permitted. Website or publication use is permitted with a link going to Bible History Online. High resolution downloads are available on various map pages for a small fee.

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Scott Russell, beloved brother and believer in the Lord Jesus who gave a sworn oath in His Word that if a man shall believe in Him he will never die, saying,

"I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" - John 11:25


All correspondence is appreciated and may be forwarded to the contact information below. Please note that due to great amount correspondence we get, we are unlikely to provide an immediate reply. We are very thankful for your prayers, encouragements and constructive criticisms. Any donations are also greatly appreciated and help defray the costs of providing all of the information made freely available on this site.

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