Robinson's Arch

Photo of Robinson's Arch in the Second Temple Model. The Red Arrow Points to Robinson's Arch.

Robinson's Arch provided people in the Lower City and the Tyropoeon Valley access to the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount. There would be immediate access to the colonnades and courtyards. The Robinson's Arch staircase leading from the City of David up to the Temple was massive. There were priest's stationed at the Arch on the Sabbath to sound the trumpets. You can also see Wilson's Arch to the left of Robinson's Arch, this was the main entrance into the Temple from the West.

Coming down to the streets of the Lower City one would see the many marketplaces of the merchants and Herod's Theater.

The Western "Wailing" Wall

Photo of Robinson's Arch in the Second Temple Model when it was at
the Holyland Hotel. Notice that the Red Box identifies the Wailing Wall.

The Place of Trumpeting Stone

A stone was discovered at the base of Robinson's Arch inscribed with the words "To the place of trumpeting."

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