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Using Our Maps - Biblical Maps and Historical Geography for Bible Study

This site provides images and maps for the study of the Bible and history. Please feel free to use them for personal study, classroom, or church use. Modification for website use or removing ownership name or copyright is not permitted. Website or publication use is permitted with a link going to Bible History Online. YouTube and Apps are NOT permitted. High resolution downloads are available on various map pages for a small fee.

You are NOT permitted to use, modify, or color over our basemaps for the purpose of creating your own maps.

Note: Bible History Online maps are copywritten and protected by copyright laws.

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If you downloaded one of our high resolution maps here are some instructions to help you. This is an honor based ministry so we are trusting you to use these downloads per our instructions and not to distribute them to other parties. One purchase is equal to one lamination or poster:

Instructions: Bring the file on a thumb drive or email it to Office Depot or a similar store. You can call them ahead of time to get their email and make sure that they received your file. Once you place the order here is what to tell them.

You will want:

1. Color Print (there are no special instructions, normal paper will do, the laminating will give it a gloss effect).

2. Lamination (Make sure it is .5 thickness, and ask them to go 1/4 inch past the border all around the color print).

3. That's about it. They should have it ready within a couple hours, sometimes sooner.

Home Color Print

If you are printing this at home then make sure you have glossy paper for the best looking color print.

Our maps are available for Website use as long as there is a link back to Bible History Online. They are not to be resold or used for commercial purposes. If you have concerns or questions, please contact us by email at