Tyropoeon Valley

The Tyropoeon Valley - First Century Jerusalem

Photo of the Valleys in a Topographical Model in Jerusalem.

The ravine of the Tyropoeon either means "the valley of the cheese makers" or "the valley of the Tyrians" which might have been the Phoenician the section of the city in ancient times.

Tyropoeon Valley (i.e., "Valley of the Cheesemakers") is the name given by Josephus the historian (Wars 5.140) to the valley or rugged ravine, in the Old City of Jerusalem, which in ancient times separated Mount Moriah from Mount Zion and emptied into the valley of Hinnom. The Tyropoeon, now filled up with a vast accumulation of debris, and almost a plain, was spanned by bridges, the most noted of which was Zion Bridge, which was probably the ordinary means of communication between the royal palace on Zion and the temple. - Wikipedia

The Hills and Valleys of Jerusalem

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