Herod's Palace

Photo of Herod's Grand Palace in the Second Temple Model

King Herod built a fantastic fortified palace to provide protection for the Upper City. Just like the Temple, Herod's Palace was constructed on a platform, about 1000 feet (from north-south), and 180 feet (from east-west). The Palace consisted of 2 main buildings, each with its banquet halls, baths, and accommodation for hundreds of guests. It was surrounded with groves of trees, canals, and ponds studded with bronze fountains.

At the north side of Herod's palace were three towers (see Herod's three towers).

The praetorium of the trial of Jesus was located at Herod's palace which was actually the official residence of the Roman governors when they came to Jerusalem during major Jewish festivals.

Unfortunately, nothing remains of its construction.


This model in Jerusalem is a Scholar's conception showing how the site may have looked in Jesus' day.