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Ra-amiah Ra-amses Raamah
Rab-mag Rabbah Rabbath of the Children of Ammon
Rabbath-moab Rabbi Rabbith
Rabboni Rabsaris Rabshakeh
Raca Race Rachab
Rachal Rachel Radda-i
Ragau Rages Raguel or Re-uel
Rahab Rahab or Rachab Raham
Rahel Rain Rainbow
Raisins Rakem Rakkath
Rakkon Ram (1) Ram (2)
Ram's horns Rama Ramah
Ramath of the south Ramath-lehi Ramath-mizpeh
Ramathaim-zophim Ramathite, The Rameses or Ra-amses
Ramiah Ramoth-gilead Rapha
Raphael Raphon Raphu
Raven Razor Re-elaiah
Reaia Reaiah Reba
Rebecca Rebekah Rechab
Rechabites Rechah Recorder
Red Sea Reed Refiner
Refuges Cities of Regem Regem-melech
Rehabiah Rehob Rehoboam
Rehoboth Rehum Rei
Reins Rekem (1) Rekem (2)
Remaliah Remeth Remmon
Remmon-metho-ar Remphan Repha-im
Repha-im, The valley of Rephael Rephah
Rephaiah Rephan Rephidim
Resen Resheph Reu
Reuben Reuel Reumah
Revelation of St John Rezeph Rezia
Rezin Rezon Rhegium
Rhesa Rhoda Rhodes
Rib-lah Riba-i or Ribai Riddle
Rimmon (1) Rimmon (2) Ring
Rinnah Riphath Rithmah
Riusah River River of Egypt
Rizpah Road Robbery
Roe, Roebuck Rogelim Rohgah
Roll Romamti-ezer Roman empire
Romans, Epistle to the Rome Roof
Room Rose Rosh (1)
Rosh (2) Rosin Rubies
Rue Rufus Ruhamah
Rumah Ruth Ruth, Book of

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