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Paara-i Padan Padan-aram
Padon Pagi-el Pahath-moab
Pai Paint Pal-ti-el
Palace Palal Palestina and Palestine
Pallu Palluites Palm tree
Palmer-worm Palsy Palti
Paltite, The Pamphylia Pan
Pannag Paper Paphos
Parable Paradise Parah
Paran, El-paran Parbar Parchment
Parlor Parmashta Parmenas
Parnaeh Parosh Parshandatha
Parthians Partridge Paruah
Parvaim Pas-dammim Pasach
Paseah Pashur Passage
Passover Patara Pathros
Pathrusim Patmos Patriarch
Patrobas Pau Paul
Pavement Pavilion Peacocks
Pearl Pedahel Pedahzur
Pedaiah Pekah Pekahiah
Pekod Pelaiah Pelaliah
Pelatiah Peleg Pelet
Peleth Pelethites Pelican
Pelonite, The Pen Peniel
Peninnah Penny, Pennyworth Pentateuch, The
Pentecost Penuel Peor
Perazim Peresh Perez
Perez-uzza Perfumes Perga
Pergamos Pergamum Perida
Perizzite, The Persepolis Persia
Persis Peruda Pestilence
Peter Peter, First Epistle of Peter, Second Epistle of
Pethahiah Pethor Pethuel
Peulthai Phalec Phallu
Phalti Phalti-el Phanuel
Pharaoh Pharaoh's daughter Pharaoh, The wife of
Phares, Pharez or Perez Pharez Pharisees
Pharosh Pharpar Pharzites, The
Phaseah Phaselis Phebe
Phenice Phichol Philadelphia
Philemon Philemon, The Epistle of Paul to Philetus
Philip Philip the evangelist Philippi
Philippians, Epistle to the Philistia Philistines
Philologus Philosophy Phinehas
Phlegon Phoebe Phoenice, Phoenicia
Phrygia Phurah Phurim
Phut, Put Phuvah Phygellus
Phygelus Phylactery Pi-beseth
Pi-hahiroth Picture Piece of gold
Piece of silver Piety Pigeon
Pilate Pildash Pileha
Pillar Pillar of Cloud Pillar, Plain of the
Pilled Pilta-i or Piltai Pine tree
Pinnacle Pinon Pipe
Piram Pirathon Pirathonite
Pisgah Pisidia Pison
Pit Pitch Pitcher
Pithom Pithon Plains
Pledge Pleiades Plough
Pochereth Poetry, Hebrew Pollux
Polygamy Pomegranate Pommels
Pond Pontius Pilate Pontus
Pool Poor Poplar
Poratha Porch Porcius Festus
Porter Possession Post
Pot Potiphar Potipherah or Potipherah
Potsherd Pottage Potters field
Pottery Pound Praetorium
Prayer Presents President
Priest Prince, Princess Principality
Prisca Prison Prochorus
Proconsul Procurator Prophet
Proselyte Proverbs, Book of Province
Psalms, Book of Psaltery Ptolemaeus or Ptolemy
Ptolemais Ptolemee or Ptolemeus Pua
Puah Publican Publius
Pudens Puhites, The Pul (1)
Pul (2) Pulse Punishments
Punites, The Punon Purification
Purim Purse Put
Puteoli Puti-el Pygarg

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