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Baal Baal (2) Baal (3)
Baalah Baalath Baale of Judah
Baali Baalim Baalis
Baana Baanah Baara
Baasha Babel Babylon
Babylonians Babylonish garment Baca
Bachrites Badger skins Bag
Baharumite Bahurim Bajith
Bakbakkar Bakbuk Bakbukiah
Bake Balaam Balac
Baladan Balah Balak
Balamo Balances Baldness
Balm Bamah Bamoth-baal
Band Bani Banner
Banquets Baptism Bar-jesus
Bar-jona Barabbas Barachel
Barachias Barak Barbarian
Barhumite Bariah Barkos
Barley Barnabas Barsabas
Barsabbas Bartholomew Bartimaeus
Baruch Baruch, Book of Barzilla-i
Bashan Bashan-havoth-jair Bashemath
Basin Basket Basmath
Basseiah Bastard Bat
Bath Bath-rabbim Bath-shua
Bathing BATHSHEBA Battering Ram
Battle Axe Battlement Bava-i
Bay tree Bazlith Bazluth
Bdellium Be-arbel Be-er-elim
Be-era Be-erah Be-eri
Be-eroth Be-eroth of the children of Jaakan Be-esh-terah
Beacon Bealiah Bealoth
Beans Bear Beard
Beba-i Becher Bechorath
Bed Bedad Bedan
Bede-iah Bee Beeliada
Beelzebub Beelzebul Beer
Beer-lahai-roi BEERSHEBA Beetle
Beeves Beggar Behemoth
Bekah Bel Bela
Bela-ites Belah Belial
Bellows Bells Belshazzar
Belteshazzar Ben Ben-ammi
Ben-eberak Ben-hail Ben-hanan
Ben-oni Ben-zoheth Benaiah
Bene-jaakan Bene-kedem Benhadad
Beninu Benjamin Benjamin, High gate or gate of
Benjamin, The land of Benjamin, The tribe of Beno
Benon Beor Bera
Berachah Berachah, Valley of Berachiah
Beraiah Berea Berechiah
Bered Berenice Beri
Beriah Beriites, The Berith
Bernice or Berenice Berodach-baladan Berothah
Berothite, The Beryl Besa-i
Besodeiah Besom Besor, The brook
Betah Beten Beth
Beth-anath Beth-anoth Beth-arabah
Beth-aram Beth-aven Beth-baal-meon
Beth-baalmaveth Beth-barah Beth-bire-i
Beth-car Beth-dagon Beth-diblathaim
Beth-emek Beth-gader Beth-gamul
Beth-gilgal Beth-haccerem Beth-haran
Beth-hogla Beth-horon Beth-jeshimoth
Beth-lebaoth Beth-maachah Beth-marcaboth
Beth-meon Beth-nimrah Beth-palet
Beth-pazzez Beth-peor Beth-pha-ge
Beth-phelet Beth-rehob Beth-shean
Beth-shemesh Beth-shittah Beth-tappuah
Bethabara Bethany Bethany (2)
Bethel Bether Bethesda
Bethezel Bethlehem Bethlomon
Bethrapha Bethsaida Bethuel
Bethul Bethzur Betonim
Betrothing Beulah Beza-i
Bezaleel Bezek Bezer
Bezer in the wilderness Bible Bichri
Bidkar Bier Bigtha
Bigthan Bigva-i Bildad
Bileam Bilga-i Bilgah
Bilhah Bilhan Bilshan
Bimhal Binea Binnu-i
Birds Birsha Birthday
Birthright Birzavith Bishop
Bishopric Bith-ron Bithiah
Bithynia Bitter herbs Bittern
Bizjothjah Biztha Blains
Blasphemy Blastus Blindness
Blood Blood, Revenger of Boanerges
Boar Boaz Bocheru
Bochim Bohan Bohan, Stone of
Boil Bondage Book
Book of Acts Book of Amos Book of Colossians
Book of Daniel Book of Enoch Book of Ephesians
Book of Esther Book of Exodus Book of Ezra
Book of James Book of Joshua Booths
Booty Booz Boscath
Bosor Bottle Bow
Boxtree Bozes Bozkath
Bozrah Bracelet Bramble
Brass Brazen serpent Bread
Breastplate Brethren of Jesus Brick
Bride, Bridegroom Brigandine Brimstone
Brother Bukki Bukkiah
Bul Bull, Bullock Bulrush
Bunah (1) Bunah (2) Bunni
Burial, Sepulchres Burnt offering Bush
Bushel Butler Butter
Buz Buzi

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