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Cab Cabbon Cabul
Caesar Caesarea Caesarea Philippi
Cage Caiaphas Cain
Cain (2) Cainan Calah
Calamus Calcol Caldron
Caleb Calf Calvary
Camel Camon Camp
Camphire Cana Canaan
Canaan, The land of Canaanite Canaanites
Cananaean Candace Candlestick
Candlestick (2) Cane Cankerworm
Canneh Canon of Scripture Canopy
Canticles Capernaum Caphar
Caphtor Cappadocia Captain
Captive Captivities of the Jews Carbuncle
Carcas Carchemish Careah
Caria Carmel Carmi
Carpenter Carpus Carriage
Carshena Cart Carving
Casiphia Casluhim Cassia
Castle Castor and Pollux Caterpillar
Cattle Cauda Caul
Cave Cedar Cedron
Ceiling Celosyria Cenchrea
Censer Census Centurion
Cephas Chaff Chain
Chalcedony Chalcol Chaldea
Chaldeans Chaldees Chalk stones
Chamber Chamberlain Chameleon
Chamois Chanaan Chapiter
Chapman Charashim, The valley of Charchemish
Charger Chariot Charran
Chase Chebar Chebel
Chedorlaomer Cheese Chelal
Chelluh Chelub Chelubai
Chemarim, The Chemosh Chenaanah
Chenani Chenaniah Chephar-Haammonai
Chephirah Cheran Cherethim
Cherethites Cherith, The brook Cherub
Cherubim Chesalon Chesed
Chesil Chest Chestnut tree
Chesulloth Chezib Chidon
Children Chileab Chillon
Chilmad Chimham Chimhan
Chinnereth Chinnereth, Sea of Chinneroth
Chios Chisleu Chislon
Chisloth-tabor Chittim, Kittim Chiun
Chloe Chorashan Chorazin
Chozeba Christ Christian
Chronicles, First and Second Books of Chronology Chrysolite
Chrysoprase Chrysprasus Chub
Chun Church Chushan-rishathaim
Chuza Ciccar Cilicia
Cinnamon Cinneroth Circumcision
Cis Cistern Cities
Cities of refuge Citims Citizenship
Citron City of David Clauda
Claudia Claudius Claudius Lysias
Clay Clement Cleopas
Cleophas Clothing Cloud
Clouted Cnidus Coal
Coast Coat Cock
Cockatrice Cockle Coele-Syria
Coffer Coffin Col-hozeh
Collar College, The Colony
Colors Colosse Comforter
Commerce Conaniah Concubine
Conduit Coney Congregation
Coniah Cononiah Consecration
Convocation Cooking Coos
Copper Coral Corban
Cord Core Coriander
Corinth Cormorant Corn
Cornelius Corner Cornerstone
Cornet Cos Cosam
Cotton Couch Council
Court Covenant Cow
Coz Cozbi Crane
Create Creation Creditor
Crescens Crete Cretes
Crisping pins Crispus Cross
Crown Crown of thorns Crucifixion
Cruse Crystal Cubit
Cuckoo Cucumbers Cummin
Cup Cupbearer Cush
Cush (2) Cushan Cushi
Cuth or Cuthah Cuttings Cymbal
Cypress Cyprus Cyrene
Cyrenius Cyrus

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