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Na-ashon Na-asson Naam
Naamah (1) Naamah (2) Naaman
Naamathite Naamites, The Naara-i
Naarah Naaran Naarath
Nabal Naboth Nabuchodonosor
Nachons Nachor Nadab
Nagga-i Nagge Nahalal
Nahaliel Nahalol Naham
Nahamaai Nahara-i Nahari
Nahash Nahath Nahbi
Nahor Nahshon or Na-ashon Nahum
Nail Nain Naioth
Names Naomi Naphish
Naphtali Naphtali, Mount Naphtuhim
Narcissus Nard Nathan
Nathan-melech Nathanael Naum
Nave Nazarene Nazareth
Nazarite Ne-apolis Ne-ariah
Neah Nebai Nebaioth, Nebajoth
Neballat Nebat Nebo (1)
Nebo (2) Nebuchadnezzar or Nebuchadrezzar Nebushasban
Nebuzar-adan Necho Nedabiah
Neginah Neginoth Nehelamite, The
Nehemiah Nehemiah, The book of Nehiloth
Nehum Nehushta Nehushtan
Nei-el Nekeb Nekoda
Nemuel Nepheg Nephish
Nephishesim Nephthalim Nephtoah
Nephusim Ner Nereus
Nergal Nergal-sharezer Neri
Neriah Net Nethane-el
Nethaniah Nethinim Netophah
Netophathite Nettle New Moon
New Testament New Year Neziah
Nezib Nibhaz Nibshan
Nicanor Nicodemus Nicolaitans
Nicolas Nicopolis Niger
Night Night-hawk Nile
Nimrah Nimrim Nimrod
Nimshi Nineveh Ninevites
Nisan Nisroch Nitre
No No-adiah No-amon
Noah (1) Noah (2) Nob
Nobah Nod Nodab
Nogah Nohah Non
Noph Nopha Nose-jewel
Number Numbers Nun
Nurse Nuts Nym phas

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