Zera`im, "Seeds":

(1) Berakhoth, "Benedictions": "Hear, O Israel" (Deut 6:4, shema`); the 18 benedictions, grace at meals, and other prayers.

(2) Pe'ah, "Corner" of the field (Lev 19:9 f; Deut 24:19 ff).

(3) Dema'i, "Doubtful" fruits (grain, etc.) of which it is uncertain whether the duty for the priests and, in the fixed years, the 2 nd tithe have been paid.

(4) Kil'ayim, "Heterogeneous," two kinds, forbidden mixtures (Lev 19:19; Deut 22:9 ff).

(5) Shebhi`ith, "Seventh Year," Sabbatical year (Ex 23:11; Lev 25:1 ff); Shemiqqah (Deut 15:1 ff).

(6) Terumoth, "Heave Offerings" for the priests (Num 18:8 ff; Deut 18:4).

(7) Ma`aseroth or Ma`aser ri'shon, "First Tithe" (Num 18:21 ff).

(8) Ma`aser sheni, "Second Tithe" (Deut 14:22 ff).

(9) Challah, (offering of a part of the) "Dough" (Num 15:18 ff).

(10) `Orlah, "Foreskin" of fruit trees during the first three years (Lev 19:23).

(11) Bikkurim, "First-Fruits" (Deut 26:1 ff; Ex 23:19).