Mo`edh, "Feasts or Seasons":

(1) Shabbath (Ex 20:10; 23:12; Deut 5:14).

(2) `Erubhin, "Mixtures," i.e. ideal combination of localities with the purpose of facilitating the observance of the Sabbatical laws.

(3) Pesachim, "Passover" (Ex 12; Lev 23:5 ff; Num 28:16 ff; Deut 16:1); chapter 9, the Second Passover (Num 9:10 ff).

(4) Sheqalim, "Shekels" for the Temple (compare Neh 10:33; Ex 30:12 ff).

(5) Yoma', "The Day" of Atonement (Lev 16).

(6) Cukkah, "Booth," Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23:34 ff; Num 29:12 ff; Deut 16:13 ff).

(7) Betsah, "Egg" (first word of the treatise) or Yom Tobh, "Feast," on the difference between the Sabbath and festivals (compare Ex 12:10).

(8) Ro'sh ha-shanah, "New Year," first day of the month Tishri (Lev 23:24 f; Num 29:1 ff).

(9) Ta`anith, "Fasting."

(10) Meghillah, "The Roll" of Esther, Purim (Est 9:28).

(11) Mo`edh qatan, "Minor Feast," or Mashqin, "They irrigate" (first word of the treatise), the days between the first day and the last day of the feast of Passover, and likewise of Tabernacles.

(12) Chaghighah, "Feast Offering," statutes relating to the three feasts of pilgrimage (Passover, Weeks, Tabernacles); compare Deut 16:16 f.