Qodhashim, "Sacred or Holy Things":

(1) Zebhahim, "Sacrifices" (Lev 1 ff).

(2) Menachoth, "Meal Offerings" (Lev 2:5,11 ff; 6:7 ff; Num 5:15 ff, etc.).

(3) Chullin, "Common Things," things non-sacred; slaughtering of animals and birds for ordinary use.

(4) Bekhoroth, "The Firstborn" (Ex 13:2,12 f; Lev 27:26 f,32; Num 8:6 ff, etc.).

(5) `Arakhin, "Estimates," "Valuations" of persons and things dedicated to God (Lev 27:2 ff).

(6) Temurah, "Substitution" of a common (non-sacred) thing for a sacred one (compare Lev 27:10,33).

(7) Kerithoth, "Excisions," the punishment of being cut off from Israel (Gen 17:14; Ex 12:15, etc.).

(8) Me`ilah, "Unfaithfulness," as to sacred things, embezzlement (Num 5:6 ff; Lev 5:15 f).

(9) Tamidh, "The Daily Morning and Evening Sacrifice" (Ex 29:38 ff; Num 38:3 ff).

(10) Middoth, "Measurements" of the Temple.

(11) Qinnim, "Nests," the offering of two turtle-doves or two young pigeons (Lev 1:14 ff; 5:1 ff; 12:8).