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        (work of the Lord), the name of four persons who had married foreign wives. In the time of Ezra,
        1. A descendant of Jeshua the priest. Ezr 10:18
        2. A priest, of the sons of Harim. Ezr 10:21
        3. A priest, of the sons of Pashur. Ezr 10:22
        4. One of the laymen, a descendant of Pahath-moab. Ezr 10:30
        5. The father of Azariah. Ne 3:23
        6. One of those who stood on the right hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people. Ne 8:4
        7. A Levite who assisted on the same occasion. Ne 8:7
        8. One of the heads of the people whose descendants signed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:25
        9. Son of Baruch the descendant of Pharez the son of Judah, Ne 11:5
        10. A Benjamite, ancestor of Sallu. Ne 11:7
        11. Two priests of this name are mentioned, Ne 12:41,42 as taking part in the musical service which accompanied the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem under Ezra. One of them is probably the same as No. 6.
        12. Father of Zephaniah, who was a priest in the reign of Zedekiah. Jer 21:1; 29:25; 37:3
        13. Father of Zedekiah the false prophet. Jer 29:21
        14. One of the Levites of the second rank, appointed by David to sound "with psaltries on Alamoth." 1Ch 15:18,20
        15. The son of Adaiah, and one of the captains of hundreds in the reign of Joash king of Judah. 2Ch 23:1
        16. An officer of high rank in the reign of Uzziah. 2Ch 26:11 He was probably a Levite, comp: 1Ch 23:4 and engaged in a semi-military capacity.
        17. The "king's son," killed by Zichri the Ephraimitish hero in the invasion of Judah by Pekah king of Israel, during the reign of Ahaz. 2Ch 28:7
        18. The governor of Jerusalem in the reign of Josiah. 2Ch 34:8
        19. The son of Shallum, a Levite of high rank in the reign of Jehoiakim. Jer 35:4 comp, 1Chr 9:19
        20. A priest; ancestor of Baruch and Seraiah, the sons of Neriah. Jer 32:12; 51:59

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