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        The preparation of bread as an article of food dates from a very early period. Ge 18:6 The corn or grain employed was of various sorts. The best bread was made of wheat, but "barley" and spelt were also used. Joh 6:9,13; Isa 28:25 The process of making bread was as follows: the flour was first mixed with water or milk; it was then kneaded with the hands (in Egypt with the feet also) in a small wooden bowl or "kneading-trough" until it became dough. Ex 12:34,39; 2Sa 13:3; Jer 7:18 When the kneading was completed, leaven was generally added [LEAVEN]; but when the time for preparation was short, it was omitted, and unleavened cakes, hastily baked, were eaten as is still the prevalent custom among the Bedouins. (
        Ge 18:6; 19:3; Ex 12:39; Jud 6:19; 1Sa 28:24 The leavened mass was allowed to stand for some time, Mt 13:33; Lu 13:21 the dough was then divided into round cakes, Ex 29:23; Jud 7:13; 8:5; 1Sa 10:3; Pr 6:26 not unlike flat stones in shape and appearance, Mt 7:9 comp. Matt 4:8
        about a span in diameter and a finger's breadth in thickness. In the towns where professional bakers resided, there were no doubt fixed ovens, in shape and size resembling those in use among ourselves; but more usually each household poured a portable oven, consisting of a stone or metal jar, about three feet high which was heated inwardly with wood, 1Ki 17:12; Isa 44:15; Jer 7:18 or dried grass and flower-stalks. Mt 6:30

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