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        (adorned by Jehovah).
        1. Maternal grandfather of King Josiah, and native of Boscath in the lowlands of Judah. 2Ki 22:1 (B.C. 648.)
        2. A Levite of the Gershonite branch, and ancestor of Asaph. 1Ch 6:41 In v. 1Ch 6:21 Heb Isa called IDDO.
        3. A Benjamite, son of Shimhi, 1Ch 8:21 who is apparently the same as Shema in v. 1Ch 8:13
        4. A priest, son of Jehoram. 1Ch 9:12; Ne 11:12
        5. Ancestor of Maaseiah, one of the captains who supported Jehoiada. 2Ch 23:1
        6. One of the descendants of Bani, who had married a foreign wife after the return from Babylon. Ezr 10:29 (B.C. 459).
        7. The descendant of another Bani, who had also taken a foreign wife. Ezr 10:39
        8. A man of Judah, of the line of Pharez. Ne 11:5

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