(a mountaineer).
1. The third son of Terah, and therefore youngest brother of Abram. #Ge 11:26| (B.C. 1926.) Three children are ascribed to him --Lot, vs. #Ge 11:27,31| and two daughters, viz., Milcah, who married her uncle Nahor, ver. #Ge 11:29| and Iscah. ver. #Ge 11:29| Haran was born in Ur of the Chaldees, and he died there while his father was still living. ver. #Ge 11:28|
2. A Gershonite Levite in the time of David, one of the family of Shimei. #1Ch 23:9|
3. A son of the great Caleb by his concubine Ephah. #1Ch 2:46|
#Ac 7:2,4| name of the place whither Abraham migrated with his family from Ur of the Chaldees, and where the descendants of his brother Nahor established themselves. Comp. #Ge 24:10| with Gene 27:43
It is said to be in Mesopotamia, #Ge 24:10| or more definitely in Padan-aram, ch. #Ge 25:20| the cultivated district at the foot of the hills, a name well applying to the beautiful stretch of country which lies below Mount Masius between the Khabour and the Euphrates. Here, about midway in this district, is a small village still called Harran. It was celebrated among the Romans, under the name of Charrae, as the scene of the defeat of Crassus.