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What is Wine?
     There has been some controversy as to the nature and qualities of the liquor which is called wine in our Scriptures. Various words are used in the Hebrew text, and no doubt various products are thus denoted, but the characteristic common to them all seems to be that of an intoxicating drink. Lev 10:9; Num 28:7; Prov 3:10; Dan 5:1. Like all other countries, Canaan had wines of various strength and character. The vine grew luxuriantly in Palestine, bearing immense clusters of grapes, and various kinds of wine produced in Palestine were remarkable both for their power and their flavor, such as the wine of Lebanon and that of Helbon, near Damascus. Eze 27:18; Hos 14:7. Often mentioned in connection with corn and oil as one of the great gifts of Nature to man, it was kept in every household and produced on occasions of hospitality or festivals. Gen 14:18; John 2:3. But by the Jews, as by other people, it was often misused, and its misuse is most severely condemned not only in the N.T., but also in the O.T., Prov 20:1; Prov 23:29-35; Isa 5:22; Isa 28:1-7; Isa 56:12; Hos 4:11, and in some cases it is expressly forbidden. Lev 10:9; Num 6:3. In the Mosaic ritual it formed the usual drink-offering at the daily sacrifices, Ex 29:40, at the presentation of the first-fruits. Lev 23:13, and at other offerings, Num 15:5, and a tithe was paid of it. Deut 18:4. The Nazarite was forbidden to drink wine during the continuance of his vow, Num 6:3, and the priest before performing the services of the temple. Lev 10:9. The "mixed wine" often mentioned by the sacred writers, Ps 75:8; Prov 23:30, was not diluted with water, but, on the contrary, was increased in strength or improved in flavor and color by a mixture of drugs, herbs, and spices. Song 8:2. Some suppose, however, that the phrase "mixed wine" denotes wine rendered stronger by being shaken up and mingled with the lees.

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