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Who is Caiaphas?
        (depression) was the high priest of the Jews, a.d. 27-36, and therefore at the time of our Saviour's trial. John 11:49, Jer 25:51. The office was formerly held for life, but at this time it was filled and vacated at the pleasure of the Roman government. The raising of Lazarus roused the Sanhedrin to action, and Caiaphas turned their thoughts toward the execution of the hated and feared Prophet by deliberately advising his death on the score of expediency. His language was unconsciously prophetic. John 11:49-52. After Christ's arrest he was arraigned before Caiaphas. A vain effort having been made to secure false testimony sufficient for his condemnation, Caiaphas at last adjured him to declare whether he was indeed the Christ, the Son of God. On Jesus's answering affirmatively, Caiaphas pretended to be so shocked at his supposed blasphemy that he declared all further witness was unnecessary to convict him, and the council unanimously condemned him to death. Matt 26:65-68. As Caiaphas had no power to inflict the punishment of death, Christ was taken from him to Pilate, the Roman governor, John 18:28, that his execution might be duly ordered. See Annas. Before Caiaphas, Peter and John were brought for trial. Acts 4:6.

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