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What is a Gentile?
     This was the name by which the Jews designated all men but themselves -- i.e. all pagan nations who were ignorant of the true God, and idolaters. Luke 2:32; Acts 26:17, Acts 26:20; Rom 2:9; Dan 9:24, etc. In opposition to the Gentiles, the Hebrews regarded themselves, and were in fact, the chosen "people of God." Sometimes the "Greeks," as the most cultivated among the heathen, stand for them. Rom 1:16; Acts 16:1, Acts 16:3, etc. Paul is called the "apostle to the Gentiles" on account of his special mission and work among them. Court of the Gentiles. See Temple. Isles of the Gentiles, Gen 10:5, is supposed to denote Asia Minor and the whole of Europe, which was peopled by the children of Japheth.

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