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What is Syracuse?
        , a noted city in the eastern part of Sicily at which Paul spent three days while on his voyage to Rome. Acts 28:12. It is well situated for commerce, having the best harbor in Sicily. The city was colonized by the Corinthians, b.c. 758, and in the third century before Christ its walls, according to one authority, were 22 miles in circumference. It was taken by the Romans, b.c. 212, after a long struggle. Archimedes, who had greatly aided in the defence by his mechanical genius, was killed in the general slaughter. In Paul's time it was a convenient place for the Alexandrian corn-ships to stop at, for the harbor was good and the water from the fountain Arethusa excellent. The modern town is situated upon the islet Ortygia, but the principal ancient ruins are upon the main island. The present town has little commerce and enterprise. It bears the Italian name Siracusa.

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