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What is the Son of god?
        SON OF GOD
     Dan 3:25. This is one of the titles of our divine Redeemer, and is applied to none else except in a connection which shows the sense. It is applied to angels, Job 38:7, and to Adam, Luke 3:38, as created immediately by God's hand, and to believers, Rom 8:14-15; 2 Cor 6:18, as adopted into God's spiritual family; but when applied to Christ, it is in a peculiar and exalted sense which cannot be mistaken. It signifies his divine nature, as the term "Son of man" signifies his human nature. He is the Son of God, the eternal, the only begotten Son. Comp. John 1:18; John 5:19-26; John 9:35-38; Matt 11:27; Matt 16:16; Josh 21:37, and many passages in the Epistles. While he directs us to address God as "our Father," he himself never addresses him thus, but always as my Father," or "Father" simply, because of his peculiar intimacy with God, far above the level of human children of God, who are made such only by regeneration and adoption.

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