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Who is Simon?
        (a hearing), contracted from SIM'EON, a native of Samaria, and a famous sorcerer, who professed to be a convert to the Christian faith, and was baptized as such by Philip, but was severely rebuked by Peter as a hypocrite because, under the influence of mercenary motives, he desired apostolic gifts. Acts 8:9. Hence the buying and selling of ecclesiastical rights, benefits, or privileges is called simony - a high offence against the purity and integrity of the Christian faith, and one of which the seller and buyer are equally guilty. 1. Simon Peter. Matt 4:18. See Peter. 2. Simon the Canaanite, Matt 10:4, or Simon Zelotes (or the zealous), one of the twelve apostles; was one of the party called Zealots, hence his name. The epithet "Canaanite" is properly "Kananite," the Chaldee for "zeal," and has no reference to locality. 3. The brother of our Lord, Matt 13:55; Mark 6:3; not to be confounded with the preceding, nor with Symeon, who succeeded James as bishop of the church in Jerusalem. 4. A Pharisee. Luke 7:36. 5. A leper. Matt 26:6. 6. The father of Judas Iscariot. John 6:71. 7. The man of Cyrene who was compelled to bear our Saviour's cross when the latter was no longer able. Matt 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26; John 19:17. 8. The tanner at Joppa with whom Peter lodged. Acts 9:43.

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