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Who is Simeon?
        (a hearing). 1. Son of Jacob and Leah. Gen 29:33. According to the prediction of Jacob, Gen 49:5-7, and as a punishment for his offence in the matter of the Shechemites, Gen 34 (see Dinah), his posterity dwindled, comp. Num 1:22-23; Gen 26:14, and their inheritance was only a dismembered portion of the territory of Judah. Josh 19:1. 2. A man of singular piety residing at Jerusalem. Luke 2:25. He had been favored with a divine intimation that he should live to see the incarnate Redeemer, the Lord's Christ, and, being led by the Spirit into the temple at the particular time when the infant Jesus was brought thither by his parents, according to the requirement of the Law, Ex 13:12; Ex 22:29 he took him up in his arms and uttered the most devout thanksgivings to God, accompanied with a remarkable prediction respecting the various effects of his advent. 3. A man of this name was among the prophets and teachers of the Christian church at Antioch. Acts 13:1. Some have supposed (though without warrant) that he is the same with Simon the Cyrenian. Matt 27:32. 4. "Simeon" is a Hebrew name, and in Acts 15:14 is the same with "Simon." 5. A name in our Lord's genealogy. Luke 3:30.

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